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Subject: SLS: Supreme Court Ruling: Sheriff Mack vs. Brady Bill (fwd)
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>Sheriff Mack was the sheriff in Graham County until the 1996 election. Much
>misinformation was spread by special interest groups with a lot of money to
>promote his opponent, who in due time, will give up Arizonaís state rights by
>endorsing more government control.  It is not unusual for special interests
>to oppose a person with traditional values and in favor of a smaller
>constitutionally represented government. 
>While Richard Mack was sheriff, he defied the Brady Act of 1993/94, taking
>his plea to the Supreme Court as being unconstitutional. It was recently
>ruled upon in his favor with a 5-4 decision after three years. It was a great
>victory for all of us in the fifty states for many reasons.
>This was a fight by one man who gave up everything he had, not unlike the
>Founding Fathers of our country, who did the same.  He put all his resources,
>including his home, into this cause, thereby losing re-election as Sheriff in
>Graham County, Arizona.  On the Lou Epton Radio Talk Show, Thursday, July
>17th, he said "I would do it all again, for this one victory is more
>meaningful than all the jobs in the world."  "We now have a Supreme Court
>ruling, in this day and age of federalism and federal intervention and of an
>out-of-control government, we now have a ruling that can now stop that, can
>completely stop that."
>This ruling by the Supreme Court validates the 2nd, 5th and 10th Amendments
>to our Constitution in areas far beyond gun control laws of the Brady Bill. 
>It should keep the Federal Government from enforcing EPA laws and regulations
>in each State, regarding our cars, educational procedures and numerous
>unlimited taxes which advances federal government control.  However, "should"
>and "will" are two different situations unless the people STAND UP to
>legislators and demand they comply with our Constitution and its confirmed
>Unfortunately, most of our leaders in local, state and federal entities donít
>understand nor have they even read the Constitution, State or Federal.  They
>will continue to abide by an out-of-control government bent on high taxation
>and intervention at every level.  THEY NEED TO BECOME AWARE OF THIS RULING AS
>The good news is there is something each and every one of us can do to
>educate our elected (and non-elected) officials.  Get a copy of this 20+ page
>Supreme Court ruling, study it and present it to your mayor, city council
>members, County Supervisor, School Board Officials (and teachers), your
>governor, state and federal representatives.  You can write letters to the
>editor and call talk radio shows, quoting parts of this documentation. We
>must educate what this decision will do FOR the people, their businesses and
>personal lifestyles.  It is public record, therefore accessible to all of us,
>via the Internet, library, your members of congress, etc.  Do your homework.
> Get involved. Sheriff Richard Mack has paved the way!
>You can also get an (autographed) copy from Sheriff Mack by writing him and
>sending $10.00 to cover costs, etc.  He has highlighted specific areas which
>need special attention.  Getting your information from him personally is a
>good way to tell him thanks after all heís done to bring this to the
>forefront.  He did it aloneÖ no elected official stood by him or the
>Constitution of our country.  He pursued and persevered what anti-gun control
>organizations and others have not managed to do in all this time.  He
>deserves our praise and even a small donation if possible for his courage and
>as mentioned above, he has used everything he had to go all the way to the
>Supreme Court.   
>Send it to: SHERIFF RICHARD MACK, P.O. BOX 327, SAFFORD, AZ    85548.
>Sheriff Mack said on the radio program "I didnít expect a big victory and I
>was very skeptical about a victory at all, but this ruling went far beyond my
>expectations, far beyond anything I anticipated and for that I am extremely
>grateful because now we have something in contemporary America, amidst all
>this corruption from Washington DC, amidst all this federal usurpation, we
>now have something that reinforces fundamental American liberty and
>reinforces our Constitution as the Law of the Land." 
>The five judges who sided with the Constitution are: Scalia, Renquist,
>Thomas, Kennedy and OíConnor.  The four who sided with the Federal
>Government:  Stevens, Ginsburg, Breyer and Suter. [please excuse & correct
>spelling of names].
>"This was a 5-4 split decision, which means weíre one Justice away from
>having this type of government as opined by Justice Stevens who wrote the
>opinion for the minority. This is a quote: ĎIf Congress believes that such a
>statute (as the Brady Bill) will benefit the people of the nation, we (the
>Supreme Court) should respect both its policy judgment and its appraisal of
>its constitutional power.í  In other words, he just negated the purpose of
>the Supreme Court."  "Ö.in other words we are supposed to respect, and the
>Supreme Court is supposed to respect Congressís own appraisal of their own
>Read the above opinion again.  It means the people in this country should be
>at the whim of Congressís voting power regardless of what they want,
>according to Justice Stevens. NO CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS OR RIGHTS!  We are very
>close to having no rights in America, only privileges which can be taken away
>by whatever law is put forth. Just one judge away from losing our
>constitution right now.  We would then be no different from any other
>totalitarian country.  Consider our current controlled media, out-of-control
>taxation funding immoral, amoral, unethical scandalous politicians and their
>hideous bureaucracies. Consider Communist China, Cuba and how they murder
>their own.  Consider if we had NO Constitution to rely upon.  For most, the
>thought is incomprehensible ..... 
>Lou Epton can be heard M-F at 7-10 PM (PST) on KXNT-840AM from Las Vegas, NV
>throughout nine states. Call 800-265-9644 for information regarding audio
>tapes of his programs. 
>Lou Epton's E-mail: <eptonkxnt@aol.com>
>You can also obtain a 12 page excerpt from Michael Reaganís web site:
>http://www.reagan.com  (<A HREF="http://www.reagan.com ">Monthly
>Please forward above information and enable everyone to participate in
>getting the Supreme Courtís documentation and educate those making laws for
>us and our children. This is an urgent request.
>Thank you to Richard Mack and all those who will take part in this most
>important endeavor.
>-- Judy Kimball <Judy709366@aol.com>
>   Riverside, CA 
>   July 20, 1997.

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