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Subject: SLS: Keeping Our Babies Away From The Clutches Of The
  Conspiracy! (fwd)


I have taken the liberty of forwarding
this message to the Supreme Law School.

Keep up the good work!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>This should be relatively self  explanatory and is a matter of CRITICAL
>IMPORTANCE.  In case you don't know, Harold@Halcyon.Com is Harold Thomas, a
>Patriot to the core.  Click below to go to his great web site:
> <A HREF="http://www.halcyon.com/harold/">The Homepage Of Harold Thomas</A> 
>I wrote Harold regarding the problem below.  His response is invaluable to
>parents to be who want to stop the Conspiracy from getting its tentacles
>around their new Gift from God.  PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY.  We must stop this
>automatic assigning of Social Security numbers!
>If you live in the ATLANTA area, I have a special appeal for you.  Having
>served as an Assistant Administrator for Northside Hospital in Atlanta, which
>I believe now has more births (>12,000 per year) than any other hospital in
>the country, we have a special opportunity.  12,000 births means an average
>of about 33 births per day.  I would like to organize picketing of Northside
>Hospital to alert these 33 couples every day that the hospital is about to
>give control of their child to the New World Order.  If you can volunteer
>some time (or some money for preparation of picket signs and information
>packets), please contact me by e-mail (TWStough@AOL.Com) or phone me at
>We need enough people to cover 16 hours per day, seven days per week at two
>entrances with at least two people per entrance.  In four hour shifts, that
>would mean we would need at least  FIFTY SIX people if everyone gave four
>hours per week to saving these precious Gifts.   Four hours per week equates
>to an average of over EIGHT BABIES which YOU can help save from getting
>entangled in the snares of the Conspiracy.   I see this as having the ability
>to generate a lot of press on how the Conspiracy is stealing our children
>with TOTAL DISREGARD to the Constitution.  If  we can get more people, I
>would also like to organize picketing of all schools in the Atlanta area
>during registration (+/- August 20th) , giving information packets on what
>our children are being taught and how they are being brainwashed.   Please
>contact me as soon as possible so that we can get this started!  Pray about
>this and then get off your knees and ACT!  
>If you are outside the Atlanta area and would like to volunteer, call or
>write also.  The more people we have, the more powerful statement we can
>make!     If you can not get to the Atlanta area but you want to participate
>in your area, send me an e-mail giving your location, time availability,
>etc.. I will keep this information and put people in the same area in touch
>with each other.
>If you will remail this to as many people as possible, we may be able to
>organize picketing of at least the top 10 maternity hospitals in the country!
>Make sure this goes out to everyone you know!
>I will post a printable copy of this on my web site at 
>latter today.  Go to the site, print the document and post it on bulletin
>boards everywhere you can!  If we are going to defeat the Conspiracy,
>depriving them of our CHILDREN is a great place to start!  Aren't the babies
>of America  worth a little of your time and a little of your money?  
>Will you ACT or continue to COMPLAIN?
> Sincerely,
> Terry W. Stough, Founder
> <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/TWStough/main.htm">The American
Resistance Mo
>TWStough@aol.com wrote:
>> Dear Wise One:
>> I responded to an e-mail from a lady about to have a baby.  I advised her 
>> not to get a social security number for the baby.  She just wrote back and
>> said "I understand, now, that the hospital I will be at sends >the social
>security number to you in the mail even if you >refuse it."
>> Is there anything you know of that allows a hospital to make an application
>> for a social security card for someone who doesn't want one?  I have
>> asked her to find out under what authority this is being done.
>> I thought that social security was voluntary.  What do you know about
>> any of this?
>> Terry
>Subj:	Re: Social Security Numbers Whether You Want Them Or Not???
>Date:	97-07-29 05:19:48 EDT
>From:	harold@halcyon.com (Harold Thomas)
>To:	TWStough@aol.com
>Yes, apparently hospitals are under direction to submit information to
>the Social Security Administration which is then used to generate an
>SSN.  This is not a simple issue.  If the parents have SSN's, file
>returns and are basically "in the system" type people, there is not a
>lot to be gained by fighting this.  They will need an SSN for this child
>for all sorts of things, including admission to public school.  It's the
>old "standing in two boats" problem: somebody's going to get wet sooner
>or later.
>On the other hand, in my opinion, if the parents are knowledgeable as to
>the NWO type issues and what they as a family are facing in the coming
>years, if they are willing and able to be in the fight, then I
>personally would use a midwife for starters, and NOT file a birth
>certificate.  Use the Common Law method of recording the birth in the
>family Bible with two witnesses.  You could also do an "Affidavit of
>Live Birth", attested to by the two witnesses which would serve fine as
>a birth record to be kept within the family.  Again, the best way to
>stay free is for the state to simply not know you exist.  If a hospital
>is necessary, then simply do not name the baby until AFTER you take
>him/her home from the hospital.  In addition, refuse to provide the name
>of the father or anything beyond the absolute minimum information needed
>to get lady admitted to hospital.  Of course, when insurance is
>involved, the hospital will be able to get just about everything they
>need from the carrier, so about the only thing you can do is refuse to
>name the baby -- no name, no SSN.
>You can also put the hospital on notice as to your conscientious
>objection to any numbers (religious objection, if your comfortable
>making that argument) and let them know that any attempt on the
>hospital's part to deliberately generate the production of an SSN in
>direct violation of your expressed wishes will be taken as a violation
>of your parental rights and an attempt by the hospital to enter your
>child into a contract fraudulently and against his/her will -- something
>highly illegal and which would be legally void in any case.  If the
>hospital tries to be coercive, demand to see the written law which
>compels you to apply for a number or authorizes them to do it for you in
>the absence of your consent.
>I believe the key would be refusing to name the baby.  If they try to
>say you can't go home until you name the baby, just laugh in their
>faces, get dressed and leave with your child!  If they make any attempt
>to imply that you cannot leave, threaten to file kidnapping charges and
>sue the pants off them.  It shouldn't come to that.
>If somehow an SSN still gets created (I don't see how they could pull it
>off without a name), Save-A-Patriot Fellowship has a letter they do for
>members which has been successful in getting a letter of cancellation
>from the SSA, in which they as much as admit that they cannot create a
>number for your child without your consent.

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