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What State are you in now, IRC?

Wherefore art thou Internal?

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>>From "The CPA Software News" magazine.
>Most Published Versions of IRS Code 'Seriously Flawed'
>WASHINGTON - A new "More Nearly Perfect" Internal Revenue Code has been
>published by Tax Analysts (800)-955-2444) after the company discovered
>numerous errors in other commercially available versions. The edition
>produced by the Government Printing Office was found to be even more
>defective than the commercial publications.
>Attorneys and research librarians at Tax Analysts located and corrected
>more than 1,500 errors and omissions in the versions of the Internal
>Revenue Code now on the market. Many of these errors were relatively minor
>faults; however, some were serious failings - including repealed text
>published as if it were still current law, and omitted or misplaced
>statutory amendments.
>Announcing the "More Nearly Perfect" Code, Tax Analysts' Publisher Tom
>Field said, "I don't claim our version of the Internal Revenue Code is
>perfect. No publisher can make that claim. I assert only one thing: The Tax
>Analysts' version of the Code is better than anyone else's."

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