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>American Dissident Voices Online Radio
>The Nature of Patriotism 
>What Factors Control Whether People Are Loyal to Their Country? 
>by Dr. William Pierce 
>I have been reading about Aldrich Ames, an employee in our Central 
>Intelligence Agency who was caught spying against the United States. 
>There have been several other Americans caught recently who were spying
>for foreign governments, including one who was an FBI agent, but Ames 
>was the most important, in terms of the amount of damage he did. A 
>book about Ames, who was arrested three years ago, has been published 
>recently. Its author is Pete Earley, and it's titled Confessions of a 
>Spy. The most interesting thing to me in the book was Ames's 
>explanation of why he decided to sell American secrets to the KGB. He 
>never really thought of himself as a traitor. He needed money, and he 
>didn't think the CIA was paying him enough; he was essentially an 
>alienated person who felt no sense of loyalty to anything. 
>There are a great many other people in this country who are just as 
>alienated, just as self-oriented and rootless as Aldrich Ames. Most of 
>them, of course, aren't in a position like Ames was where they can do 
>a great deal of damage. They don't have the opportunity he had. And 
>even among those who do have the opportunity, most aren't enterprising 
>enough or bold enough to take the risks involved. And that is the main 
>reason there aren't more spies being caught: there is a certain 
>element of risk involved. 
>It used to be, 50 or 60 years ago, that people didn't spy against their
>country because of a sense of loyalty. They felt themselves a part of 
>the United States, and they would no more betray their country than 
>they would betray a family member. During and shortly after the Second 
>World War, for example, most of the American citizens caught spying 
>against this country were Jews who were selling information to the 
>Soviet Union. Part of the reason was because there was much more 
>sympathy for Communism among Jews than among non-Jews, but part of the 
>reason also was that Jews, as a group apart, felt no sense of loyalty 
>to America. Their loyalty was to other Jews and to Jewish interests, 
>but not to the country in which they happened to be living at the 
>moment. Nowadays, Gentile Americans are nearly as lacking in loyalty 
>to America, nearly as lacking in patriotism, as Jews are. People still 
>feel a sense of loyalty to their friends and their families, but not 
>much else. 
>Why is this? What has changed in America during the past 50 years to 
>erode the sense of patriotism so much? 
>If you think about it for a minute you'll know the answer. The average 
>White person can no longer look on America as his family. He no longer 
>feels a part of it. It's just the place where he happened to have been 
>born and happens to be living. He no longer feels a sense of kinship 
>with all other Americans. The reason he doesn't is primarily the result
>of the enormous increase in what liberals and the media fondly call 
>"diversity": that is, the great increase in the number of people with 
>whom we feel nothing in common -- people with different roots, people 
>who look different, think differently, behave differently, and have
>different values -- people whom we cannot even imagine being part of 
>our family. When we look at America and see a great many people like 
>that, when we see all of this "diversity," then we no longer feel 
>ourselves a part of America. We no longer feel a sense of loyalty to 
>America. We no longer feel like traitors if we do something to hurt 
>To be sure, not everyone is as alienated yet as Aldrich Ames -- but 
>we're getting there. And "diversity" isn't the only thing which is 
>eroding our sense of patriotism. The liberals and the media are working
>hard at it. The Vietnam war took us a giant step away from patriotism. 
>Some of you may not remember, but 25 years ago there were giant 
>demonstrations in Washington on behalf of the Viet Cong and the 
>Communists, who were killing American soldiers at the rate of 100 a 
>day. Left-wing groups with Jewish leaders organized these demonstrations, 
>and they bused in college students from all over the country, hundreds 
>of thousands of them, for these demonstrations. Most of the kids weren't 
>Communists or even Communist sympathizers: they were just following the
>people on their campuses who were the loudest and pushiest and going 
>along for the excitement and because it was the trendy thing to do. 
>Some Jew would hand one of them a Viet Cong flag, and he would carry 
>it, because everyone else was. It was very trendy, very fashionable to 
>be anti-American. 
>And the worst thing about all this uproar during the Vietnam war is 
>that the government did nothing to stop it. The government was sending 
>young men over to Vietnam to be killed by the Viet Cong and the North 
>Vietnamese and at the same time was permitting Viet Cong sympathizers 
>to organize huge demonstrations in Washington and even providing police
>protection for them. The politicians were afraid to do anything, 
>because the Jew-controlled media all sympathized with the demonstrators,
>and the politicians were afraid of the Jews. The net effect of this was
>a huge loss of respect for the government on the part of nearly 
>everyone. The kids found that they could burn their draft cards and 
>thumb their noses at the government and get away with it, and so they 
>lost their respect for the government. The Vietnam vets came home and 
>were treated like pariahs and felt unappreciated even by the government
>which had sent them to Vietnam, and so they lost their respect for the 
>government. And I and many other patriots watched all of this in 
>disgust, and we lost our respect for the government. 
