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Subject: SLS: Rep. Paul on U.N. and our military (fwd)

>Bernadine [last name not known] of the Second Amendment Committee called
the talk program on TruthRadio (Delano, CA)  between 10:30 and 11:00 p.m.
EDT, Sunday, July 27, 1997, asking everyone to contact Rep. Ron Paul to
urge him to go public with the facts about our grave national situation,
especially regarding the UN and our military.  The following is a
transcript of what she said, and what she stated Rep. Paul's representative
has told her.
>BERNADINE:	This is Bernadine.  I wanted to thank you for giving some
publicity to what we're trying to do in waking the people up.
>SHOW HOST: 	Well, you're welcome.
>BERNADINE: 	It was real good of you to try to get that on the air.  I'd
like to say a little bit more about it, if it's okay.
>SHOW HOST:	Go for it.
>BERNADINE:	Well, you know, the nation in general - people in general do
not know what's going on, and the news are keeping it from being published.
 The television will not publish the information.  Any time a nation gives
up its armed forces to its enemies, they're in for trouble.  Those are the
kind of people in Washington these days.  And when it is completed -
they're working towards it, and they're pretty close to finishing, and, you
know, people like you and me, we can go out and talk to people and say,
"Are you aware that we're not going to have a military, we're going to have
no military here?  We're going to be open for any kind of conquest, any
kind of invasion.  And what's worse, they're bringing in communists,
setting up little communities, and our people are being disarmed.  They're
legislating the 2nd Amendment out of existence.  There's going to be no one
have a gun in this country and you're going to be subjected to the control
of a military type government, that t
>he UN is calling for all countries to give up their armies and our country
has gone along with it.  And we're going to be under the jurisdiction of a
communist world army, because they're taking all of the armies.  They're
going to be the only army in the world and the rest of the countries are
going to have to convert to full communism.  And that means, of course,
that you're not going to be able to own land.  You're not going to be able
to vote.  You're not going to be able to have anything to say about
whatever our government does because we're not going to have freedom to speak.
>(Brief interruption in Internet transmission)
>and yet those are the facts.  And, unfortunately, we don't have the
credibility because it isn't coming out on the television.  They believe
everything that's put on television, even though it's the biggest
propaganda media that has ever been in this country since we've had the
printed word.  And yet they will believe - they would believe it if it were
on the television.  But since it's not on the television, they don't
believe it.  So, this is the bind we're in and we're coming down to the
final effort of what we can do.  You know, we've been fighting for a long
time, and we're coming down to the line now where it's - it's no longer
going to be in our control.  We're going to lose if we don't do something
and do it pretty quick.
>So, when Ron Paul came out with this effort to get us out of the UN, we
saw a golden opportunity that we could lock his opposition, which was
pretty - a pretty good size opposition.  There were 369 that voted against
him and only 54 in support.  And of those 54 that supported him, 11 were
phonies, and I'm not so sure about the rest, because when I talked to his
representative - Ron Paul's representative, he said -- "Well, how come, you
know, someone else doesn't speak out that - of his supporters?"  And he
said - he said, "Of all the people that voted for him," he said, "and
there's some of them that are co-sponsors on the bill," he said, "not one
of them would dare stand up and speak."  
>And so what we're trying to make happen, we're trying to force an opening
into this awful - what you might call a Pandora's box, so that the people
can see that we've been betrayed, and it's going to get tremendously worse
- much, much more worse than they've ever seen it.  And they have a right
to know.  This government, you know, belongs to the people and what's being
done is done without their knowledge.  And the Declaration of Independence
has the words in there "consent of the governed."  They're not supposed to
do these kind of things without the consent of the governed.  The
governed's never been asked.  So, feeling that the people do have a right
to know, and feeling that we have people that we're paying salaries to -
they call themselves conservatives.  They're in the minority in our
statehouses and in the minority on the federal level.  However, they're
still taking a salary and they still want to be professing that they're
doing the things that are good for us.  So, we 
>feel that they have an obligation to tell what's gone on when they've got
the facts, and not sit there and just object to this bill and push a button
that says "yea" or "nay" in the aisles they sit in such as the state
assembly and the Senate and the federal House of Representatives.  Yea and
nay is not going to get us anywhere.  We've got to do something else,
because you can see we're going down the tube, and they know it.  And so
just sitting there - some of them are just pushing the button that makes it
look like they're doing the right thing just to hang in there on their job.
 That's all.  They're there for the money and the glory and all the fringe
benefits.  But if we're paying them the salaries and they're good sized
salaries, they have an obligation to really serve - really serve.  And that
means that they should be getting this information out about the
disarmament and the damage it's doing to us, and that's not - that's not
something that's too much to ask. 
>So, that's why we're pushing on this opportunity - golden opportunity, and
we just want the people all over the country to have the knowledge of what
direction they're being taken in, and it's a bad direction.  And if they
want to save themselves, they first have to have the knowledge, and so
that's why we're trying to get Ron Paul to go a step further than what he
>Now, by putting the bill out to get out of the United Nations was a good
move.  Of course, they're destroying us by treaties.  Ron Paul's
representative that I talked to said that Ron Paul felt that the - there
were several other like - I think he said seven - there were seven other
things that were just as bad as the disarmament law.  Well, taking - losing
the guns is the worst thing that can happen to you.  And if you don't have
the guns, you can't save yourself in any field, whether it's the land grab
or whatever.  He's told me also that Ron Paul was very worried about the
collapse of the government.  Well, my opinion is that they will not
collapse the government until after they get the guns.  I think they would
be afraid to do it if the people still had the guns, because there's too
many people out there that know they're planning a collapse, and they know
that there would be a bounce back if they did it while people still have
guns.  So keeping the guns is the primary thing 
>that's got to be done.
