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I disagree.  Words can change a lot.
Take the following, for example:

E = M x C^2


E = M * C ** 2  (in FORTRAN)

These brief symbols have moved mountains.

Here's another: 

I am not a federal citizen.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>>Evan Greetings !
>>Very well stated and good points. I enjoyed reading your post. But
>>truthfully Evan, words will not change much. There is such a noise in the
>>market place now , that even something as level-headed, and thought out as
>>your thoughts on the " Fraud " state will go unheard or  largely unheeded.
>> I do not think that the beautiful goddess of Democracy should be so
>>looked down upon by the examples of Mobocracy. It is my contention that
>>Democracy has not yet been fully understood, and is in a sense the
>>greatest threat to what you describe as Bureaucratic Oppression. It is my
>>contention that Democratia, has not even sprouted into the garden of
>>experiential reality.
>>Elections should be a  process which should be held in sacredness, and
>>preciousness. A foundation stone of a free society , of mutual respect,
>>and community concern.  It should not be what it is now become,a sham, a
>>media presentation, a Electronic Circus Maximus .
>> But anyway enough of my wiseacring, I have said already too much, what
>>many would consider the babbling of a loquacious idiot. I believe that you
>>will get my point from what I have said.
>Dear Biophilos,
>Thanks for your sincerely-written letter!
>... and certainly not "babbling," in my opinion.  :-)
>Regarding your statement that "words will not change much" --
>I both agree and disagree (depending, I suppose, upon interpretation.)
>In "the middle of the Watts Riot," (for instance) words would INDEED not
>change much.... except maybe the words "duck" and "run"!
>By the time of such a riot, or any other such major, volitional, divergent
>oscillation, it is indeed too late for words....they will fall on deaf,
>violently-oriented brains.
>I suppose it is also true that "words are too late" for any American
>content to become a couch potato, watch soap operas (or the equivalent) and
>"pull a lever once every few years" for a political candidate with the most
>"sex appeal."
>In the sense of the above, "words are indeed too late."
>But in another sense, words can be a powerful tool -- much more so than the
>sword in the long run.
>Example: The Declaration of Independence.
>It's just a document full of "words."
>Yet those words stirred the imagination of many Americans in
>1776....especially a certain group of "intellectuals."  And who were these
>"intellectuals" at that time?  A Parisian artists/writers society?  No.  A
>group of tenured professors at an ivy league college?  No.
>These particular intellectuals were compatriots of Thomas Paine:  Thomas
>Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, David Rittenhouse, etc.
>We, as the operational descendants of such "intellectuals", were most
>fortunate to have individuals of such quality co-poised to launch a new
>country....at the right time and at the right place.
>Had we the pseudo-intellectuals of the "Marx and Lenin" variety around in
>1776, I'm afraid the American Revolution would have taken a different turn.
>Of course, much volitional entropy has accumulated in the intervening 200+
>years.  Our present socialistic culture is the resultant sludge of such
>volitional entropy.
>I would also totally agree with your words,
>"There is no doubt that our present era is at a turning point, a crossroads
>of great challenge."
>I believe it will be those who treasure the creation of the 2nd Phase of
>the American Revolution who will be instrumental in helping to realize that
>great challenge.
>I will soon be posting some words regarding "DEMOCRACY."
>And thanks again for your "words" -- they were very meaningful for me.
>Best regards,
>Evan Soule'
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