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Subject: SLS: WA. patient loses marijuana plea (fwd)
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Marijuana prohibition means money for
the government-run drug monopoly.  So, 
when you read 

  "protection of citizens"

convert that to read:

  "keeping the government coffers full"

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>>   OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP), July 24 -- Washington's high court Thursday upheld
>>the state's ban on the medical use of marijuana, rejecting a plea from a
>>cancer-stricken lawyer who wants to smoke pot to relieve his pain.
>>   Ralph Seeley, who has a rare form of bone cancer, had argued that his
>>constitutional rights were being violated by federal and state laws that
>>allow doctors to prescribe cocaine and opium but not marijuana.
>>   But the state Supreme Court ruled 8-1 that the government's authority to
>>protect its citizens outweighs a cancer patient's desire to relieve his
>Where does the "government's authority to protect its citizens" from medical
>marijuana come from?  What makes marijuana unique?  Coca and opium plants
>are used for legal medicines.  Why not marijuana plants?
>It seems to me that the legal arguments are saying that marijuana is a
>special case.  Why?  There is no scientific basis for this legal distinction.
>Arthur Livermore
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