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>				       Sunday, July 20, 1997
>Interesting Items 7/20 -
>Howdy all, a few Interesting Items for your information.  Enjoy -
>1.  Burton vs Reno.  The same individual that presides over a
>Justice Department that shredded documents and lied to Congress
>about Waco and Ruby Ridge, slow rolled Congressional subpoenas and
>investigations into foreign funds going into the DNC - Jan (the
>Man) Reno - sent an FBI agent into Dan Burton's office with a
>subpoena for all campaign fundraising records for his 1996 campaign
>last week.  This quick response to alleged illegal strong-arm
>fundraising tactics by Burton stands in stark contrast to her
>limited interest in the Chinese communists via Lippo out and out
>buying democrat elections of 1992 and 1996.  A charge by democrat
>operative Mark Segal two days before House hearings were to open,
>made with no supporting evidence, gets the full law enforcement
>treatment.  Millions of dollars of foreign money going into the DNC
>via the White House is not important enough for her to investigate. 
>This is another case of the law only applying to the political
>enemies of the Clintonoids.  This is another example of a political
>hit via a fully politicized Justice Dept. and a fully politicized
>FBI.  How many more of these will we get to watch before these
>political hit men are impeached and removed from office for failure
>to properly discharge their duties ?  Matalin, Thurs.
>2.  Summer of Our Discontent.  The latest food fight in the House
>boiled over last week, with the failure of a group of irritated
>Republicans to boot Newt from the speakership.  The media is doing
>their best to turn this into another example of the ineptness of
>the entire Republican majority and specifically the leadership. 
>Here is another view:  The good news is that they are at least
>fighting about something.  I believe that this sorting out among
>the majority is important, especially when it looks like the
>federal budget will approach balance as soon as next year.  Our
>side is having to refine their issues as they win.  The old cold
>warriors won and lost their issue when the Soviet Union folded. 
>The green eyeshade Republicans will similarly win and lose their
>issue when the budget balances.  We are then left with powerful
>conservative issues in social areas, reducing the size and power of
>the federal government, and tax reduction / reform.  Which of these
>three is the most important ?  Most likely the second two for
>congressional elections in 1998 and the first one for the next
>presidential run.  The window of opportunity is wide open.  We only
>need to step through it.  Fighting this out in Congress is
>unsightly, but not particularly dangerous.  Figuring out where to
>go next, why to go there and how to present the message in a
>winning and coherent manner is important enough to fight over and
>do right.
>3.  Mountain Lion.  A mountain lion in Rocky Mountain National Park
>took down and killed a 10 year old hiking with the family.  Yes,
>the reintroduction of large dangerous animals into federal lands
>and the prohibition of all hunting and firearms has certainly made
>life safer and more meaningful for this family.  Note that we have
>one more death brought about by the federal anti-hunting zealots
>than have been killed by ozone depletion, global warming or alar. 
>Anchorage Daily News, Fri.
>4.  Philadelphia Story.  Taking their cue from the Tobacco Nazis,
>the city of Philly is trying to figure out how to sue gun
>manufacturers for their crime rate - 414 homicides last year. 
>Expect the arguments to focus on how unsafe guns are, the lack of
>warning labels, the lack of formal training programs, etc.  They
>are consulting with the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence. 
>Apparently they have decided to go for money and payoffs to lawyers
>than to simply improve public safety by passing a concealed carry
>ordinance in town.  Limbaugh,  Fri.
>5.  Major Owens.  In a speech on the House floor last week, Major
>Owens (D, NY) said that he represented the government rather than
>his constituents.  If he keeps this up, he may replace Trafficant
>as my favorite democrat - though for a different reason.  I wonder
>if any of his constituents are listening.  Limbaugh, Fri.
>6.  Browner.  EPA head Carol Browner is busily working the phone
>lines making a series of side deals with democrat congressmen,
>state and local officials in return for their support in the
>passage of her new clean air rules.  A Washington Times story on
>Weds reported that she has promised at least two democrat
>congressmen that she would not enforce the new rules on industries
>in their districts in return for their support - even if the
>businesses break the rules.  One of the congressmen named was
>Dennis Kucinich (D, OH).  Equal treatment under the law ?  Only for
>Friends of Bill and their supporters. 
>7.  Miller Brewing.  The good guys won a small victory for sanity
>when a 10 woman / 2 man jury in Milwaukee awarded $26 million to a
>man fired for showing a word out of a dictonary to a female co-
>worker.  The bad news is that Miller was fined.  The good news is
>that the female gets to pay $1.5 million of the total.  Apparently
>they were talking about a Seinfeld episode with a racy joke. 
>Rather than saying the punch line out loud and offending the woman,
>the guy showed it to her. She went screaming to management anyway,
>charged sexual harassment and demanded he be fired from his $95,000
>per year job.  Miller figured they were going to be sued either way
>and fired the guy.  Perhaps we are seeing a turn in the sexual
>harassment foolishness.  Limbaugh, Weds.
>8.  Thompson Hearings.  Despite the best efforts of the media and
>the Clintonoids (redundant) to downplay the Senate hearings into
>campaign finance irregularities, a number of important things
>happened this week.  In no particular order:  After mocking
>Thompson's charge about foreign money into the DNC during the first
>week, the democrats were given a secret briefing by intel analists.
>They had even scheduled the press conference afterwards.  They were
>not nearly as cheerful after the briefing as they were going in and
>canceled the press conference.  Evidence was presented that Huang
>had also laundered Chinese money through a Lippo subsidiary into
>the DNC in 1992.  BCCI and Bert Lance are now back in play, with
>revelations of a Lippo - BCCI tie.  This also ties in Stevens Inc.
>of Little Rock.  Huang was described as being singularly
>unqualified for the position in Commerce, but was politically
>installed.  The politician responsible for his installation is as
>yet unnamed.  He also made several hundred phone calls to his Lippo
>employers while at Commerce, many just after top secret briefings
>where he was given raw CIA data.  Fox News decided to carry the
>hearings and got the highest ratings in Fox News history.  Huang
>called a brokerage firm several times while on the Commerce payroll
>to arrange a package delivery by the old Spy vs Spy package drop
>method.  Sen Akaka (D, HI) tried to make the case that the
>investigation into Huang and the Chinese was simply thinly veiled
>Asian bashing by a bunch of white racists.  All of this in the
>first complete week of hearings.  This might be a fun summer. 
>Limbaugh, Matalin and Liddy Mon - Fri.
>9.  Subsistence.  Alaska House Rep. Ramona Barnes of Anchorage was
>on the local conservative talk show Monday discussing subsistence
>and the impending federal takeover of fish and game management in
>Alaska.  Sometimes, being around for a long time has its
>advantages.  She reminded the listeners that 20 - 25 years ago,
>there were a number of limited entry permits given by the state of
>Alaska to residents of the bush.  These allowed commercial fishing. 
>Many of them were sold - mostly to investors from Seattle and on
>down the Pacific coast.  The former holders took the money and
>tried to head back out and fish commercially again and found that
>they couldn't.  Shortly afterwards, the native subsistence movement
>arose.  Activists in the bush are using a race based solution for
>crummy business decisions made in the past.  As Limbaugh continues
>to point out - always follow the money.  Fritz Pettyjohn, KENI,
>Anchorage, Mon.
>More later -
>	- AG
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