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Subject: SLS: Obstruction By DOJ and Intelligence Community Revealed

Obstruction of Justice is a felony violation
of Title 18, the U.S. criminal code.

Read on!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>The Washington Times
>July 21, 1997
>Cochran: Senate Probe Faces 'Obstruction'
>Says panel can't get answers
>By Joyce Price
> A member of the Senate committee probing campaign-finance abuse, Sen.
>Thad Cochran, says the panel is finding it hard to get answers because of
>an "obstruction of the free flow of information" from the intelligence
>community and the Justice Department. 
>. . . . The Mississippi Republican made his comments on CBS' "Face the
>Nation" yesterday when he was asked about continued differences among
>Governmental Affairs Committee members as to whether the Chinese
>government used campaign contributions to influence both congressional
>races and the 1996 presidential election.
>. . . . "I think there is some confusion about whether or not there has
>been a plan," Mr. Cochran said, and he charged that Justice Department
>investigators are partially responsible.
>. . . . He said the panel has been unable to get information it has sought
>from Justice about possible illegal fund-raising by John Huang or calls he
>made to Asia when he was a Commerce Department official. "They would say:
>'We can't answer that. We have our own criminal investigation under way,'"
>Mr. Cochran said.
>. . . . "And then from the intelligence community we've had Department of
>Justice officials changing the information from the FBI that was sent to
>the committee ... and that's created a lot of confusion."
>. . . . Asked if he's saying the Justice Department is "playing politics
>with the investigation," Mr. Cochran replied, "It certainly raises the
>suspicion that that's happening."
>. . . . But Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, Connecticut Democrat, another
>committee member, told CBS, "With all respect to Thad, I have no evidence
>that the Justice Department is obstructing justice or limiting the flow of
>information to the committee except insofar as limiting that flow helps
>their investigation."
>. . . . Justice Department spokesman Bert Brandenburg said that when
>criminal and congressional investigations overlap, lawmakers often become
>frustrated "when the Justice Department does its job."
>. . . . The panel begins its third week of hearings tomorrow. The panel
>then is expected to vote on whether to grant immunity to four nuns who
>participated in a Democratic fund-raiser at a Buddhist temple last year.
>The nuns have refused to testify before the committee unless they get
>immunity, but Justice Department officials oppose the immunity request.
>. . . . Bob Schieffer, host of "Face the Nation," said yesterday that the
>committee's chief counsel, Michael J. Madigan, told him Justice "does not
>intend to prosecute the four nuns." Mr. Schieffer said this raises
>questions about the department's resistance to immunity.
>. . . . For the most part, this week's hearings will shift from a
>suspected Chinese plan to influence U.S. policy to Republican fund
>. . . . According to reports yesterday, a top adviser to Speaker Newt
>Gingrich was largely responsible for obtaining a $50,000 donation to a
>Republican think tank that Democrats plan to take a look at during the
>. . . . John Bolton, former president of the now-defunct think tank, the
>National Policy Forum, has testified that GOP consultant Joseph Gaylord,
>Mr. Gingrich's closest adviser on political matters, helped secure the
>donation to the forum in January 1995.
>. . . . The source of the money was a California company owned by an
>Indonesian businessman who reportedly has close ties to China.
>. . . . Committee Democrats this week will have their first opportunity to
>probe suspicions that Haley Barbour, former chairman of the Republican
>National Committee and founder of the National Policy Forum, used the
>think tank to funnel some $2.2 million from a Hong Kong businessman to the
>Republican Party. Mr. Barbour is expected to testify before the panel this
>week, probably on Friday.
>Copyright ) 1997 News World Communications, Inc. 
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