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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Snoopy Microsoft - BEWARE (fwd)

Paul Mitchell hereby announces that he will remain
with Windows 3.11 until further notice.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>> Subject:       Snoopy Microsoft - BEWARE  (fwd)
>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> From: IamDorian@aol.com
>> MicroSoft wants EVERYONE to be forced to use Windows and pay for continual
>> upgrades>>>Ad Infinitum
>> My sources inside Boeing in Seattle (sho have access to MicroSoft's
>> Network) said, that in May, Gates put out a bulletin proclaiming that
they are
>> entering a new phase of marketing. MS will get ALL WINDOWS USERS to
accept an
>> ONLINE SUPPORT soultion/Windows runing ON the internet Exclusively.
you'll be
>> INSIDE his Mainframes, your Private information, banking...EVERYTING at his
>> beck and call.
>> Since the inception of Windows '95 ALL major MicroSoft products have
>> the NSA an OPEN BACK DOOR past your computer's Firewall. As '95 was
released a
>> number of countries, starting with New Zealand's government, refused to put
>> windows '95 on ANY govet computer as they claimed MS had put in a BACK
>> MicroSoft InterNet Explorer was discovered, in May, to have a BACK DOOR
>> called it a bug) alowing anyone who knew how, to enter and seize
controil of
>> your computer.
>> Recently, another BACK DOOR was discovred in MicroSoft OFFICE. WILL this
>> violation of your PRIVACY never END? The answer NO!
>> Just this last month the Wintell/Gates Megamonopoly bought out EggHead
>> Software. They will NO LONGER sell Mac software.
>> After BRIBING CompUSA with Special Discounts. CompUSA is discontinuing ALL
>> Apple products and Mac Software...
>> MicroSoft continues its Satellite aquisitions of News Satellites...as
per the
>> Bill Gates Meglomaniacal statements made to the press in 1996. He said in 3
>> years he would control ALL the News Satellites in orbit!
>> He also claimed he will OWN the Internet in 2 years.
>> ANYONE supporting this man who seems to SKIRT ALL (ANTITRUST) legal
>> violations like he was made of Teflon (like another BILLY we know??)
should be
>> STOPPED now SUPPORTED by American Dollars?
>> Is it too late to SWITCH? NO, NOT if you're willing to care MORE about
>> tomorrows future than today's expediency!
>> Check out this site...
>> <A HREF="http://www.vcnet.com/bms/">Boycott Microsoft
>> Dorian

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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
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