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Subject: SLS: Drunvalo Melchizedek joins The Prophets (fwd)

>Drunvalo Melchizedek will be joining The Prophets, a major gathering and
>conference taking place in Phoenix, Arizona, the weekend of October 10-12.
>Drunvalo Melchizedek is a remarkable man with an incredible ability to
>pioneer new concepts in scientific thought and theories of education.  His
>life experience reads like an encyclopedia of breakthroughs in human
>endeavor.  He studied physics and art from the University of California at
>Berkeley, but he personally feels that his most important education came
>after college.  In the last 25 years he has studied with over 70 teachers
>from all belief systems and religious understandings, providing him with a
>wide breath of knowledge, compassion and acceptance.
>Drunvalo is always in the forefront of the current fertile ideas that will
>create paradigm shifts for the future of human kind.  People on the leading
>edge of creative thought in all disciplines turn to him for verification and
>expansion of their ideas.  He has the unique ability to see the many
>possibilities that can contribute to the whole.  Not only is his mind
>exceptional, his heart, his warm personality, his love for all life
>everywhere is immediately understood and felt by anyone who meets him.
>Drunvalo has magnificent qualities of openness and love and is able to raise
>a person or large groups of individuals to his awareness of compassion, love
>and wisdom.  He has already made an incredible difference to the world
>through his studies of Sacred Geometry and the crystalline field around the
>human body.  For some time now, he has been bringing his vast vision to the
>world through the teaching of the Flower of Life program and the Mer-Ka-Ba
>meditation.  This teaching encompasses every area of human understanding,
>explores the development of mankind from ancient civilizations to the
>present time and offers clarity regarding the world's state of consciousness
>and what is needed for a smooth and easy transition into the 21st Century.
>Drunvalo Melchizedek will be joining an exceptional group of investigators
>and researchers at the October Phoenix gathering.  Drunvalo will participate
>on the "Dreaming the Future" panel, and will present his teachings in an
>in-depth workshop, preparing us for an evolutionary jump.
>The Prophets Conference, taking place in Phoenix, October 10-12, is bringing
>together the first time gathering of a great many of today's leading
>researchers, seers, and Native American messengers, including Dr. Edgar
>Mitchell, Zecharia Sitchin, Dr. Steven Greer, Robert Anton Wilson, and
>William Hamilton.
>For complete information on The Prophets
>Visit Drunvalo Melchizedek at http://www.folr.org/
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