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Subject: SLS: school-to-work and arbitrary authority of bureaucrats

>This came from a fellow I know on another list. Things just get scarier and
>scarier all the time.
>>From: XXXXXX
>>Subject: school-to-work and the arbitrary authority of bureaucrats
>>Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 19:34:45 -0400 (EDT)
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>>I have seen the future of school-to-work, and it ain't pretty.  (Having left
>>public school teaching, I'm currently looking for work.)  In my job hunting,
>>I discovered that a couple of companies here in Arizona no longer take
>>applications at their place of business, but direct you to the State of
>>Arizona's Department of Economics.  Everyone applies for work through them.
>>I went to their offices to apply.  I had to register with the state before I
>>could do so.  Then, after scheduling interviews with the two companies, I
>>tapped into the computer system (not clandestinely) to see who else
wanted to
>>hire a mind.  The system demands that job-seekers write down the number of
>>each job for which they want more information, like names and addresses and
>>contact persons.  There is a nationwide database, and there were ninety-five
>>companies nationwide that were looking for technical writers, something I
>>believe I could transition into in order to pay the bills while I do my own
>>writing.  I believe I fit about 30 of the job descriptions fairly well, and
>>brought their numbers to the desk so I could get started on mailing resumes.
>>A policy of the state is to give no more than three referrals to any one
>>person on any one day, and the two local interviews I had scheduled left me
>>with one more possible request for Monday, July 21st!  I was informed that I
>>could bring in the next three tomorrow morning, bright and early, and they'd
>>be happy to give me the information I was seeking at that time!
>>I was incredulous!  I asked them to explain the reasoning behind the policy.
>> The person "helping" me couldn't explain, so he got his supervisor.  The
>>supervisor informed me that there needed to be some sort of orderly control,
>>otherwise everyone would want to know all of the jobs for which they were
>>qualified immediately.  This three referral/day policy also ensured that
>>everyone has an even chance at the job!  He actually asked, "Would it be
>>for you to have a crack at all thiry jobs today, when someone equally
>>qualified for one of the positions might not know about it until tomorrow?"
>> I responded, "Yes!"  He was taken aback.  Then, perhaps because I was a
>>little perturbed, we found ourselves no longer discussing the policy, but
>>shouting at each other.
>>He aquiesced, and allowed me two more referrals beyond the maximum, to show
>>he was a man of good faith.  (???)  But, he lorded over me by reading the
>>qualifications for each job, asking me to declare whether I was competent in
>>all of the requirements -- one requirement at a time.  i.e.  "This here says
>>you need to have a four year degree in a technical field.  Do you?  It also
>>says you need to have a broad understanding of science and technology.  Do
>>you?   You also need to have strong communications skills.  And you need to
>>know the following software applications...."  The man could sound out much
>>of what he was reading from the computer, but he didn't know what half of it
>>meant.  However, he did manage to change his own job, that of a clerk,
into a
>>middleman between the potential employer and a potential employee,
>>to screen out potentially bad applicants on the basis of criteria that were
>>largely at his own discretion.
>>This is frightening.  Can you imagine a world dictated by bureaucrats who
>>take it upon themselves to deny you access to information on job openings
>>based upon their assessments of you -- much of which, in the future, will be
>>an accumulation of entries into your file by teachers and other government
>>care-givers?  "It says here you didn't stop wetting your bed until you were
>>four.....I don't think think this company is looking for your type.  There
>>are some openings, however, in Yuma, Arizona for lettuce-pickers."

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