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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: Zapruder Film and the Polaroid Woman [corrected]
Cc: <rivero@accessone.com>

Dear Clients and Friends,

I have discovered a website with key frames
from the Zapruder film, arranged in an
animated sequence.  Here is the URL:


Be sure to allow this entire document to
download first, then press RELOAD, so that
the frame sequencing can proceed from your
hard disk, rather than to wait for your
modem to download all that data.

The man who annotated these frames missed one
figure I consider to be one of the most important
eyewitnesses to JFK's assassination.  Within
a one-second window of the fatal shot to JFK's
cranium, a woman with a Polaroid camera snapped
a photo of JFK, from the left side of the road,
looking straight into the gun sight of the
rifle which fired the fatal shot from the grassy

The "Polaroid Woman" first comes into partial
view at frame Z.290, and then full view at
frame Z.291.  Remember that Abraham Zapruder
is panning his camera, so you must attribute
some of the apparent "motion" to camera movement.

You can see this woman lift her camera to her face,
and the one photo she took was snapped around
frame Z.300, or very soon thereafter.  As Abraham
Zapruder continues to pan right, Polaroid Woman
goes off the viewfinder at frame Z.303.

Now, we need to find an Internet version of
that Polaroid photo.  There is also a photo-
enhanced version which I saw on public 
television, many years ago.  For the life of
me, I will never be able to remember the 
channel or title of that program.  But, I do
remember that the staff tracked down a man
who was in that photo, standing on the grassy
knoll not far behind Abraham Zapruder and 
in front of the picket fence.  He later stated
that he heard a high-velocity bullet whizz
right past his left ear.  That bullet passed
right between Zapruder and this man, to enter
the president's cranium at the right temple.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
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