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>       The Implementation of a Clinton Administration Plan
>    It all started with the "D.A. Massacre" at the  U.S.  Justice
>Department.  The  Clinton  administration  in 1993 fired all U.S.
>Attorneys and replaced them with loyal cronies.
>    That   almost   ended   accountability   for   the    Clinton
>administration,  because  indictment  for crimes would have to be
>brought by U.S. Attorneys.  An  example  is  U.S.  Attorney  Eric
>Holder,  conveniently  placed  at  the  District of Columbia--the
>actual crime scene for  most  of  the  misdeeds  of  the  Clinton
>Administration.  He has repeatedly refused prosecution of Clinton
>administration employees despite referrals with clear evidence of
>    But it now seems that the  "D.A.  Massacre"  was  part  of  a
>larger  plan  to  end  accountability  and destroy enemies of the
>    The Inspectors General of the different  government  agencies
>are   the   ethics   and  crime  watchdogs.  During  the  Clinton
>administration, they, as well as the respective general counsels,
>were  replaced  with  loyal  cronies  answering  no longer to the
>people of the United States but  to  the  White  House  Counsel's
>office,  the  central  intelligence office of the operation as we
>shall see later.  Consider the following examples:
>(1) Treasury Inspector Valerie Lau started a  criminal  probe  of
>Secret Service agents John Libonati and Jeffrey Undercoffer after
>they had testified that the Secret Service was not the source  of
>the  list used to compile FBI files in the Filegate scandal, thus
>blowing  the  White  House  cover  story.   Senator  Orrin  Hatch
>suspected   the   criminal   probe   was   a  political  vendetta
>orchestrated from the White House.  Treasury IG Valerie Lau  also
>provided  confidential  depositions  of  White  House staffers to
>White House Counsel Lloyd Cutler ahead of Whitewater hearings  in
>1994.  Cutler  used  the  testimony   to  coach staffers  to  get
>their  stories  straight and consistent before  appearing  before
>Congress.  The depositions had been taken as part of  a  Treasury
>IG probe into allegations that the Treasury  Dept.   had   tipped
>off    the    White    House    about     the     RTC    criminal
>investigation   into   Whitewater.   The   Treasury   IG   probe,
>predictably, found no improper contacts.
>(2)  FBI  General  Counsel  Howard  Shapiro  hand  delivered  the
>manuscript of dissident Gary Aldrich to the White House Counsel's
>office.  He also leaked information to the White House  Counsel's
>office  that  FBI  agent  Dennis  Sculimbrene  had  revealed in a
>confidential FBI interview that it was Hillary Clinton who  hired
>Filegate   perpetrator  Craig  Livingstone.  Both  contacts  were
>followed  by  White  House  efforts  to  neutralize  Aldrich  and
>(3) State Department Inspector General Josephine William-Bridgers
>cleared  Toby Gati, the State Department's intelligence chief, of
>improper contacts with Hungarian intelligence and illegal  access
>to  classified  NSA documents. Josephine William-Bridgers is "the
>model of 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,'" says former
>State  Department  employee  Timothy  N. Hunter. William-Bridgers
>replaced Sherman Funk after he had  found  several  instances  of
>clear criminal violations at the State Department.
>(4) United States Information Agency  Inspector  General  Mariann
>Benett  covered  up  credit  card fraud by USIA Inspector General
>staff and launched a politically motivated investigation of Radio
>Marti,  a  staunchly  anti-Communist  radio  station  run  by the
>government.  She came under heavy fire from her deputy  Inspector
>General for her violation of procedure.
>    Political intelligence gathered  by  Inspectors  General  and
>other  covert  operatives of the White House Counsel's office has
>limited value if it cannot be turned into action. This  is  where
>political   blackmail   enters   the  picture.  A  truly  corrupt
>administration can only survive if it can control public opinion,
>the judicial system, and the political system.  Public opinion is
>controlled by the Clinton-friendly media. The judicial system has
>been  taken care of as described above. That leaves the political
>system, which can still hold hearings and vote to  impeach.   The
>only  effective way to deal with politicians is by blackmail.  To
>blackmail a politician, you need dirt. To collect dirt, you  need
>a  private  investigator  or  FBI agents. The White House has and
>uses both.
