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>  T H E   F B I 's   R I G G E D   L O G I C
>  (c) 1997 Ian Williams Goddard
>  THE FBI's TWA 800 investigation is being directed by 
>  an outdated, ineffective, and flawed standard of logic.
>  FBI agent James Kallstrom defined the black-and-white 
>  fallacy of Aristotelian logic the FBI is applying in 
>  their investigation of the TWA 800 crash [1]:
>      "You don't have a little bit of 
>      forensics... It doesn't go from 0 
>      to 50 percent, it goes from 0 to 100." 
>  Kallstrom is saying that a given piece of wreckage is 
>  either  100% evidence of a crime or it is  0% evidence 
>  of a crime, it is never a fraction of 100%, such as 20% 
>  or 60% evidence of a crime. That expresses the standard 
>  of Aristotelian logic: X is either A or not A, X is not 
>  both A and not A at the same time. That Aristotelian 
>  standard of logic is, however, most often false.
>  Fuzzy logic is the cutting edge in the field of logic. 
>  Fuzzy logic establishes that there are degrees of truth 
>  with respect to a given statement and physical facts. If 
>  I say that a glass of water that is 70% full is "a full 
>  glass," that is 70% true (hence the statement is both 
>  true (70%) and not true (30%) at the same time). [2]
>  If, in accord with Aristotelian standards, we say that 
>  because the glass is not 100% full, the statement "it's 
>  a full glass" is therefore 0% true, then we discard 100% 
>  of the truth about physical facts that the statement does
>  contain, which is 70% of the truth it claims to contain.
>  The fuzzy-logic conclusion "Statement X = 70% true" tells 
>  us more about physical facts than the "X = 0% true" con-
>  clusion of Aristotelian logic. Fuzzy is more accurate. 
>  The Aristotelian standard of logic the FBI applies dictates 
>  that if the wreckage of TWA 800 contained evidence that sat-
>  isfied the standard  "100% evidence of a missile hit"  by 
>  95%, such that there was  95% evidence of a missile hit, 
>  then the FBI would, by the rules Kallstrom has stipulated,
>  declare that there is 0% evidence of a missile hit, since
>  if there is not 100%, then there can only be 0% evidence.
>  I would say that the TWA 800 wreckage satisfies the 
>  standard  "100% evidence of a missile hit"  by a very 
>  high degree: http://www.erols.com/igoddard/crash.htm 
>  With Aristotelian logic in hand, the FBI can (a) sweep 99%
>  of the truth under the rug, (b) claim there is 0% evidence 
>  of a missile hit, and (c) still claim to be truthful, where 
>  a "truthful conclusion" is defined as one derived from the
>  flawed black-and-white standards of Aristotelian logic. I 
>  believe that's exactly what the FBI is doing, and here's 
>  the evidence: http://www.erols.com/igoddard/journal.htm
>Visit  Ian Williams Goddard  ------>  http://www.erols.com/igoddard
>[1] THE BOSTON GLOBE: Recovery of Debris From 
>747 is Made a Priority. By Pamela Ferdinand
>and Ellen O'Brien, July 29, 1996. Go to:
>http://www.globe.com/globe/search/ enter
>"747" select 1996, 50, oldest to newest.
>Fuzzy Logic Newsgroup: comp.ai.fuzzy
>Fuzzy Logic Web-pages:
>Lessons in: http://www.flll.uni-linz.ac.at/fuzzy/fuzzy.html 
>Tutorial: http://life.csu.edu.au/complex/tutorials/fuzzy.html 
>Overview: http://darwin1.ucsd.edu/connect/articles/success/logic.html 
>Defined: http://tima-cmp.imag.fr/Homepages/firas/fuzzy.html 
>& Neural Networks: http://www.vjf.com/pub/docs/neural.html 
>A fuzzy business: http://www.itri.loyola.edu/kb/c5_s4.htm 
>Fuzzy Logic ftp sites: cair.kaist.ac.kr, ftp.hiof.no

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