>Back during the war I used to organize anti-Communist demonstrations to
>counter the big pro-Viet Cong demonstrations the Jews were organizing, 
>and I used to give speeches against the politicians who were 
>collaborating most openly with the Jews. I said in my speeches that 
>these politicians were guilty of treason and ought to be dealt with 
>summarily: they ought to be shot. And because of this the government 
>sicced the FBI on me: not on them, but on me. I, and many others, 
>developed a very negative feeling for the government during that time. 
>That was 25 years ago, but everyone who went through that experience
>was changed by it. Much of the contempt for the government remains 
>with them. And the kids who learned that it was fashionable to be 
>anti-American kept some of that attitude even after they graduated from
>their colleges. 
>Of course, loss of respect for the government and loss of patriotism 
>are two different things, but they both have been happening at the 
>same time. It is interesting that today the media are trying to coax 
>people into respecting the government again, while their assault on 
>patriotism continues unabated. We have so many new laws and new 
>governmental programs that are to the liking of the Jews in the media, 
>and the politicians are so much more corrupt than they were 25 years 
>ago, that the media now view the government more as an ally than as a 
>rival. But the Jews in the media still hate and fear patriotism as much
>as ever. They have tried to make patriotism a dirty word. And they 
>have succeeded pretty well among the trendy yuppies and the urban 
>rabble over whom they have the strongest influence. They hold up the 
>militias as the epitome of patriotism, and they try to frighten the 
>lemmings with the specter of the angry, rural, White male with a gun 
>and an American flag who is threatening the government which provides 
>their welfare checks. 
>It may be that the people in the militias are not very sophisticated 
>and don't have very good public relations programs, but most of them 
>still do have a little sense of patriotism: more patriotism, at least, 
>than the folks who take their cue from the controlled media. The 
>reason the media and the big Jewish pressure groups like Morris Dees's 
>Southern Poverty Law Center and the B'nai B'rith and the Simon 
>Wiesenthal Center hate the militias and their old-fashioned patriotism 
>so much is that they stand in the way of the New World Order. The Jews 
>and their fellow travelers want the American people to transfer their 
>loyalty from America as it used to be -- that is, from the White 
>America built by our ancestors when they came here from Europe, the
>America we could think of as our extended family -- and give that 
>loyalty instead to their New World Order. 
>Of course, they understand the idea of loyalty based on blood, on 
>kinship, on common roots. That's the kind of loyalty they have to each 
>other and to Israel, but they don't want us to have that. They know 
>how powerful it is. They hate the idea of us being united by such a 
>sense of patriotism. They hate it and fear it. And that's why they've 
>been working so hard to undermine old-fashioned American patriotism and 
>replace it by allegiance to a faceless, raceless, rootless, 
>cosmopolitan New World Order -- under their control, of course. 
>And they're succeeding at least half way. They are destroying 
>patriotism in a substantial portion of the American public -- which is 
>why we're seeing more people like Aldrich Ames in the news these days. 
>They are not really succeeding, however, in building much allegiance to
>the New World Order. Of course, they've made it a fashionable idea 
>among the liberals and the mindless trendies, and all of the politicians 
>are giving lip service to it. But ultimately they cannot succeed in 
>establishing loyalty to the New World Order in the place of 
>old-fashioned, race-based patriotism, because, no matter how 
>fashionable they make their idea of a New World Order among the 
>liberals and the politicians, it is an unnatural idea. Liberals may 
>gush about equality and the "brotherhood of man" and the human race 
>being the only race to which they feel loyalty, but that is empty 
>sophistry. Fools may let themselves be convinced that they have become 
>raceless, cosmopolitan patriots -- patriots of the New World Order -- 
>but one will find very few of them who are willing to die or even make 
>any major sacrifice for this new pseudo-patriotism. 