>    The White House Counsel's office employed Anthony Marceca and
>Craig  Livingstone  to study FBI files on thousands of government
>employees and politicians. The names include both Republicans and
>Democrats,  and  this  is an important point. As can be seen from
>the current Senate campaign finance  hearings,  it  is  of  great
>value to the White House to have a few Democrats on the Committee
>who will do everything to  obstruct,  impede  and  obfuscate  the
>hearings.  Here  again,  the White House Counsel is key.  Current
>White House Counsel Charles Ruff was the lawyer who  got  Senator
>John  Glenn  (D-OH) off on a charge of accepting a $234,000 bribe
>from S&L operator  Charles  Keating  during  the  "Keating  Five"
>scandal. Charles Ruff knows what legal or illegal means were used
>to save Glenn's career.  Ruff also knows what  legal  or  illegal
>means were used to retire Glenn's $3 million campaign debt from a
>failed 1984 presidential bid in violation of FEC rules.
>    The current obfuscation attempts by Senators Glenn, Levin and
>Torricelli   are  so  blatant  and  clumsy,  however,  that  even
>Clinton-friendly media operatives find them difficult to  defend.
>As  a  reference point, we can use the behavior of a Democrat who
>does not appear to have been either  bought  by  the  Chinese  or
>fallen  victim  to  political  blackmail:  Senator Lieberman, who
>still appears to keep an open, inquiring mind.
>    The White House has  also  made  heavy  use  of  one  certain
>private investigator from California, Jack Palladino.
>    Palladino was first used by the Clinton campaign in  1992  to
>threaten  "bimbos"  and others who were considered coming forward
>with information damaging to Clinton.  In  1993,  Jack  Palladino
>apparently  was  hired by Harry Thomasson to look for dirt on the
>fired White House Travel Office staff. Justice  Department  phone
>logs from June 23, 1993 also show that Betsy Wright called Deputy
>Attorney General Webster Hubbell to give him the phone number  of
>Jack  Palladino  at  the  request  of  Hillary Clinton. What Jack
>Palladino did for Webster Hubbell  on  that  occasion  remains  a
>mystery  to  this date. But we do know that a $150,000 payment to
>Palladino's detective firm was made in 1993 by a lawyer  for  the
>Teamster's  union.  That  lawyer  was none other than the current
>White House Counsel, Charles Ruff.
>    The replacement of the FBI director and the appointment of an
>Attorney  General,  both of whom are loyal cronies of the Clinton
>administration, is an important part of  the  plan.  Take  as  an
>example the current campaign financing scandal. The FBI has known
>at least since last year about  the  Chinese  plan  to  illegally
>infiltrate  U.S.  politics,  yet  has  done  nothing.  It was the
>private watchdog group Judicial Watch that exposed  the  apparent
>spy  John  Huang. The FBI has yet to track down and question most
>of the players in the fundraising and espionage scandal.
>    But the FBI and the Justice Department have not hesitated  to
>pursue the apparently frivolous allegations by DNC operative Mark
>Siegel against House Government Oversight Committee Chairman  Dan
>Burton.   Last week, the Justice Department delivered what Burton
>considered  a  clear  message:  you  continue   your   aggressive
>government  corruption  investigations, and you will get "framed"
>for a campaign finance scandal of your  own.  This  is  political
>blackmail--not  by  the  White  House Counsel's office but by the
>Justice Department, the top law enforcement agency in the land.
>    Also last week,  Dwight  Linkous,  a  former  consultant  for
>Charlie  Trie  said  that  he  has  been prevented, presumably by
>Justice Department officials, from telling a federal  grand  jury
>investigating campaign finance all he knows.
>    And The American Spectator reveals in the August  1997  issue
>that   the   DNC   is  far  from  coming  clean  on  its  illegal
>contributions.   "Using  publicly  available  FEC   records   and
>documents   released   by  the  DNC...   we  have  identified  an
>additional $562,437 in dubious contributions that were undeclared
>by  the  DNC,"  Kenneth R. Timmerman tells the Washington Weekly.
>"This clearly suggests that there is much more  to  the  campaign
>finance  scandal  than the DNC wants us to believe, and that much
>more illegal  money  is  probably  out  there,  undisclosed,  and
>    The important question is why has  the  FEC  or  the  Justice
>Department  not  taken this look at the DNC? Why is it that every
>new  revelation  has  to  come   from   conservative   reporters,
>conservative  organizations,  and  investigators  for  Republican
>Senators? The Justice Department clearly  is  not  interested  in
>uncovering the truth.
