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>What we learned so far today...
>July 24, 1997
>On the Democrats' second day at bat in the Senate investigative
>hearings into fund-raising abuses, we learned:
>1. The Democrat Minority used taxpayer-paid government resources
>to attempt to dig up dirt and discredit Fred Volcansek.
>2. John Huang's access to the White House while at the Department
>of Commerce (at the same time that he was in constant contact with
>a business connected with the communist Chinese government) was
>far from the norm for government employees at his level.
>3. The National Policy Forum was exclusively a think tank and
>engaged in no political activities.
>4. NPF's loan from Signet bank, guaranteed by Young Brothers
>Development USA, was a perfectly legal and aboveboard transaction.
>5. NPF siphoned money away from the RNC, so the RNC had less money
>to spend on elections and other political activities than it
>otherwise would have had.
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