>Real patriotism is not some artificial idea dreamed up by Jews: It is 
>something based in our genes, an instinct, an extension of the instinct
>for self-preservation to include our kin, our nation. One can undermine
>that patriotism by muddying and confusing the concept of nation, the 
>image of nation, as has been done during the past half-century by 
>promoting "diversity." When the enemies of our people, with the 
>collaboration of the treasonous politicians in Washington -- 
>politicians of the sort I publicly urged should be shot during the 
>Vietnam war -- when these enemies infiltrate tens of millions of 
>non-White immigrants into our country and stifle any effort to halt 
>the flood, when they subsidize the breeding of a non-White underclass 
>in our cities with our own tax money, when they force us to accept 
>these growing non-White masses into our schools and neighborhoods and
>workplaces, when they saturate all of the news and entertainment media 
>with the alien faces, alien tones, and alien antics of these non-Whites
>and gloatingly tell us that we'd better get used to the idea of 
>becoming a minority in our own land within the next 50 years, then, of 
>course, the patriotism which came naturally to our people in the past 
>becomes meaningless -- and we hear people like Aldrich Ames telling 
>us that he sold national security information to the KGB because he 
>needed money and he didn't think he was doing anything worse than the 
>politicians in Washington do every day. And I guess it's hard to argue 
>with him about that. 
>The process of social atomization, of deracination, of separating 
>people from their roots and cutting the bonds to their natural
>communities so that they can become interchangeable units -- human 
>atoms -- for building the New World Order is being promoted ruthlessly 
>by the Jews and their collaborators, and the rising incidence of 
>treason is only one of the smaller and less important consequences of 
>this genocidal process. 
>I say that this process is genocidal, because it will certainly destroy
>us as a people, as a race, as well as destroying us as a nation. People
>with no sense of patriotism are people unable to defend themselves 
>collectively. They are people who will be victimized by any group which
>still has a group feeling. 
>One of the factors which has made it possible for the Jews and their 
>collaborators to undermine our patriotism is that we took it too much 
>for granted in the past. Most of our people didn't really think about 
>it, analyze it, and understand its true basis. We let our idea of 
>patriotism gradually drift from a racial idea to a geographical idea, 
>a political idea. When our ancestors in Europe were defending their 
>people against Huns or Moors or Mongols or Turks, they understood 
>patriotism. Even after the rise of all of Europe's national states, 
>when patriotism began expressing itself as nationalism, it still had a 
>racial -- or at least an ethnic -- basis. The words themselves tell us 
>what their original meanings were. Patriotism, of course, comes from 
>the Roman word for "father." Patriotism is love of the fatherland, love
>of the land inhabited by all of the people descended from a common 
>father. Nationalism also comes to us from the Romans, from the Latin 
>word for "birth." A nation is a group of people related by birth, by 
>blood, and nationalism is love for that people, loyalty to that people.
>These feelings of patriotism or nationalism are very powerful feelings,
>because they are natural feelings. They contributed to our survival 
>over a very long period of evolution. 
>But when we forget the racial meaning of patriotism and think of it 
>only in geographical or political terms, as loyalty to every person, 
>of whatever race, color, or creed, who happens to be living within a  
>specified geographical area at the moment, then patriotism is no 
>longer a natural feeling, but instead becomes artificial, and 
>consequently much easier to subvert. And that is what has happened to 
>people like Aldrich Ames -- and is happening to more and more White 
>Americans all the time, as the growth of "diversity" proceeds. 
>The cure for this disease, for this erosion of patriotism, is not 
>difficult to find. It is obvious. It is simply to understand and
>assimilate our patriotism as it originally was. The cure for what is 
>happening to America begins by returning to the natural, race-based 
>patriotism that our ancestors had when they halted the invading Moors 
>at the Pyrenees nearly 1300 years ago and when, a thousand years later,
>they defended their settlements in North America against marauding 
>The enemies of our people have anticipated this possibility, of course.
>Just as Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center rail against 
>the patriotism of the militias today, so have the Jews of the media 
>and their collaborators been stigmatizing natural patriotism for the 
>last 50 years. They call it "racism," and they have intimidated most 
>of our people into running for cover whenever they begin throwing out 
>their accusations of "racism." 
>So while the cure for what has made White America sick is not difficult
>to find, it is a little harder to apply. It requires a little courage. 
>It requires a little open-mindedness. It requires a little mental 
>independence. It requires a little moral strength. It requires enough 
>of us with these qualities to make patriotism a vital force in the 
>life of our country again. 
>I believe that we can find enough such people to do the job. It will 
>not be easy, of course. The media bosses and all of the other people 
>who hate the real America will fight us all the way. The politicians 
>will collaborate with them. Bill Clinton and everyone else who was 
>demonstrating for the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war will try to stop
>But I believe that ultimately we will prevail. I believe that natural 
>patriotism will prevail over the phony loyalty to the New World Order 
>that the Jews and the trendies are promoting. The only uncertainty I 
>have is how long it will take us and how many must die in overcoming 
>America's disease. Your help will make the victory come sooner and 
>will make our casualties fewer. 
>This article is based on the American Dissident Voices program "The 
>Nature of Patriotism." A cassette recording of this program is 
>available for $12.95, including postage.
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