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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Illicit SEX, PORNOGRAPHY and HOMOSEXUALITY pushed in
  public school (fwd)

>The following message is from The Christian Alert Network.  The material
>is strong and will offend many.  I suggest you pray before you continue
>to read.    Please do not continue if you are offended by sexual content.
>   A public meeting will be held  on the above matter on Wednesday 30
>July so please make your contacts as quickly as
>possible.    Please pass this information to other list and encourage
>people to contact their governmental representatives and local talk-radio
>Thank you,  Rick Johnson.
>Illicit SEX, PORNOGRAPHY and HOMOSEXUALITY pushed in public school.
>Dear Christian Friends;
>It is with mixed emotions, a broken heart and tear filled eyes that I
>pen this particular TCAN Alert because, once again, it deals with 
>our most precious God given possessions, our children.
>For the past several days I have been communicating with a very concerned
>Christian Mom and Dad, whom I will henceforth refer to as Mom & Dad, who
>live in the Montpelier Vermont area.   Mom & Dad are justifiably
>disturbed as a result of what their high school daughter was "exposed to
>and taught," without their prior knowledge or permission,  in a
>Montpelier High  School Psych/Sociology class.   This class required each
>student to maintain, for credit, a very personal "CONFIDENTIAL JOURNAL"
>that the students were instructed "not to tell their parents about or
>them to read."   This CONFIDENTIAL JOURNAL contained considerable
>material given to the student by the teacher.  It appears that most  of
>the material was copied, to one degree or another, from a book entitled
>"The Teen Body Book"   
>Over the past several days, Mom and Dad  have made available to this
>writer, in confidence, copies of some 30 - 40 pages taken from their
>daughters "confidential
>journal", The Teen Body Book and other documents.
>You might say to yourself ... awe..  this is an isolated case, and it is
>not, or will not happen in our local school system.  Don't be  lulled
>into thinking that, because this case is the straw that broke the camels
>back so to speak, in my decision to hang the dirty laundry out for all to
>see. I have "many" cases in my files from all across the country, much
>like this one, and I simply lacked the courage to "tell it like it is"
>until now.  
>I will tell you one thing, this writer having spent 6 years in the Air
>Force, 7 years in the Navy and 11 Years in the Army and having been an
>avid opponent to the inclusion and spread of pornography  in our public
>school under the guise of sex-education, can
>emphatically say the material I see here is among the filthiest and most
>debased as I have ever seen, with only one exception. In our  TCAN Home
>Page I will tell you about that exception.
>Below, I am going print, verbatim, several paragraphs copied from the
>material the teacher gave this young student to include in her
>CONFIDENTIAL JOURNAL, and also several paragraphs copied from the Teen
>Body Book.  Printing this material for you to read,  is the part of this
>alert that has caused me considerable heartache.  It took several hours
>of intense prayer before deciding that I really don't have any other
>In arriving at my decision to reprint this material for you to read, my
>line of reasoning was as follows.  If this is the kind of education
>material that is being forced upon 
>our  children by the U. S. Department of Education through the  debased
>philosophy imbedded in the concept of GOALS 2000 and Outcome Based
>Education (OBE), that not only "allows" our children  to be exposed to
>this kind of debased garbage but does in fact  "encourage and require"
>the teaching of such, then surely I must have 
>an obligation of some kind to share that same information with other 
>parents whose children are or will be forced to read the same  material.
>If our children are exposed to and required to read this  kind of filth,
>then why should we shield their parents from the same  material?.
>At this point, I am going to suggest that if you are a lady and 
>1. A Church secretary, you stop reading at the end of this paragraph 
>and copy this document to a floppy disk and give it to your Pastor to 
>read, or print this message, put a cover sheet on it and mark it "For 
>The Pastors Eyes Only"
>2. If you are a lady and reading this message on your home or office
>computer, I suggest that you stop right here and call your husband, 
>father or some other man and let him finish reading this document.
>3. If you are a lady and you have no man in the home or office, but 
>you are concerned about the children are being taught in the public 
>school system, then the only thing I know to do is apologize from the 
>bottom of my heart for what you are about to read, but for the sake 
>of our children,  ... read on.
>Following the material printed between the **** I will have several 
>suggestions as to what YOU can do about the situation.  I am also 
>going to establish a special chapter, with the same title as above,  
>on the TCAN home page at  [ http://www.vvm.com/~ctomlin ] in which 
>to display this information and "much more" that will be added over 
>the next few days.  Please check there in a day or so.
>This was under the guise of helping students learn about "changing
>trends" in our society-
>         1990.  Students in Montpelier's Main Street Middle School's
>6th grade "Guidance" classes were asked to share personal family
>concerns; parental fighting, drinking, talk of divorce, etc.  Our
>daughter, concerned for her friends, broke the "confidentiality rule"
>to tell us of this activity, which clearly violated the federal 
>Pupils' Right's Amendment.
>         1991, The psychological techniques Guided Imagery led 7th
>grade students into a 'deeply relaxed state".  They went, in their
>minds, "to a special place to meet a 'special person".  