>     So those who have asked repeatedly how the White  House  has
>been  able  to  get  away  with  so  many  crimes reported by the
>alternative and conservative media now have an answer:  they  had
>an advance plan.
>  Published in the Jul. 21, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
>  Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
>          Reposting permitted with this message intact
>                        SPY PLOT THICKENS
>             The Huang - Stephens - BCCI Connection
>    Senate hearings last week provided further  corroboration  of
>the suspicion that John Huang is a Chinese spy. It turns out that
>he maintained an office  across  the  street  from  his  Commerce
>Department  office.   He  used  that  office  to send and receive
>packages  and  faxes  without  the  knowledge  of  his   Commerce
>employers.  That office was described by columnist William Safire
>as  spy  Huang's  "drop."   "A  'drop,'  in  spookspeak,   is   a
>clandestine  place  to  deposit  and  receive  documents,' Safire
>    That office was maintained by none other than  the  Arkansas-
>based  Stephens  Inc., a partner of Lippo in the Arkansas Worthen
>Bank, where John Huang had once served as a vice  president.  The
>secretary testifying about John Huang's clandestine visits to the
>office was one Paula Green, a former aide to Rep. Beryl  Anthony,
>the  brother-in-law of the late Vince Foster. Beryl Anthony, as a
>member  of  the  Washington  law  office   of   Winston   Strawn,
>represented  Stephens'  software  company  Systematics, which was
>also represented by Vince Foster, Hillary Clinton and Joe  Giroir
>in  litigation  with  First  American  Bank in Washington over an
>attempted takeover by BCCI.
>    It was revealed last week that none  other  than  John  Huang
>traveled  to  China  to  negotiate  on  behalf  of Lippo with the
>Chinese government over debts owed to Chinese depositors  by  the
>failed BCCI.
>    Joe Giroir was the same person who hired Hillary  Clinton  at
>the  Rose Law Firm and pushed for the hiring of John Huang at the
>    It is  becoming  more  and  more  evident  that  the  current
>campaign finance and espionage scandal ties into the wide network
>of related scandals that surrounds this administration.
>  Published in the Jul. 21, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
>  Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
>          Reposting permitted with this message intact
>  Mr. Speaker, Democrats  now  agree  with  Republicans:  China
>  tried to influence American politics. No kidding, Sherlock. I
>  think Barney Fife could figure that out.
>  Check this out. Hip Hing Holdings, a California company  that
>  only  owns  an  abandoned parking lot in L.A. and who lost $1
>  million, gave $67,000 to the Democrat National Committee. Hip
>  Hing  got the money from Lippo Group. Lippo Group has ties to
>  China. The money was gotten for Hip Hing from Lippo  by  John
>  Huang.  John  Huang  worked for Lippo and also worked for Hip
>  Hing.  John Huang later worked for  the  Commerce  Department
>  and  later  worked  for  the Democrat National Committee, but
>  John Huang now says, 'What is the big deal? I also gave money
>  to the March of Dimes and the Boy Scouts of America.'
>  Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. John Huang was not  hired  to  raise
>  money for the Boy Scouts; John Huang was hired to raise money
>  to help China. I yield back the balance of all of this mess.
>  [House of Representatives - July 16, 1997]
>  Mr. Speaker, surprise, surprise. The  White  House  issued  a
>  glowing   report  on  NAFTA.  However,  the  Economic  Policy
>  Institute says the White House cannot handle the truth.   The
>  truth  is  our trade deficit with Mexico has ballooned to $16
>  billion. Our trade deficit with Canada has ballooned  to  $23
>  billion.  In  addition,  in  the  first  32  months of NAFTA,
>  America has lost 500,000 jobs, that is half a million; 15,000
>  jobs  a  month,  1,850  jobs a week, 765 jobs a day.  But the
>  White House says, do not worry, we  are  going  to  find  new
>  jobs.
>  Tell me, how many people can 'Mickey D' hire in America,  Mr.
>  Speaker? Who is kidding whom?  The White House has not issued
>  a report on NAFTA, the White House has issued a  cover-up  on
>  NAFTA.  I  yield  back  the balance of any jobs we might have
>  left.
>  [House of Representatives - July 15, 1997]
>  Published in the Jul. 21, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
>  Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
>          Reposting permitted with this message intact

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