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To: Brad Barnhill <bradbva@chv.mindspring.com>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: Gilbertson OPENING BRIEF

Since the Solicitor General has authority
to intervene without needing to petition
for leave to do so, pursuant to a provision
in Title 28, a litigant who challenges the
constitutionality of any federal statute
MUST serve the SG with the pleading which
does so.  So, I was doing my diligent duty;
now they are pretending as if nothing is
happening.  What a crock!  They must have
been offended with I faxed a notice to 
Janet Reno of my specific intent to execute
a citizen's arrest on her, for murder in the
first degree.  Where are the death warrants
for all those children who were incinerated
at Waco?  A death penalty for a child is 
a horrible oxymoron anyway, if there ever
was one!  So, they kill the messenger, 
rather than face the reality -- their boss
is a murderer, who refuses to disclose the
one document which would prove that she
is, in fact, the Attorney General.  Now you
now why I am stepping in everywhere I can
as a private attorney general, and there is
absolutely nothing they can do about it.


/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 09:27 PM 7/25/97 -0400, you wrote:
>At 06:04 PM 7/25/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>Hello Brad,
>>The clerk I spoke with in St. Louis today
>>told me that #97-2099-MNST is the correct one!
>>This kind of inconsistency is intolerable.
>It is possible that *I* made the mistake.
>I have so many notes scrawled tht even I lost track of the thread.
>>They would not let me fax a one-page memo
>>to the Deputy Clerk, Dana McWay.  In this
>>memo, I asked all of them politely to mail
>>or fax me a copy of the REPLY BRIEF.
>They are mailing it snail.  Ms McDonald assured me it was posted with the
>Order yesterday.

Posted to WHOM?  They do not recognize
me as a Counsel on the case, even though
I obviously wrote every single pleading
which Gilbertson filed since I came on the
case;  you can tell from the style I use --
it is unmistakable, because I give so much
attention to grammer, spelling, punctuation,
and other details for which I would get my
knuckles rapped in parochial school, if I 
so much as left out a required comma.

One friend nailed it:  she called it "rage induction."

They don't know who they are dealing with.
My Boss created the entire Universe, and they
have the arrogance to pretend they can overcome
that Power with perjury, extortion, and murder.
They will go the way every other criminal tyrant
has gone -- Mussolini ended up hanging by a rope,
with one end tied to his ankles, and the other
end to a gas station sign, as his cold body 
froze with rigor mortis, hands reaching for 
the pavement, just a few feet away, "I surrender,"
but upside down.

Janet Reno, are you reading this?

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>>No answer!
>>Something is terribly wrong with this case.
>>I suspect that DOJ is pretending they are
>>not noticing it, when I know they have 
>>noticed it, because they called me about
>>a month ago concerning this specific case.
>I spoke with every docket clerk in every division - Civil, Criminal, Civil
>Rights.  I was transferred to 514-2611 so many times, the woman thought I
>was harassing her.
>Brad Barnhill
>"The government which steps out of the ranks of the 
>ordinary articles of consumption to select and lay under
>disproportionate burdens a particular one because it is 
>a comfort, pleasing to the taste or necessary to the 
>health and will therefore be bought, is in that 
>particular a tyranny."
>           --Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Smith, 1823.
>             http://pages.prodigy.com/jefferson_quotes/

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