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Subject: SLS: That Insidious "Survey" (fwd)

>After reading the press release, I emailed and asked Jodi and Paul Hoffman
>to fax me a copy of the survey. They did. It really IS insidious. 
>The cover letter from the "Coalition for Democracy" says this: "Please be
>aware that we have no interest in characterizing or labeling groups or
>individuals. We are aware that any single incident does not necessarily
>indicate an organized Radical Right presence or agenda." When I type out the
>list of organizations that the "Coalition for Democracy" thinks are threats
>to public schools, you will see *exactly* how little interest they have in
>characterizing or labeling. NOT. Aryan Nation is right there on the list,
>now linked to the American Family Association; Christian Coalition now has
>"ties" to Neo-Nazis via this list. This obvious ploy is disgusting--not to
>mention cynical. And the Coalition for Democracy thinks its little coy
>disclaimer will allow it to get away with this trash. 
>Methinks it just may backfire on them. :)
>However, here is the list of organizations that the survey requests
>information about concerning their activities. And remember, this survey was
>sent to public schools and other organizations.
>This survey calls these organizations "the Radical Right"
>America Family Association
>American Center for Law and Justice
>American Catholic Lawyer Association
>Aryan Nation
>Becket Fund
>Christian Coalition
>Citizens for Excellence in Education
>Coalition for Educational Choice
>Concerned Women of America
>Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schlafly)
>Education Research Analysts
>Family Friendly Libraries
>Feminists for Life
>Focus on the Family
>John Birch Society
>Ku Klux Klan
>Militia groups
>Moms in Touch
>National Rifle Association
>National Parents Commission
>national Association of Christian Educators
>Our Schools First
>Promise Keepers
>Taxpayer's Association
>The Rutherford Institute
>Traditional Values Coalition
>US Taxpayers Party
>I'll try to get a chance to type up the entire survey and post it. It is
>long, but not that long, and wait til you see the questions they ask! Oh
>what a lovely bit of ammunition. :)

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