>Anyway, I asked - you know, I asked for Ron Paul to expose these people
and that they should be declared unqualified for voting because they're
already guilty of treason.  Anytime you turn your army over to the enemies
of a nation, that's treason.  And that they should be disqualified,
everyone that voted to do that.  And we furnished him the documentation of
- all the people that voted against him, we furnished the documentation of
how those same people voted to give away the armed forces in 1989 with
Public Law 101-216, and to disarm us completely.  So he's got - he's got
solid information on who they are in the Congress.   And in talking to his
representative - now he was very candid with me.  He said that Ron Paul
does not intend to confront his colleagues, that he's not going to go that
far, that he feels that in introducing that legislation that the people can
draw their own conclusions.  
>Well, how can they draw their own conclusions when it isn't published,
when it isn't even put on the news of what - what the issue is?  And so I
feel that if we persuade and we push Ron Paul a little bit farther with
enough of an outcry throughout the nation, that it is possible then for him
to have the courage.  Somebody was telling me that they saw him on a
program not too long ago and they - when they started to asking political
questions, this man that was watching the program told me - these are his
words, not mine.  I didn't see the program.  But they said that Ron Paul
appeared to be scared when they talked about some of the political things,
like he was worried, you know, and - and afraid.  And still, heroes are
made, they're not born.  They have to go through a self-stimulating effort
to do what has to be done.  George Washington had to do what he did.  He
didn't intend to be a big hero, but it was forced on him.  And so, if we
get enough calls, it could change Ron Paul. 
> So that's why I'm asking people to do that and to call and ask him to
bring this out.  There's ways.  He has credibility.  Now if he told what I
told you at the start of this program, if he went on a program and he told
all this stuff and it was on the news and it came through the television at
5 o'clock, dinnertime, or 6 o'clock or 7 o'clock, people would believe it,
simply because he has credibility by being in office.  And because it's so
horrible, when they hear it from average people that are not in public
office, they choose to defend their own security and to defend the public
officials who are doing them in by saying, "It won't happen here.  It could
never happen here."  Well, it's happened.  It's happened since 1961.  And I
- you know, I'd like to see him use some of the things and ways that he
could have to break into the news and - and talk on this so that it's known
throughout the nation.
>SHOW HOST:	Bernadine, to wrap it up, what can the listeners do?
>SHOW HOST:	What kind of action can they take?
>BERNADINE:	Want to take these phone numbers down?
>BERNADINE:	Okay.  202 - this is his phone, for Ron Paul.  202-225-2831.
Repeating, 202-225-2831.
>SHOW HOST:	And what should we say when we call that number?
>BERNADINE:	Well, I'll give you the fax number first, and then tell you
what, generally, you can say.  The fax is 202-226-4871.  202-226-4871.  And
what they should - what they should say is "Urging you to get out publicly
and expose the facts on the disarmament law and the real reasons to get out
of the UN."
>SHOW HOST:	Okay, Bernadine.  You have this thing called the Golden
Opportunity to Save Your Country, and they can get a packet by sending you
a $3 money order?
>BERNADINE:	Yeah.  Two dollars is okay, too.  If they would like to send us
a large envelope, one of the big brown ones that are about 10 X 12, and we
fill it up.  It'll take at least their $2.  I go the cost of the material
inside, and if they just pay $2, that'll cover their postage - and [send]
the envelope, you know.  So if they want to write to us at Post Office Box
1776, they'll get all the documentation.  There's some very important items
in there and -
>SHOW HOST:	Yeah, I just scanned through this packet and it's full of a lot
of neat stuff.  
>BERNADINE:	It's good stuff.
>SHOW HOST:	That's to be sent to the Second Amendment Committee, P.O. Box
1776 --
>SHOW HOST:	Hanford, California 93232.
>SHOW HOST:	And, like I said, I just scanned through a lot of this.  It has
the voting records of legislators in favor of giving the military to the UN
and the voting records of those that were in favor of our getting out of
the UN and it's got a lot of neat information.  And, of course, it tells
you where to go look in the law library to get some of this stuff that goes
all the way back to the 1950s.  
>BERNADINE:	It's all in -- you know, in the package.  If they write for -
they can just write for OGL - Opportunity - Golden Opportunity - you know,
Operation Golden Opportunity.  Just put "OGL" and $2 in an envelope and
they'll get a packet.  
>SHOW HOST:	Fantastic.
>BERNADINE:	Okay.  Thank you.
>SHOW HOST:	Thanks for calling.
>BERNADINE:	Uh-huh.  Bye now.
>SHOW HOST:	And God bless Bernadine, a real warrior for our country.
>Okay.  It's up to us.  Please call and fax Ron Paul, and get everyone you
know calling as well.
>In case you didn't get all the information above, send a large (8 X 12)
self-addressed envelope with at least $2 (or more if you can afford it)
inside another envelope addressed to Second Amendment Committee, P.O. Box
1776, Hanford, CA 93232, and mark the envelope "OGL" so they'll know what
you want.
>Rep. Ron Paul's phone:	202-225-2831
>    		   Fax:	202-226-4871
>  Toll free Capitol Hill #:	800-522-6721
>                             E-mail:	rep.paul@mail.house.gov
>You can also write Devvy Kidd, Project on Winning Economic Reform, 14253
West Baltic Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80228.  For $2 she will send you a 22-page
document, outlining recall procedures through petition drives.  Please do
not send e-mail requests.
>Please, forward this to everyone you know.
>Cynthia Eleazer

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