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Subject: SLS: Redress

Hi Rick,

I am dealing with several urgencies here:

1.  The gun dealer who accepted full payment
    for a new 40-caliber H&K, has now refused to
    deliver the weapon to me, because I did not
    have a state-issued driver's license.
    This meant that I had to hire a security
    firm immediately, because I am imminent 
    danger, as I write this.  The city police have
    been in my living room, and their recommendation
    was a Protective Order.  I am busy writing the
    application for that as well.

2.  I have a client with an urgent case that
    needs immediate attention.  He is close
    to losing the case, due to bad counsel
    early on.  I MUST attend to his needs,
    or he may be in a lot of trouble, if and
    when the IRS and DOJ begin to retaliate
    via sanctions, penalties, and who knows what.

3.  I can get to your review over the weekend.
    Will that fit your schedule?  If not, please
    drop me out of this round, and don't be angry.
    I am working 7 days per week, about 12 hours
    per day.  I continue to get many requests for
    free legal services.  What happened to paying
    a man for his skill?  As much as I respect and
    honor what you are doing, it is still pro bono
    work that you are asking me to do, and I cannot
    pay my rent, or other essential bills with more
    pro bono work.  You may recall that was the
    main reason why I could not attend the 3CC
    conference you organized recently.  During that
    interval, I had to go for 5 days without any food.

4.  Also, DOJ defaulted at their deadline on 7/18 for a 
    REPLY BRIEF to the 8th Circuit, in response 
    to Gilbertson's OPENING BRIEF.  Precious few
    Americans have volunteered to donate the 
    $25 we are requesting for a laser-printed
    copy of that OPENING BRIEF.  I for one do
    not want to forget a client, just because 
    a vicious judge put him in jail contrary to law.
    Other Americans seem to have very bad short-term
    memory.  I do hate to hawk my own work, but this
    OPENING BRIEF is nothing less than earth-shaking.
    The few who have read it do agree with me.

Later, okay?

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 08:57 AM 7/25/97 -0400, you wrote:
>25 July 97
>I am a little disappointed...I have emailed you two ( 2 ) requests to see
if you help us and  look over a redress of greivance petition.   As of this
date you have not responded to either request.  If you have a problem in
helping us in this direction please speak up so I may pursue other sources
of legal experience.
>Rick Ainsworth
>Third Continental Congress

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