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Subject: SLS: RNC /  Democrats' Dirty Money Scandal (fwd)

>RNC Talking Points
>July 21, 1997
>The Democrats' Dirty Money Scandal
>The Senate hearings investigating the campaign finance abuses of
>Bill Clinton, Albert Gore and the Democrat National Committee
>(DNC) are now into their second week.  Not surprisingly, the
>Democrats are desperately trying to "spin" their way out of the
>brewing fund-raising scandals now surrounding their party.  They
>blame the current system for their dirty-money scandals.  They
>claim "everybody does it."  They are wrong.  Make no mistake about
>it - Bill Clinton, Albert Gore and the Democrat Party are the
>subject of a bipartisan investigation, but this is by no means a
>bipartisan scandal.
>1)  If the fund-raising practices of the Democrat Party are so
>commonplace, then why has evidence surfaced linking Bill Clinton's
>"longtime friend" John Huang to illegal foreign contributions and
>raised questions of espionage on behalf of communist China?
>* John Huang was a former senior executive for the Lippo Group, an
>international financial conglomerate with extensive business
>dealings in communist China - including a company that serves as
>an agent of espionage for the communist Chinese government.
>Within a month after Clinton secured the presidential nomination
>in 1992, Huang laundered $50,000 from Lippo's headquarters in
>Indonesia through a shell company to the DNC.  Clinton then
>arranged for Huang to work with former DNC Chairman Ron Brown at
>Clinton's Commerce Department as Deputy Assistant Secretary for
>International Economics.  (The Washington Post, 10/26/96, The New
>York Times, 4/24/97, columnist William Saffire, The New York
>Times, 10/7/96, and Associated Press, 7/15/97)
>* Huang was promptly given a "top secret" security clearance in
>January 1994 -nearly six months before leaving Lippo Group to work
>at the Commerce Department.  Huang kept this security clearance
>until December 1996 - nearly a full year after leaving Commerce
>and while he was working as a top fund-raiser for the DNC.  (Los
>Angeles Times, 6/17/97 and 7/8/97)
>* Huang received more than 35 CIA intelligence briefings on Asia
>while at Commerce, and had access to sensitive, raw intelligence
>data.  In fact, John Dickerson, CIA liaison to Commerce, revealed
>Huang was likely shown as many as 550 raw intelligence reports.
>Investigators have recently discovered that Huang kept at least 10
>"secret" intelligence documents in his office at the Commerce
>Department.  Huang made more than 400 phone calls to the Lippo
>Group while he was working at Commerce.  (Los Angeles Times,
>6/17/97, 7/8/97 and 7/16/97, and Associated Press, 7/16/97)
>* In 1995 Bill Clinton himself took a personal interest in
>transferring his "longtime friend" John Huang from Commerce to the
>DNC.  While at the DNC Huang arranged a number of fund-raisers
>resulting in $3.4 million in suspicious and improper contributions
>to the Democrat Party - $1.6 million of which has already had to
>be returned by the DNC.  (The New York Times, 7/7/97 and columnist
>William Saffire, The New York Times, 10/7/96)
>* Huang is now exercising his Fifth Amendment right against self-
>incrimination, and is seeking immunity from prosecution in
>exchange for his cooperation with the ongoing congressional
>investigation.  (USA Today, 2/21/97 and The Washington Post,
>2)  If Bill Clinton and Albert Gore really did nothing wrong, then
>why are they stonewalling investigators rather than demanding that
>their "longtime friends" cooperate fully with the congressional
>investigations and be held accountable?  Where is their outrage?
>* The silence of Bill Clinton and Albert Gore is deafening.
>* They have refused to help locate Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung or
>Pauline Kanchanalak.
>* They have refused to call upon "longtime friend" John Huang to
>tell investigators everything he knows.
>* They have even refused to tell their own lawyers to fully
>cooperate - not stonewall - the current investigations.
>3)  If "everybody does it," as the Democrats claim, then why is it
>that only Democrat witnesses are hiding in foreign countries,
>taking the Fifth Amendment, refusing to answer questions, and
>asking for immunity?
