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Subject: SLS: UNESCO Land Grab (2 of 2) (fwd)

>Continuation of information received from Rep. Helen Chenowerth (R-Ind) at
>Also disturbing is that designation of Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage
>rarely involve consulting the public and local governments. In fact, UNESCO
>apparently discourages an open nomination process for Biosphere Reserves. 
>Last year, when the Resources Committee held a hearing on this issue, our
>about the lack of local involvement were confirmed. We heard testimony from
>officials all around the country who felt that their role in the land
>managment process
>had been significantly diminished by these designations. Many of these
>people did not
>even know that their property and surrounding lands were even being
>considered for
>designation until final decisions were made.
>It is clear to me that World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve
>designations give
>the international community an open invitation to interfere in domestic
land use
>decisions.  More seriously, the underlying international land use agreements
>tially have several significant adverse effects on the American system of
>The policy-making authority is farther centralized at the Executive Branch
>level, and
>the role that the ordinary citizen has in the making of this policy through
>elected representatives is diminished.  The Executive Brnahc may also
>involve these
>agreements in an attempt to administratively achieve an action within the
>of Congress, but without consulting Congress.
>In Congress, we are now finally taking steps to address this issue. Last year
>Congressman Young introduced a bill that I cosponsored known as the
>"American Land
>Sovereignty Act."  This bill simply would have restored the Constitutional
>role of
>Congress in the making of rules and regulations governing lands belonging to
>the U.S.
>The vote failed to get a 2/3 majority of those present and voting. We have
>this bill again as H.R. 901 ... please call your elected representations and
>their support.
>There are presently 47 Biosphere Reserve Sites in the U.S.  See 
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