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Subject: SLS: Government Kills-Help (fwd)

Several years ago, attorney Jeffrey Thayer
discovered a large number of updates to the
local rules for the U.S. Court of Claims.
Evidently, these rules were updated in large 
number, in anticipation of a very large number
of wrongful death claims which would be brought
because of defective inoculations.  Contact
Jeffrey Thayer for details (I may be spelling
his first name incorrectly, but I am spelling
his last name correctly.)  There is a videotape
which was made on this subject;  this might be 
a good time to re-examine it.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 05:30 PM 7/23/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 15:53:24 -0500
>>To: kepi58@telapex.com
>>From: Kepi <kepi58@telapex.com>
>>Subject: Government Kills-Help
>>>Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 07:03:34 -0700
>>>To: idzrus@nwlink.com
>>>From: Jackie Juntti <idzrus@nwlink.com>
>>>Subject: Government Kills-Help
>>>Anyone out there able to assist in this request?
>>>Please send replies to the address below, thanks.
>>>BTW>>>  I heard short blip that Clinton plans to make it mandatory for ALL
>>>children to be vaccinated and will establish a data base to track those
>>>that are not.  Hey, there has to be a tracking of what they give to all us
>>>guinea pigs.  Heard this on the radio this morning, guess Bill is to have
>>>press release on it today.  Keep your needles clean folks <grin>.
>>>Jackie Juntti
>>>>> I'm currently researching a book that documents the multitude of
>>>>>innocent people murdered by the government(s) (local, county and of
>>>>>course the feds) of the United States. I need FIRST HAND, PROVABLE
>>>>>information, not someone ranting on about an incident that may have
>>>>>happened. If you would send the proof first, when that is verified, we'll
>>>>>then ask for the details. I'm trying to cover all the known occurrences
>>>>>(Bonus March, Penn. coal miners strike, atomic testing on our own people,
>>>>>Japanese internment during WWII, Penn. State, the MOVE bombing in Philly,
>>>>>USS Liberty, Ruby Ridge, Waco and many; many more (looks like we'll be
>>>>>able to add Desert Storm). The title of the book is "Government Kills",
>>>>>it's a documentary. I want to blow the blinders off the ignorant masses
>>>>>who still think the government is such a wonderful entity and they're
>>>>>here to help us. The following is a partial list, but it sets the example
>>>>>of what is needed. Proof consist of the following:
>>>>>	1. Photos, video tapes
>>>>>	2. Legal documents
>>>>>	3. Press articles
>>>>>	4. Medical documents
>>>>>	5. Insurance documents
>>>>>Thank you for your time and consideration.
>>>>>Mike Johnson Chairman
>>>>>Arizona Constitutional Rights Committee
>>>>>(ACRC) or snail mail to:
>>>>>P.O. Box 51914
>>>>>Phoenix, Arizona 85076-1914
>>>>>Thank you for your courage
>>>>>Mike J.
>>>>..........end of fwd msg....................
>>>It is NOT Who You are......
>>>It is WHOSE you are!!!!
>>>..Jackie Juntti 

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