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Subject: SLS: The ADL: Anti Defamation League - Has BEEN BUSTED !!!
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>http://www.conspiracytheory.com <-Mel Gibson Film Starting August 8th 97
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>	"" 	   = Term that needs to be carefully defined.
>Ah the ADL, the author herein makes the point that the ADL is much worse
>than the KGB, and he may be right in so saying, but so that everyone
>realizes, the same root that created the KGB and Communism and Bolshevism
>and the HUGE body counts, created the ADL and the NAACP (NAACP founded at
>same time as Bolshevik Rev by Dr. Moskowitz to divide and conquer), in fact
>they are leafs on the same tree and just as the KGB was formerly called the
>NKVD, the ADL is just another manifestation of the same exact players and
>their successors over here.  The ADL and its variants are the enemy of ALL
>people, all races creeds and colors, even the ADL operatives themselves, see
>tryanny is a BLIND meat grinder, and well lets just call it an omnivore.
>Everyone thinks they can operate the meatgrinder without being inhaled by
>it, but this is NEVER the case.
>I may not agree with everything ADV says now or has said before or may say
>in the future as I have no idea what they have said, will say etc yada yada
>yada, but there is seldom anyone I totally agree with unless they are
>correct, so take that for what it is worth, almost not necessary to mention
>that, but you know, many out there are, well out there and need
>clarification on just about everything, which is well, ok, just ask. Just
>because this stuff is difficult to talk about IS THE VERY REASON WE NEED TO
>TALK ABOUT IT !!  Anyone who tells you otherwise is a censor type knowingly
>or not.  Are you good enough to deserve and demand the TRUTH ???  r
>American Dissident Voices Online Radio
>The ADL: America's Greatest Enemy
>Welcome to American Dissident Voices.  I'm Kevin Alfred Strom.
>Did you know that there is a secret espionage and "dirty tricks"  agency
>operating with impunity in communities across the United States, spying
>and maintaining files on thousands of ordinary Americans, an
>organization which is not even a part of the U.S. government?  Did you
>know that a former top official of this group has stated in sworn
>courtroom testimony that this organization is actually an agent of a
>foreign government, the government of Israel?  Did you know that one of
>the biggest stories of this year, which has been downplayed by most,
>though not all, of the establishment media, is the discovery of
>thousands of stolen police intelligence documents and supposedly
>confidential government data on thousands of Americans in the files of
>this nefarious group?
>This un-American and anti-American espionage agency for a foreign
>government, and international conspirator against our nation and our
>people's freedom is officially known as the Anti-Defamation League of
>B'nai B'rith, or ADL for short.  The ADL was founded in 1913 as an
>adjunct to the international Jewish fraternal order and secret society,
>the "B'nai B'rith," whose name, translated literally from Hebrew means
>"sons of the cut" - referring to circumcision - which is a figure of
>speech usually interpreted as meaning "Sons of the Covenant."  While
>posing as a public-spirited "civil rights" group, they have been working
>for decades to disarm law-abiding Americans, to control our sources of
>news and other information, and enslave us under a totalitarian world
>government which many have come to call the "New World Order."  They do
>this through overt and covert propaganda, the creation of
>humanitarian-sounding front groups secretly controlled by the ADL, by
>the conducting of brainwashing sessions called "sensitivity-training"
>for members of our police forces, by the production and introduction
>into the public schools of ADL propaganda as "textbooks" or "resource
>material for teachers," and by their cozy relationship with the
>controlled media, which routinely print and broadcast ADL propaganda
>releases as so-called "news."  Now it is apparent that the section of
>the ADL that they call their "Fact-Finding" division has been engaging
>in illegal espionage against American citizens on a scale undreamt of by
>the KGB.
>And, ladies and gentlemen, my friends - they've just been caught in the
>act.  One of the top ADL spies in this country, Mr. Roy Bullock, a
>homosexual from San Francisco posing as an "art dealer" whose specialty
>was the infiltration of patriotic, Arab-American, and other
>organizations on behalf of the ADL, has been found to have in his
>possession illegally obtained data, stolen from police and other
>confidential government files; data that was also discovered in the
>files of the ADL itself when police recently raided ADL headquarters in
>San Francisco and Los Angeles.
