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Subject: SLS: Huang/Gore/Reno Update (fwd)

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>The Alan Keyes Show
>July 25, 1997
>Hour 1
>Subject:  John Huang/Al Gore/Janet Reno
>(Caller requests a Huang/Gore/Buddhist
>Fundraiser/Janet Reno update)
>I think (Al Gore's) role was pretty clear (in the
>Buddhist temple fundraising event).  He attended
>that fundraiser.  He knew exactly what was going
>to go on.  I think they've had to admit that over
>the course of the last little while.  And they did
>get agreement on bringing the nuns in for their
>testimony, over the objections of the Janet Reno
>Justice Department, of course, objections that
>were based on the notion that "well, we wouldn't
>want to do anything that might interfere with
>prosecuting these people" and so forth and so on.
>And I think that there is a trade-off there,
>obviously, but I think right now the trade-off
>ought to be in the direction of making sure we get
>the whole truth, not in the direction of giving
>these people cover while the Justice Department
>spins its wheels for years, never getting any
>results.  And so I was glad to see that.
>One of the reasons I haven't talked a lot this
>week about the Huang side of the hearings is that
>they have shifted their focus a bit this week, and
>they've have Haley Barbour up there, they've been
>talking about contributions that came from foreign
>sources to this effort that he was involved with
>-- that was a 501c3, by the way; it wasn't a
>political entity that was established.  And money
>came in from a source in Hong Kong that then ended
>up in the soft money pile of the Republican Party,
>apparently.  And I thought that Haley Barbour did
>a pretty good job of defending himself, in terms
>of the letter of the law.
>But I was not satisfied.  And the reason I wasn't
>satisfied is that even if the letter of the law
>was not violated, I think bringing these foreign
>influences into our political process is violating
>the integrity of the process, and that everybody
>needs to stop it.  And we the people need to
>demand that both parties stop this kind of opening
>the portals to floodgates of foreign influence.
>Caller:  What is you advice to me and your other
>listeners of how we might put a little heat on
>Janet Reno to stop her from stonewalling and going
>down the party line.  I'm a little baffled by
>that, but I'm sure you have a couple points you
>could make.
>Keyes:  Actually, that is hard, in the sense of
>what we can do, because Janet Reno is going to
>respond, in some way or another, to two major
>influences:  the President and the Congress.  Now,
>the President, obviously, isn't going to be
>putting heat on Janet Reno to get at the truth in
>these matters; just the opposite.  Her little
>stonewalling games are probably all tied up with
>whatever deal she made with Clinton in order to
>make sure that she kept her job.  So leave that
>aside; that's going to be an influence for no
>The other source of pressure, obviously, is going
>to be the Congress.  And I've talked a lot about
>that. I think where the heat has to be put on, in
>terms of getting at the truth in this, is to
>really try to keep on calling, writing, showing
>interest and attention to these folks who are
>sitting there in Washington.  The media is doing
>there best to create the impression:  "The
>American people don't care about any of this.
>They're not interested."  And to counteract that,
>folks would have to take an active role, in terms
>of what they're doing to call both their
>representatives, but especially people like Fred
>Thompson who are at the helm of this effort, so
>that they will know that people out there are

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