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>Subject: The Legend Of Janet Reno
>Senator Fred Thompson and company have come to the conclusion
>that the Justice Department under Janet Reno is no longer a
>"justice" department.  Ms. Reno, ever so quick to start
>investigations into Republicans (such as Rep. Burton) sees no
>need to appoint a special prosecutor to the expanding Chinese
>donation scandal.  General Reno does not believe that any laws
>have been broken by the President or Vice President.  Of course,
>those Buddhist monks donating thousands of dollars to the
>honorable Veep Gore and John (FOB) Huang using the Stephens
>Group offices to make international calls right after secret
>briefings does not give one the warm and fuzzies.  The sickly
>Attorney General would rather trade subpoenas with Burton than
>get to the truth.  Her selective ability to enforce the law has
>already divided the country and, in itself, been the cause of a
>severe erosion of trust.
>Ms. Reno's inability to act against specific kinds of crime was
>apparent from day one.  Within the first few months of her
>tenure Janet managed to burn down a religious compound in Waco,
>allowed the Clinton White House to abuse the FBI and ignored the
>wholesale rifling of Vince Fosters office by White House aides.
>When it came to saving children from being molested her answer
>was to send in the tanks, and kill all the children.  However,
>when it  became apparent that White House aides had lied to the
>FBI, the General acted swiftly....  To cover Bill Clinton's
>political posterior.  Ms. Reno froze in place like a civil war
>monument and ignored the growing scandals that should have been
>prosecuted at once.
>When the scandals could no longer be ignored...  Janet joined in
>defense of her boss.  For example, Justice Department lawyers
>argued long and hard against having the President testify for
>the Paula Jones case.  Justice Department lawyers also argued
>long and hard to prevent Special Prosecutor Ken Starr from
>viewing notes taken by government lawyers on Hillary Clinton.
>In each case she assigned her best and brightest not to
>prosecute criminals but to defend a scandal riddled
>administration.  In both cases her arguments were struck down in
>a heart beat by an ever more skeptical Supreme Court.  However,
>delays invoked by bringing in the Justice Department served to
>cover-up scandals in progress right as the elections took place.
>And when there was no defense...  She simply ignored the crime.
>For example, the General ignored the FBI files matter completely
>despite the fact that crimes had been committed.  General Reno
>had to be dragged, kicking and screaming into the China donation
>scandal.  In fact, evidence of wrong doing had to rubbed into
>her face before she would recognize it.  So, is General Reno
>pursuing the China links?  Does she really care to assign agents
>to investigate corruption and espionage?  Only reluctantly.
>General Reno has more agents and lawyers assigned to prosecute
>Joe Camel than John Huang.  Even then, the agents assigned to
>the case cannot seem to find the major players.  While Tom
>Brokaw at NBC managed to interview international fugitive (and
>FOB) Charlie Trie, Janet Reno's Justice Department has been
>unable to find their own butts with both hands.
>Ms Reno has served to inhibit justice and prevent witnesses from
>testifying.  The Justice Department openly stated they would not
>seek to prosecute the penniless Buddhists who gave Al Gore all
>that money.  Yet, Janet's Justice Department also opposed
>granting immunity.  Does that make sense?  It does if you are a
>partisan defender of Bill Clinton.
>Janet Reno earned her legacy in the hot ashes of Waco.  She is
>now helping Bill Clinton to create his.
>1 if by land, 2 if by sea.  Paul Revere - encryption 1775
>Charles R. Smith

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