>We and other patriots have been telling you for many years that the ADL
>was the greatest enemy of American's freedom and independence - a far
>greater enemy than the KGB ever was.  Now, at long last, a few brave
>and, as yet, lonely, journalists from the establishment media have
>broken their decades-long silence on this dangerous group, triggered by
>the police investigation of stolen files that led to Roy Bullock and the
>ADL.  I often criticize the establishment media on this program, and I
>think they, in general, richly deserve the appellation "controlled
>media," as any reader of our research report, Who Rules America well
>knows.  But let me now give credit where credit is due, especially to
>the reporters at the Los Angeles Times and ABC News, who put their
>careers on the line to report some of the grisly truth about an
>organization which acts as though it is untouchable and above the law.
>This is a story that every American needs to hear.  It may well be the
>most important story I've ever covered on American Dissident Voices.
> Let's begin this amazing story with an article from the Los Angeles
>Times of 9th April, 1993, by Richard C. Paddock:
>"Dateline San Francisco:  Police on Thursday served search warrants on
>the Anti-Defamation League here and in Los Angeles, seizing evidence of
>a nationwide intelligence network accused of keeping files on more than
>950 political groups, newspapers, and labor unions and as many as 12,000
>"Describing the spy operations in great detail, San Francisco
>authorities simultaneously released voluminous documents telling how
>operatives of the Anti-Defamation League searched through trash and
>infiltrated organizations to gather intelligence an Arab-American,
>right-wing, and what they called "pinko" organizations....
>"...Police allege that the organization maintains undercover operatives
>to gather political intelligence in at least seven cities, including Los
>Angeles and San Francisco.
>"Groups that were the focus of the spy operation span the political
>spectrum, including such groups as the Ku Klux Klan, the White Aryan
>Resistance, Greenpeace, the National Association for the Advancement of
>Colored People, the United Farm Workers, and the Jewish Defense League. 
>Also on the list were Mills College, the board of directors of San
>Francisco public television station KQED, and the San Francisco Bay
>Guardian newspaper.
>"People who were subjects of the spy operation included former
>Republican Representative Pete McCloskey, jailed political extremist
>Lyndon LaRouche and Los Angeles Times correspondent Scott Kraft, who is
>based in South Africa....
>"...In addition to allegations of obtaining confidential information
>from police, the Anti-Defamation League could face a total of 48 felony
>counts for not properly reporting the employment of its chief West Coast
>spy, Roy Bullock, according to the affidavit filed to justify the search
>"The Anti-Defamation League disguised payments to Bullock for more than
>25 years by funnelling $550 a week to Beverly Hills attorney Bruce I.
>Hochman, who then paid Bullock, according to the documents released in
>San Francisco.  Hochman, a former president of the Jewish Federation
>Council of Greater Los Angeles and one of the state's leading tax
>attorneys, will be out of the city until late next week and could not be
>reached for comment, his office said.
>"Until 1990, Hochman, a former U.S. prosecutor, also was a member of a
>panel appointed by then-Senator Pete Wilson to secretly make initial
>recommendations on new federal judges in California.  Hochman is a
>former regional president of the Anti-Defamation League....
>"David Lehrer, executive director of the Los Angeles ADL office, said
>the organization has not violated the law....
>"...But in an affidavit filed to obtain warrants for Thursday's
>searches, San Francisco police allege that 'ADL employees were
>apparently less than truthful' in providing information in an earlier
>search conducted without a warrant....
>"...The police affidavit contends that Lehrer had sole control of a
>secret fund used to pay for [what the ADL calls] 'fact-finding
>operations.'  Lehrer, according to the documents, signed checks from the
>account under the name 'L. Patterson.'...
>"...League officials will not confirm or deny whether Bullock was an
>employee and have said they simply traded information with police
>departments about people who might be involved in hate crimes."
>Let me add here that the category of crime called "hate crimes" was
>virtually invented by the ADL.  The goal of the ADL in doing that is to
>criminalize any thought or action which impedes their program to turn
>America into a Third World province in a multicultural "world
>government."  Under the Orwellian-sounding "hate crimes" laws, American
>citizens would receive different sentences for the same crime, depending
>on whether or not their thoughts are "Politically Correct" on issues
>relating to homosexuality, race, nationality, and politics; and
>ultimately, having certain "politically incorrect" opinions would become
>a crime in itself.
