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Subject: SLS: ISP Policy of violating privacy


Privacy is a fundamental Right.

You may have the basis of a terrific
precedent-setting lawsuit here.

Keep the evidence, and make lots of
copies, stored in places only you
know about!

And do keep up the good work ...

... and watch out for that "Freeman Tentacle";
it has suction cups on everyone's wallets!  :)

"Captain Neemo here.  Squid traffic dead ahead!"

Squiiiiiiish :)))

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>FYI.  Let me know if you don't get this forwarded message.
>PETALS just received my SAFAN with all the BCC's listed.  THIS MAKES
>I think this is inexcusable on AOL's part.
>Dot Bibee
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>  I was going to post this is the Next newsletter but felt it was too
>important to wait...... This is one time when WE ALL neeed to get busy.......
>That will effect each and everyone of us.......... ACT on this one....... I
>know I'm going to kick some major butt and burn up some phone lines.......
>Come on........ Join me ....... Denice GGNN
>               Please Pass this on........
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>Subj:    SAFAN NO. 559.  Sheriff Speaks of "Duty to the People"
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>From:    SafanNews
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>    @@@@                 
>   @ O  O  @        
> @ (    >    ) @          STOP ALL FEDERAL ABUSES NOW!!!
>       \   0  /          SAFAN Internet Newsletter, No. 559, July 20, 1997
>        /      \
>           *    
>by Sheriff Michael E. Cook, Coos County, Oregon
>                           AID & ABET POLICE NEWSLETTER
>                           Constitutional Issues for Lawmen
>                                   Volume 3, Number 4
>Have you seen the new Brady Bill II (H.R. 3932 and S. 1878)?  Well, if you 
>haven't, stand by; here it comes.  This one is real bad and needs every
>effort to 
>get it put away.  President Clinton and Sarah Brady are at it again and this
>they are going all out to make it impossible for you to protect yourself.
> Most of 
>the gun stores have copies of this bill, as reported by the National Rifle
>In short, it requires things like a $300 three-year license from the BATF if
>own 20 firearms or have 1,000 rounds of ammo in your home.  Along with this, 
>BATF can search your home unannounced three times during each year.  This 
>bill also outlaws most production handguns and many other weapons and allows 
>you to buy only one handgun per month.  It removes the sunset on the 7-day 
>waiting period and makes it happen even with insta-check.
>What they are after is to take all your gun rights away and make it so hard
>get them, and drive people out of business who sell firearms or manufacture 
>them.  They think they can convince you that this is the answer to crime.
> Then 
>once you are dependent on the government and police for all your protection, 
>who will protect you from them?
>One of my young Deputies came up to me after seeing this report and asked 
>me what they were trying to do to him and all police officers.  He then went
>to point out how now the bad guy may have a cheap handgun that may or may 
>not work when he attacks a police officer.  This bill will only make quality 
>weapons available for the bad guy and get more police officers killed.
>The bottom line is, they want to take all firearms away from the law-abiding 
>citizen and this will only make you defenseless.  Then the bad guys and the
>government will rule the day and our way of life so that we have no freedom 
>left.  America will come to an end as we know it.
>Again I say:  Don't just sit back and hope someone does something.  Let your
>elected representatives know how you feel and then vote for those who will 
>protect your rights.  Join and support the NRA before it is too late.
>A study done by John Lott and David Mustard, "Crime, Deterrence, and Right-
>to-Carry Concealed Handguns," in the Journal of Legal Studies, January 1997 
>issue, shows that if all States in America had adopted the right to carry
>laws, approximately 1,570 murders, 4,177 rapes, and over 60,000 aggravated 
>assaults would have been avoided yearly.  Can you imagine what the crime 
>rate would look like under the new Brady Bill?  We in law enforcement need 
>your help to make sure we remain a free and safe people.  This is as vital as
>anything I have ever asked for.  Please take the time to tell others and get 
>people involved.  We will not have the same freedoms for our children and
>grandchildren, if we don't.
>A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to talk with a Major in the
>Police Force from Moscow.  He was here doing a study on American Law
>Enforcement.  First he asked me how many homicides we dealt with each day.  
>His impression from our media was that we had one about every hour.  I told 
>him we normally have one to six a year in Coos County and he was shocked.  
>Our media does a fine job telling us we are a violent country.
>This Major told me that his job was to head up the division of their national
>police that deals with gun smuggling and narcotics.  He then indicated that
>in Russia 
>the only people allowed to have firearms are police and military.  They have
>a big problem with gun smuggling and all the criminals have firearms.  He
>said they are 
>not afraid to attack citizens because they know they are not armed.  By the
>same token, they often shoot it out with the police.  He told me that in the
>past year 
>they had almost 400 officers killed in Russia.  In America we had only 62
>officers killed the same year.
>This tells me something.  First, America is not a violent country, and
>second, outlawing firearms from our citizens will only make one more big
>problem for 
>us.  It points out that an armed society is indeed a polite society.  At the
>lest, a safer society.  So stop and think about what I have said.  This could
>be America.
>Sheriff Michael E. Cook, Coos County, Oregon
>Bay Area Dispatch News, 4/4/1997
>STAFF NOTE:  Sheriff Cook, your fellow officers salute you.  (Please write to
>this elected servant and tell him what you think about his stand FOR THE 
>PEOPLE.  His address is, P.O. Box 340, Coquille, Oregon 97423.)
>Aid & Abet Police Newsletter, P.O. Box 8787, Phoenix, Arizona 85066
>Subscription (6 periodic issues)* $20.00.  *US orders with no zip code,
>add $7 for special handling and first class postage.  Canada & Mexico (US
>funds only) $25.00 All other foreign countries (US funds only) $30.00
>Published for members of Law Enforcement, Military, National and Coast Guard.
>  Public is welcome.   Publisher:  Police Officer Jack McLamb, Ret. Editor:
> Police Officer A. Rick Dalton; Writers:  National Guardsman Fred Willoughby,
>Mr. Louis E. Stradling; Marketing:  Peter Giordano
>                                http://www.police-against-nwo.com
>                            e-mail at:  vampkil@police-against-nwo.com
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