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Subject: SLS: letter to a revenue officer (fwd)

Get yourself a copy of USPS Publication 221,
and then take another look at the following

    Stephen Edward Washam
    Walla Walla, Washington 99362
    United States of America

The mailing location above would be re-written
as follows, using Publication 221:

    Stephen Edward Washam
c/o general delivery at:
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX       [P.O. Box or street location]
    Walla Walla 99362/tdc

Notice that the state is in ALL CAPS.
This is NOT a nomme de guerre, just the
convention established by the USPS for
foreign states.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 10:11 AM 7/24/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Do or make what you will of this.  Feel free to forward to
>others, but please don't post to Usenet as I intend to do that
>myself from a spam-protected address.
>Copy-It-Right in 1997.  Stephen Edward Washam
>Author's note:  The following true copy has been slightly
>redacted to protect privacy, and reformatted for email
>transmission.  -SEW
>                              Stephen Edward Washam
>                          c/o XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
>                              Walla Walla, Washington 99362
>                              United States of America
>July 10, 1997                 Certified Mail # P 449 426 194
>W. XXXXXXXX, Revenue Officer
>Internal Revenue Service
>1332 Grandridge Blvd., Suite 212
>Kennewick, WA 99336
>Re: your calling card
>Dear Miss, Mr., Mrs. or Ms. XXXXXXXX:
>Yesterday I found your calling card slipped under the door
>of my abode with a note on it requesting that I phone you
>at (509) 948-XXXX.
>If you have some business with me please state your claim
>or query in writing and mail it to the name and location
>specified above.  I have found the written form of
>communication absolutely essential to good understanding
>and accountability and thus will not be wasting your time
>or mine with verbal interviews.
>In making a claim or query, please be certain to clearly
>state the full basis and specific nature of your business
>and your authority for pursuing it.  If your authority is
>delegated, please provide documentation showing who
>delegated the authority to you and when.
>I volunteer the following, which may help to clear up some
>confusion on your part:
>At one time I filed so-called "income tax return" forms
>with your "agency" (whatever its true nature might be)
>because I was under the mistaken notion that some law
>required me to do so.  After serious study into Title 26,
>the underlying statutes and Supreme Court decisions,
>however, I came to the conclusion that I was not required
>to file these forms or pay this so-called "income" tax.
>Thus I have not "filed" since 1985.
>Any forms your agency might hold with my signature on them
>are void therefore due to mistakes on my part.  Whether
>these mistaken filings were induced by government agent
>fraud is another matter beyond the scope of this letter.
>Any other IRS or banking forms existent, which might have
>my signature upon them, are also void due to mistake,
>misinformation, fraud, inducement to fraud, extortion
>and/or duress.
>When I was an infant, I naively followed the advice of
>others to obtain a Social Security Account number and then
>open a savings account with a federally-insured
>institution.  I could not realize at that time the profound
>implications of such an act.  Important information
>regarding the obligations I would assume and the nature of
>the relationships I was entering into was never shared.
>I was not told that the Social Security application was at
>heart a religious document, proclaiming a lack of faith in
>God or myself to provide for my needs, and that I was
>looking instead to the state as my god and protector.  I
>was not told that I was in effect declaring myself an
>incompetent pauper and throwing myself as a burden upon
>society as a whole, becoming a joint tort feasor in this
>social insurance scheme.  I was not told that I was
>shirking responsibility, and that by shirking
>responsibility I was giving away freedom -- my birthright.
>I was not informed as to my duty to maintain this
>birthright for myself and for others.
>For these reasons, I disclaim any documents which came
>about because of the above state of affairs.  I no longer
>participate in banking, either willingly or willfully, and
>I have never to my knowledge sought any kind of benefit
>from the Social Security system in any of its
>manifestations.  I never intend to do so.
>If you wish to raise a claim against me based upon any of
>these disowned documents, please bring it forward now.  If
>I do not hear back from you regarding this within a
>reasonable time - let's say 30 days - I will consider your
>claim abandoned.  Since you assert via your card to be the
>officer of an entity called "Internal Revenue Service" I
>will also consider any such claim by said entity abandoned.
>Realize that any claim against me will need to be fully
>supported by evidence, facts and law, and that your
>specific delegated authority for bringing a claim will also
>need to be documented.  An incomplete claim will be
>returned to you for clarification, as I am unable to
>respond to an incomplete claim.
>Revenue Officers are assumed to know the law they operate
>under and can be held accountable when they misrepresent,
>misapply or ignore that law.  Caveat actor.
>Awaiting your speedy reply,
>I am
>/s/ Stephen Edward Washam
>distribution:  Worldwide, via Internet, at my discretion.
>hard copies:   wherever, at my discretion.
>cc:  Representatives Linda Smith, Doc Hastings, George
>     Nethercutt, Jack Metcalf, Jennifer Dunn, Ron Paul,
>     James Traficant.
>cc:  Senator Paul Coverdale[sic]
>cc:  Commissioner of Internal Revenue
>cc:  District Director, IRS, Seattle
>Steve Washam        Walla Walla, Washington        sew@valint.net
>     And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be
>     a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the
>       adulterers, and against false swearers, and against
>     those that oppress [*] the hireling in [his] wages, the
>       widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the
>      stranger [from his right], and fear not me, saith the
>                   LORD of hosts.  Malachi 3:5
>            * or _DEFRAUD_, according to margin notes
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