>I continue with another article from the Los Angeles Times, 13th April,
>1993, also by Richard C. Paddock:
>"Dateline San Francisco:  To the outside world, Roy Bullock was a
>small-time art dealer who operated from his house in the Castro
>District.  In reality, he was an undercover spy who picked through
>garbage and amassed secret files for the Anti-Defamation league for
>nearly 40 years.
>"His code name at the prominent Jewish organization was Cal, and he was
>so successful at infiltrating political groups that he was once chosen
>to head an Arab-American delegation that visited Representative Nancy
>Pelosi (D-San Francisco) in her Washington, D.C. office.
>"For a time, 'Cal' tapped into the phone message system of White Aryan
>Resistance... ...From police sources, he obtained privileged, personal
>information on at least 1,394 people.  And he met surreptitiously with
>agents of the South African government to trade his knowledge for crisp,
>new $100 bills.
>"These are among the secrets that Bullock and David Gurvitz, a former
>Los Angeles-based [ADL] operative, divulged in extensive interviews with
>police and the FBI in a growing scandal over the nationwide intelligence
>network operated by the Anti-Defamation League....
>"Transcripts of the interviews - among nearly 700 pages of documents
>released by San Francisco prosecutors last week - offer new details of
>the private spy operation that authorities allege crossed the line into
>illegal territory.
>"At times, the intelligence activities took on a cloak-and-dagger air
>with laundered payments, shredded documents, hotel rendezvous with
>foreign agents and code names....
>"On one occasion, Gurvitz recounts, he received a tip that a
>pro-Palestinian activist was about to board a plane bound for Haifa,
>Israel.  Although the Anti-Defamation League publicly denies any ties to
>Israel, Gurvitz phoned an Israeli consular official to warn them. 
>Shortly thereafter, another [Israeli government] official called Gurvitz
>back and debriefed him.
>"The court papers also added to the mystery of Tom Gerard, a former CIA
>agent and San Francisco police officer accused of providing confidential
>material from police files to the Anti-Defamation League... ...Bullock
>said it was Gerard who sold official police intelligence.  Bullock said
>he split about $16,000... evenly with Gerard, telling him at one point,
>"I may be gay, but I'm a straight arrow."...
>"Gerard fled to the Philippines last fall after he was interviewed by
>the FBI, but left behind a briefcase in his police locker.  Its contents
>included passports, driver's licenses, and identification cards in 10
>different names; identification cards in his own name for four different
>embassies in Central America; and a collection of blank birth
>certificates, Army discharge papers, and official stationery from
>various agencies.
>"Also in the briefcase were extensive information on death squads, a
>black hood, apparently for use in interrogations, and photos of
>blindfolded and chained men.
>"Investigators suspect that Gerard and other police sources gave the ADL
>confidential driver's license or vehicle registration information on a
>vast number of people, including as many as 4,500 members of [just] one
>target group [of interest to the ADL], the Arab-American
>Anti-Discrimination Committee.
>"Each case of obtaining such data from a law enforcement officer could
>constitute a felony, San Francisco Police Inspector Ron Roth noted in an
>affidavit for a search warrant."
>Thank you, Richard C. Paddock and the Los Angeles Times.  Now, at least
>a few of the ADL's nefarious deeds are being exposed to the light of
>day!  4,500 felonies!  And that's just the illegal ADL files from one
>small group that was on the ADL's enemies list!  Evidence seized from
>ADL spy Roy Bullock's computer database indicate that the ADL was using
>him to compile data on individuals belonging to over 950 groups - and
>Bullock is just one ADL spy!  This investigation has so far uncovered
>the merest tip of a gigantic iceberg of subversion and crime.  Let us
>hope that those few honorable men left in our justice system in this
>country will hold to their guns and get to the bottom of this case, and
>prosecute those who are guilty, regardless of their prominence, wealth,
>or positions of influence in society.
>Now we turn to an article in the New York Daily News for 9th April,
>1993, by Mark Mooney:
>"Police in San Francisco and Los Angeles yesterday seized documents from
>a prominent Jewish-American organization accused of amassing
>confidential information - sometimes illegally - on thousands of people
>in the United States.
>"The alleged operation was directed from the New York City offices of
>the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, ABC News reported last
>"The ADL has long been one of the most respected civil rights
>organizations in the country, tracking hate crimes and exposing
>"But ABC said that for several decades the spying operation has snooped
>into the records and activities of more than 10,000 people in the United
>States, including many who simply opposed the policies of Israel and
>South Africa....