>* Charlie Trie has allegedly funneled hundreds of thousands of
>dollars from foreign accounts at the Bank of China to the Democrat
>Party.  He attempted to deliver more than $600,000 in suspicious
>checks to Clinton's legal defense fund, and appeared at Clinton's
>birthday-party fund-raiser in August 1996 with a $100,000
>contribution.  Trie arranged for an alleged Chinese arms dealer -
>whose company, Poly Technologies, Inc., is owned and operated by
>the Chinese government's People's Liberation Army - to attend a
>White House coffee with Bill Clinton.  Charlie Trie has fled the
>country and is hiding out in China.  (The Washington Post,
>12/18/96, The New York Times, 12/21/96 and The Wall Street
>Journal, 7/7/97)
>* Johnny Chung has contributed more than $360,000 to the Democrats
>and visited the White House at least 50 times.  After meeting with
>then-DNC Chairman Don Fowler, Chung and six Chinese businessmen
>were invited to attend one of Bill Clinton's Saturday radio
>addresses.  While in the White House, Chung presented Hillary
>Clinton's top aide, Maggie Williams, with a donation in the amount
>of $50,000 for the Democrat Party.  Johnny Chung has refused to
>comply with congressional subpoenas.  (The Washington Post,
>2/15/97, The New York Times, 2/25/97, Time, 3/3/97, The Washington
>Post, 3/6/97 and The Wall Street Journal, 7/7/97)
>* Pauline Kanchanalak has allegedly channeled more than $500,000
>to the Democrat Party.  She has visited the White House 26 times
>since Clinton took office, and even organized a coffee at which
>Clinton and senior officials from the Foreign Ministry of Thailand
>discussed U.S. policy toward China.  Pauline Kanchanalak has fled
>the country.  (Chicago Tribune, 12/27/96, The New York Times,
>2/9/97, Associated Press, 2/28/97, and The Wall Street Journal,
>* Former Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell and former
>White House aide Mark Middleton are both claiming their Fifth
>Amendment right against self-incrimination with regard to the
>investigations of the Democrats' illegal fund raising.
>(Associated Press, 2/28/97)
>* Unlike the Democrats, Republican officials are voluntarily
>appearing before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee to
>fully cooperate with their investigation.
>4)  The fact is, in their zeal to win the 1996 election the
>Democrats were not only willing to open up our political process
>to Chinese influence, they were also willing to politicize the
>executive branch of the government, using the White House itself
>to help them stay in power.
>"The president does not like sitting around the White House.  He
>likes campaigning."
>     -- then-White House Deputy Chief of Staff Harold Ickes, The
>Washington Post, 9/18/96
>* As was mentioned earlier, Bill Clinton himself took a special
>interest in getting John Huang employed as a fund-raiser at the
>DNC.  Clinton even approached the DNC's Finance Chairman, Marvin
>Rosen, to ask whether Huang would be hired by the DNC, saying
>Huang had come "highly recommended."  Five days after Clinton
>spoke with Rosen, Huang accepted a fund-raising position at the
>DNC.  Two months before Clinton approached Rosen, the White House
>had been in contact with the DNC to push for Huang's employment as
>a DNC fund-raiser.  (The New York Times, 7/7/97)
>* John Huang organized the now infamous fund-raiser held at a
>Buddhist temple that was headlined by Albert Gore and attended by
>monks and nuns who have taken a vow of poverty.  This fund-raiser
>resulted in $140,000 in contributions to the DNC.  One woman
>attending the Buddhist temple fund-raiser has claimed she was
>approached by an individual who gave her $5,000 in cash and then
>told her to write a check to the DNC for the same amount.  (The
>Wall Street Journal, 10/17/96)  The temple's leaders have
>allegedly reimbursed many donors who attended the fund-raiser to
>the tune of $83,000.  (The Wall Street Journal, 6/17/97)
>* The White House told the FBI to hand over information about the
>government's investigation into whether the Chinese government
>funneled contributions to the Democrat Party or the Clinton/Gore
>campaign - but FBI director Louis Freeh refused to do so.  (Los
>Angeles Times, 3/25/97)
>* Bill Clinton himself personally reviewed "mind-numbing campaign
>budget minutia on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis."  Also,
>then-Deputy White House Chief of Staff Harold Ickes "personally
>controlled DNC affairs from the White House."  (The Washington
>Post, 4/3/97)
>* Bill Clinton knew the DNC planned to engage in activities that
>would cross the line into violations.  When Clinton read a memo
>from Harold Ickes specifying the DNC would set aside $1.5 million
>for audit costs and $1 million for fines from the Federal Election
>Commission, Clinton wrote the word "Ugh!" in the margin.  (The
>Washington Post, 4/3/97)
>* Bill Clinton invited more than 300 donors to the Democrat Party
>to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom in exchange for campaign
>contributions.  Clinton wrote on a memo suggesting the scheme that
>he was "ready to start overnights right away," and that the
>Democrats should give access to those donors giving "$100,000 or
>more, $50,000 or more."  (The Washington Post, 2/26/97 and The New
>York Times,  2/26/97 and 4/3/97)
>* Bill Clinton and Albert Gore headlined more than 100 "coffees"
>at the White House that netted the Democrats a staggering $27
>million in contributions and invited federal regulators to these
>cozy gatherings with big donors they are supposed to regulate.