>"Confidentiality" was again the rule, with no parental notification 
>of this psychological therapy, again violating federal law,
>         1991: An MSMS turoree's "Health Class" notes included
>"oral intercourse, anal intercourse".  Asked how this related to
>"health", the boy, 14, explained, "The nurse said these are ways
>people show their love for each other." Upon Inquiry, she agreed.
>         The principal denied knowledge of these events, agreed they
>were inappropriate and told us they would cease.
>         1963: Brian O'Regan mandated the cessation of Guided
>Imagery in Montpelier Schools.  He felt that no written policy was
>         1996: Our daughter took an accredited Psych/Sociology
>class. The syllabus made no mention of required reading of
>pornography, photographs of genitalia, impermissible in R-rated
>movies, Guided Imagery, encouragement to experiment sexually,
>and the label "intolerant" for students not actively engaged in
>promoting homosexuality.  Nor were we aware, as Harry Colombo
>now tells us, that this teacher's 'reputation" should have warned us
>of the unsuitability of the course for some students.
>         October 1996; [The teacher]  invited our child to opt out of
>class the next day, due to a planned Guided Imagery event, for the
>purpose of 'deep memory recall". Upon learning of this plan,
>O'Regan  called Ms. [ The teacher ] and canceled the event.
>         Note: Policy is clearly needed, prohibiting Guided Imagery,
>psychological experimentation and "required confidentiality" in
>public school classes.
>In early June 1997, our daughter handed us her Psych/Sociology
>notebook.  The following are direct quotes from required reading in
>units 7 and 8, (Sexuality & Relationships).
>"I put vaseline on my c___ and in a roll of toilet paper to make it
>like a vagina.  I like to thrust my c___ in and out of this roll .... 
>It's the only way I can come.  My hand isn't enough,"
>"We do advise against becoming extremely dependent on props and
>objects"...(i.e. soda bottles, toilet paper tubes)." "It's best to 
>vary your masturbation techniques."
>"Testing your ability to function sexually ... may be ... less
>threatening with your own sex, If you happen to be quite young
>and/or still a bit uncomfortable with the opposite sex."
>"The couple may kiss and stroke one another all over ... especially
>sensitive areas like the woman's clitoris or the head and underside
>of the man's penis.. ..When a woman kisses, licks, or sucks a man's
>penis, this is called fellatio.  When a man does the same with a
>woman's clitoris, vulva and the opening of the vagina, this is called
>cunnilingus. (This continues on through Intercourse).  Having
>orgasms at different times can be exciting, too."
>"Your capacity to enjoy sex will increase --not diminish--with
>time." "As you grow you will make a lot of exciting discoveries." 
>"You can have sex with anyone. It can be fun." Virgins may have
>their hymens "stretched or removed via medical methods ... before
>you have sex."
>"Homophobia Is the fear of being gay or lesbian." (according to
>The Homophobia Task Group).  "Acceptance" of homosexuality is
>an intolerant  and homo phobic attitude;  It still implies there is
>something to accept".
>"Only those who use a "Basic ACLU approach" to "be a gay
>advocate", are "willing to...combat homophobia in themselves and
>others', and view such people "with genuine affection and delight",
>may qualify as 'non-homo phobic."
>"Against the standard set by lesbians, heterosexual couples do not
>fare so well in distributing responsibility for relational health." 
>(No data provided).
>The course claims to help students "think about current thinking
>and research", and teach 'tolerance of differences." 
>Please forward / distribute this email to the maximum extent
>Email or call Montpelier High School to voice your objections 
>to the teaching of such filth to our children. 
>URGENT: A meeting on the above matter is scheduled for
>Wednesday 30 July so please make your contacts as quickly as
>1. Principal,  Charlie Phillips 
>         Email: [ charlie@MHS.mps.k12.vt.us ] 
>         Phone: 802-223-6366
>2. Director of Curriculum,  David Gibson
>         Email: [ DavidG@mhs.mhs.k12.vt.us ]
>         Phone:  802-223-6366
>3. Commissioner of Education, Mark Hull
>         Web site: [ http://www.state.vt.us/educ ]
>         Phone: 802-828-4147
>Also, on Friday 25 July I was informed by an aide to U.S. Congressman Ron
>Paul of Texas that a final vote on the budget for the U S Department of
>Education, which includes INCREASED FUNDING for Goals 2000 and Family
>Planning, is scheduled for Thursday 31 July or Friday 1 August.  This is
>our last chance to eliminate the education cancer so please lets stand up
>and be counted for our children's sake as follows. 
>Help The Christian Alert Network persuade congress to eliminate  all
>funding for the U. S. Department of Education, Goals 2000 and  Outcomes
>Based Education and return the responsibility for public education to
>"the people" at the local level and get back to basics,  according to The
>United States Constitution.  To see what you can do to help, click here:
>[ http://www.vvm.com/~ctomlin ]
>If you would like to send "Mom & Dad" a word of encouragement and support
>you can email them as follows;    "Mom & Dad"<hayoo@hotmail.com>
>May God richly bless you and yours
>Rev. "Curt" Tomlin
>Major USA Ret
>President, TCAN Inc.
>--------- End forwarded message ----------

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