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>_____________________Begin Forwarded Message_____________________
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>Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 17:58:19 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: Exeunt
>Fellow USTP supporters:
>This is Scott Whiteman in my final days as the U.S. Taxpayers Party Field
>Coordinator.  On Thursday, July 31, 1997, my lease in Virginia expires just
>in time for me to marry my college sweetheart on August 16, 1997.  The two of
>us will be moving to Massachusetts to start our life together.
>However, from this new beginning in my life comes a quick ending to the job
>that I have loved and learned from in the past year and two months.  It seems
>much longer considering all of the hours that were put into the ballot access
>drive and election cycle.  Thank you to all who provided signatures for their
>respective states, and special thanks to those who were willing to
>temporarily move from their homes and secure signatures elsewhere.
>When I began working here, Howard gave me the task of overseeing ballot
>access in 8 particular states, and all 50 under the guidance of Janine
>Hansen, then our Ballot Access Coordinator, currently our Treasurer.  In a
>meeting in July, Howard said to me with a smile, "If you get me on the ballot
>in Virginia, your job was a success.  If you do not, you were an utter
>failure."  Thankfully, to all my friends in Virginia, I was not an utter
>failure, and Virginia went on to be one of the highest voter percentages for
>Howard on November 5.
>Howard asked for me to stay on then until the election.  I agreed happily.
> For the next three months, we worked tiredlessly to garner as many votes for
>Howard as we possibly could to help build for the future.  We all knew that
>God would not place Howard in office until the handiwork had been completed
>and we were all prepared to rule in the presence of our enemies, lest we make
>God look foolish and the heathen blaspheme him because of our fallenness, but
>we hoped for a great turn out, and that we received gaining nearly a 400%
>boost over the 1992 election.  Considering the low voter turnout, we did
>quite well.
>However, we did not secure a place in office, nor a place in the minds of
>men.  So, Howard asked that I stay on until I decided it was time to go.
> Again, gladly, I accepted.  I had come to greatly respect Howard in a way
>most do not get the opportunity.  Most people who know of Howard only know
>his moral principle, couragous steadfastness to rightousness, and dedication
>to liberty.  I was blessed with the opportunity to be guided by this man
>nearly every day.  I looked forward to a full memo box with articles which
>Howard wanted me to read for my general illumination.
>I was also blessed with Alison Potter as my boss.  She has clearly been a
>god-send to me and to the Party.  There is not nearly enough space, nor do I
>have the words really, to comment on what she has been to me, so I will only
>give a general "thanks for the blessing" with the hopes that she will
>understand how grateful I am to have served under her leadership.
>So now, I leave with excitment to be married and sadness due to a close in
>this chapter of my life.  I look forward to years of principled political
>lobbying and party building with all of you who have been faithful believers
>in the cause.
>I have been training Brad Phillips to take my position as Field Coordinator,
>and I am fully confident in his ability to serve you well.  I look forward to
>working with any of you that I will in the future, and seek God's blessing in
>my marriage to my soon to be wife Mara.  If anyone would like to contact me,
>I can be reached via email at _451AM@worldnet.att.net_.  I am already on the
>USTP email list serve, so now I will pipe in whenever I have a suggestion.
>Again, thank you all for supporting the Party, and I am grateful to have had
>the opportunity to serve you this past year.  My only regret is that I did
>not have the man-power to serve you better.
>God bless you all.
>Scott Whiteman
>Field Coordinator, June 1996-July 1997
>_____________________End Forwarded Message_____________________
>It has been a pleasure working with you and I'm most grateful for your
>service over the past year.  I pray a blessing over your marriage and for
>God's favor for a fruitful union.
>In an effort such as ours, it is my passion to give a full-time effort to
>the task.  Since God has not opened up this possibility, I serve when I can
>and try to inspire others to work for this cause most noble.  I know this
>is your heart also, and we are grateful to have you on our team!  Thank you
>so much!
>Ricardo Davis
>USTP List Moderator
>"The time has come that Christians must vote for honest men, and take
>consistent ground in politics."  -- Charles G. Finney
>"If you will fear the LORD and serve Him, and listen to His voice and not
>rebel against the command of the LORD, then both you and also the king who
>reigns over you will follow the LORD your God."  (1 Samuel 12:14)
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