>These fundraising events were "routinely budgeted to raise
>$400,000."  (The New York Times, 4/3/97 and 2/26/97, and The
>Washington Post, 1/25/97)
>* A hand-written note by senior White House aide David Strauss
>confirms Clinton was dialing for dollars from the White House - a
>practice that is against the law - raising at least one-half
>million dollars in the process.  (The Washington Post, 6/27/97)
>* Albert Gore admitted he personally made phone calls from his
>White House office to shake down Democrat donors for contributions
>to the Democrat Party.  The law forbids fund-raising on federal
>property.  (White House press conference, 3/3/97 and The
>Washington Post, 3/4/97)
>* Former Clinton White House aide Mark Middleton traveled to
>Taiwan to raise large sums of money for Clinton's re-election.
>While in Taiwan, Middleton passed out official White House
>business cards listing a taxpayer-funded White House phone number
>where he could be reached - even though he was no longer working
>in the White House.  (The New York Times, 10/31/96)
>* Clinton personally re-wrote scripts for the DNC's television
>advertisements, for which the illegal foreign contributions were
>solicited in the first place.  (Bob Woodward's The Choice and
>Business Week, 7/22/96)
>* In the summer of 1995 the White House was criticized for
>pressuring federal employees to contribute to the Clinton/Gore re-
>election campaign as a result of a memorandum written on official
>White House letterhead by then-White House Counsel Abner Mikva.
>(White House memorandum from Abner Mikva, 5/2/95)
>* Bill Clinton's political operatives established an unprecedented
>media-control operation inside the White House counsel's office -
>a 'war room' - that was led by White House counsels Mark Fabiani
>and Bruce Lindsey as well as adviser George Stephanopolous.  (The
>Washington Times, 1/12/97)
>* The White House directed the Environmental Protection Agency
>(EPA) last year to dispatch taxpayer-paid government employees to
>organize Earth Day events critical of Republican environmental
>policies in cities represented by House Republicans.  (The
>Washington Post, 4/3/96)
>* Jesse Brown, Secretary of Clinton/Gore's Department of Veterans
>Affairs, used his department's computers to send e-mail messages
>criticizing Congress to government employees, and even had
>messages critical of the Republican Party printed on the reverse
>of employees' paychecks.  (The Washington Times, 11/7/95)
>5)  Bill Clinton and the Democrats blame the system for their
>fundraising abuses.  They repeatedly call for campaign finance
>reform and a ban "soft money," but they still participate in
>fundraisers to rake in more and more campaign cash.
>* All told, Bill Clinton has attended at least 20 fat-cat
>fundraisers for the DNC and other Democrats this year, raking in
>at least $17.5 million in campaign cash.
>* The same month Bill Clinton asked the Federal Election Committee
>to ban so-called "soft money," Clinton and Albert Gore attended a
>DNC fundraiser where they made personal appeals to 40 fat cat
>Democrat donors asking them to raise $250,000 each for the DNC
>during the next two years.  (The Washington Post, 6/4/97 and The
>New York Times, 6/11/97)
>* Last weekend a dozen top Democrats - including two Senators now
>investigating their party's fundraising abuses, Sens. Bob
>Torricelli of New Jersey and Max Cleland of Georgia - attended a
>fundraiser in Nantucket, Massachusetts, to raise money for the
>Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee.  Torricelli traveled there
>aboard a corporate jet.  Nearly 200 people attended and were
>expected to give $20,000 each.  (The New York Times, 7/14/97)
>Bill Clinton, Albert Gore and the Democrat National Committee are
>faced with very grave allegations, yet they are trying to sweep
>their illegal fundraising practices under the rug by claiming
>"everybody does it," then self-righteously calling for campaign
>finance reforms.  Changing the current laws will not prevent
>future scandals like this Democrat Party scandal - after all, the
>Democrats cannot even obey the laws that are on the books now.  No
>matter what the Democrats may say, everyone does not do it - the
>Democrats are certainly the subject of a bipartisan investigation,
>but this is not a bipartisan scandal.  It is time for the
>Democrats to take these scandals and this investigation seriously.
>The American people deserve to know the truth.
>(Visit http://www.rnc.org for the latest news and information)
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