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Subject: SLS: Chung says "White House Like the Subway: Deposit Coins!"

>AGAIN, I say:  How much more embarrassment must the
>American people endure?
>         ``I see the White House is like a 
>           subway -  you have to put in
>           coins  to open the gates,'' Chung 
>           told the newspaper.
>7/27/97 -- 1:18 AM
>             Report: Political donor claims first
>                       lady's aide solicited 
>          LOS ANGELES (AP) - A White House staffer solicited a
>          political contribution from Johnny Chung the day before the
>          California businessman handed a $50,000 check to Hillary
>          Rodham Clinton's top aide, Chung claims in a newspaper
>          interview.
>          The Los Angeles Times, in its Sunday editions, quoted Chung
>          as saying he sought VIP treatment from the White House in
>          exchange for the donation on March 9, 1995.
>          ``I see the White House is like a subway - you have to put
>          in coins to open the gates,'' Chung told the newspaper.
>          The White House disputed Chung's account and denied
>          according him special treatment.
>          ``At no time did (the aides) solicit a contribution from Mr.
>          Chung,'' Ann Lewis, the White House communications director,
>          was quoted as saying.
>          One day after meeting with White House aide Evan Ryan, Chung
>          delivered the check to Ryan's boss, Maggie Williams, to be
>          passed on to the Democratic National Committee. Williams is
>          Mrs. Clinton's chief of staff.
>          The day he delivered the check, Chung and six Chinese
>          businessmen he was showing around Washington had their
>          picture taken with Mrs. Clinton at the White House. The
>          group also had lunch in the White House restaurant.
>          Two days after meeting with Williams, Chung and the six
>          businessmen returned to the White House and watched
>          President Clinton tape his weekly radio address. They were
>          photographed with Clinton then.
>          Lewis has said previously that Ryan, the White House aide,
>          did not recall ``any discussion of the financial needs of
>          the Democratic Party'' with Chung.
>          Also, Chung's attorney told The Associated Press in March
>          that there was no quid pro quo.
>          For the White House employees, the discussions of
>          contributions raise questions about possible violation of a
>          law forbidding federal employees from soliciting or
>          accepting political contributions on government property.
>          Chung said he went to the first lady's office and inquired
>          about special treatment for the businessmen. He said he met
>          Ryan and asked if the businessmen could visit with Mrs.
>          Clinton and eat at the White House.
>          Ryan left for about 20 minutes, Chung said. ``Maybe you can
>          help us,'' Chung quoted Ryan as saying upon returning.
>          Ryan told Chung that Mrs. Clinton ``had some debts with the
>          DNC,'' associated with Christmas parties, Chung said.
>          ``Then a light bulb goes on in my mind. I start to
>          understand,'' Chung told the newspaper. ``I said I will help
>          for $50,000.''
>          Copyright 1997 Associated Press.

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