>"The report identified the leader of the intelligence ring as Irwin
>"Sources told the Daily News that Suall is one of about 15 people in the
>ADL's research department in Manhattan.  Neither Suall or other ADL
>officials could be reached for comment.
>"We're talking about the use of information from Department of Motor
>Vehicles files, other confidential files of state and local agencies,
>illegally furnished and illegally received by private agencies," San
>Francisco District Attorney Arlo Smith told ABC.
>"Similar raids were carried out in Los Angeles and San Francisco in
>"The report did not surprise militant Arab-Americans or militant Jews
>"'They have been in this business for years, and I personally have been
>a target," said M. T. Mehdi, head of the Arab-American Relations
>Committee.  "From the days I was in San Francisco in the 1960s, I had a
>feeling that someone was looking over my activities.'"
>Many questions remain to be answered in this investigation into the
>spying operations of the ADL.  In my opinion, one of the main reasons
>that this story saw the light of day at all is that many Leftist and
>"Liberal" groups were targeted by the ADL for infiltration and so-called
>"fact-finding," in addition to the ADL's normal targets of patriots and
>nationalists on the Right.  If the ADL had only violated the privacy and
>Constitutional rights of "Right-wingers," it is unlikely that the
>current scandal would have been allowed to emerge in the press.  But
>since the Leftists and the "Liberals" form such a powerful part of the
>establishment in this country, and since they are obviously only
>imperfectly controlled by the forces behind the ADL, the screams of pain
>from the Left could not be ignored.  And they were screams not only of
>pain, but of betrayal.  After all, much of the Left considered the ADL
>to be their ally.  Wasn't Irwin Suall, current top ADL spymaster, a
>former national secretary of the Socialist Party of America?  Wasn't the
>ADL the leader in the fight to get self-defense weapons out of the hands
>of dangerous right-wing American farmers, homeowners, and senior
>citizens?  Wasn't the ADL the chief organization engaged in brainwashing
>- er, I mean educating Americans to accept a multicultural,
>non-American, non-Western future?
>What these Leftists failed and probably still fail to understand is that
>the forces behind the Anti-Defamation League go far beyond the terms
>"Left" or "Right."  Though the ADL is undoubtedly a foreign agent on
>behalf of the government of Israel, it is also far more than that.  It
>is nothing less than the organizational outcropping of a vast network of
>influence and control working ceaselessly to bring about the end to
>American freedom and sovereignty - and in fact, and end to the freedom
>and sovereignty of every nation - and to bring into existence a world
>government controlled by the forces behind the ADL.  They work to
>infiltrate, manage, and control groups of all political, racial, ethnic,
>and social persuasions.  Those that they cannot control they seek to
>destroy by perverting our legal system so that certain opinions become
>"thought crimes."  They care nothing for socialism, communism, or
>capitalism.  They have used all of these and more to advance their aims,
>and have quickly discarded them if they no longer suited their purposes.
>Ladies and gentlemen, there is far more material on the ADL, its illegal
>and un-American activities, and the current scandal in which it is
>embroiled than I can possibly fit into this one program.  With your
>indulgence, I am going to continue this fascinating story on next week's
>What I do want each and every one of you to do is to obtain a copy of
>our extensively documented research report on the ADL, which was
>compiled for the June 1990 edition of our patriotic magazine National
>Vanguard. It's available to you now as our Radio Offer Number 6, to
>every listener who requests it and donates a minimum of $5 to keep this
>program on the air.  Send as much as you can afford to keep our voice of
>truth on the public airwaves, a gift of at least $5, and request Radio
>Offer Number 6.  Write to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box
>90, Hillsboro, WV 24946 USA.  That's $5 or more to National Vanguard
>Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro, WV 24946 USA.  And remember
>to ask for Radio Offer Number 6.
>You cannot understand the perilous situation of our nation - unless you
>understand the insidious agenda of the ADL.  I'll continue this vital
>message next week - on American Dissident Voices.
>For more information or to find out how you can join the leading
>patriotic organization in the world today, visit the National Alliance
>web site and read "What is the National Alliance" at
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>in no way associated with the entities named above. If you would like 
>to unsubscribe to this service, please e-mail me at vincent@dreamon.com.

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