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>*Jus Dare*
>IRS and Ann Landers
>As a "statistic," I can tell you that dealing with an agency that has 
>the power of tyranny over its domain is no fun. During regular 
>threats, it was on my shoulders to prove them wrong in claiming I 
>earned some money that surely never crossed my path. Have you ever 
>tried *proving* that you did *not* earn something? To add to the 
>aggravation, they told me that no one was likely to do anything for 
>quite a while, because "we have stacks of these things on our desks; 
>don't worry about it," only to have a new threat show up a few days 
>later.  - Dave
>From: Harold Thomas <harold@halcyon.com>
>Subject: Recent Ann Landers Column
> Jeff Jacoby, a Boston Globe Columnist took Ann Landers to task
> regarding her kid-glove treatment of the IRS. His dirty laundry list
> on the IRS is quite long - and eye opening!
> How about the 3,000 people notified by the IRS in 1993 that they EACH
> owed $4 billion in back taxes? How about the Philadelphia chemical
> firm that was penalized nearly $47,000 because the IRS determined
> that its tax payment of $4,448,112.88 was a dime short?
> The IRS spent $8 billion to overhaul its computer programs. What it
> got for all that money, a top official admitted are systems that "do
> not work in the real world." The federal tax agency sends out some 30
> million tax penalty notices every year. Nearly half are erroneous!
> As the tax deadline approaches each year, the IRS invites taxpayers
> to call its toll-free number with questions. When they do call in,
> millions are given the wrong answers. When those callers rely on
> those wrong answers, they are slapped with interest, penalties and
> liens on their property. The Heritage Foundation compiled nine pages
> of numbers underscoring IRS ineptitude. Here are just a few examples:
> The number of times the IRS gave the wrong answer in 1993 to
> taxpayers seeking assistance with their tax forms - 8.5 million.
> The percentage of its own budget for which the IRS could not account
> in an audit - 64 percent.
> The number of correction notices sent out by the IRS each year that
> turn out to be wrong - 5 million.
> The number of women wrongly fined each year because they get divorced
> or remarried - 3 million.
> The number of taxpayers whose old-age benefits will be cut because
> the IRS doesn't properly record their tax payments - 10 million.
> As the IRS Code grows ever more complex, it becomes easier for agents
> to find something wrong with any tax return. The existing tax code 
> has become a source of unfathomable power for IRS agents - and that 
> power corrupts. In a survey of IRS officials in 1991, three-fourths
> said they would probably not be "completely honest" if they had to
> testify before Congress. Nearly half admitted they would use their
> position to harass personal enemies.
> The column pretty much ends here, but this last paragraph sure caught
> my attention!
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