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>"Aid and Abet" is Jack McLamb's law enforcement newsletter which is
>trying to reach out to law enforcment across America and alert them to
>the way they are being trained to turn on and persecute loyal,
>freedom-loving Americans mislabeled as "terrorists" or "seditionists"
>for supporting the very principles our country was founded upon.
>Suggestion:  perhaps each of us could print out this article and give
>it  to at least one police officer in his or her town, possibly a police
>officer you know or see around from time to time.  Express yourself to
>the officer in a non-accusing and pleasant manner.  Tell the officer how
>much you would appreciate his reading the article and, perhaps, in a
>week or so, meeting with you again to discuss his reactions and opinions
>about what he has read.  If you're more bold, you might even present or
>mail the article to the Chief of Police for your town and then make a
>followup appointment with his office to discuss the article with him.
>This might even be more effective if done in a small group.  Again, a
>friendly yet serious, nonconfrontational approach is essential here.
>Posted by:  Cynthis Eleazer (independence@southtech.net) 
>                       AID & ABET POLICE NEWSLETTER
>                         Constitutional Issues for Lawmen
>                                  Volume 3, Number 4
>     "By deliberate, evil design of the global manipulators, the very best   
>     patriots in the private sector are to be violently pitted against the 
>     very best patriots in uniform, in hopes that they will kill each other 
>     off and that this "brother killing brother" violence will scare the 
>     American people into begging for martial law.  This is the hope and 
>     the plan of those who benefit from, and even instigate, horrors like 
>     bombings, crime and anarchy.  Such is intended to cause great 
>     FEAR and an outcry from the majority, for the suspension of the   
>     Constitution."
>KNOW YOUR TARGET!  We police officers and soldiers are being given increased
>in-service training, and tactical "terrorist"/"seditionist" warfare training,
>from our government "leaders," and their leftist propaganda instructors in
>the private sector, to psychologically prepare us to crush 
>all those troublesome anti-World Government and pro-Constitution
>"seditionists."  We therefore must define our "targets" well, and this 
>article should help.
>Upon evaluation we find that those crazy American "seditionists/terrorists"
>believe that our nation is coming under a socialist totalitarian system.  
>There are a number of ways that free nations have been able to tell when 
>they are coming under totalitarian despotism.  Thomas Payne pointed to 
>one of these ways in his statement, "When the government fears the 
>people there is Freedom, when the people fear the government there is
>tyranny."  And James Madison, another, when he said, "A government 
>that does not trust its law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is itself
>unworthy of trust."  But perhaps one of the best sure-fire ways to size up 
>the current political "lay of the land" would be to note very carefully just
>who it is that the government/media conglomerate is listing as the
>"seditionists" of the present day.  If they are fingering good, moral,
>honorable and patriotic citizens, then the people should know that they 
>are coming under tyranny.  This was one of the bet tests in our nation's 
>early history and it is one of the best tests now to discern what condition 
>our Republic is in.
>     Sedition:  "…tumultuous (noisy, riotous) assembly in opposition 
>     to lawful authority; the stirring up of such opposition."  
>                                                                    --1943
>Webster's Dictionary
>You are right if you noticed that these definitions could fit most any 
>persons or groups that have stood up, spoken out, or taken action 
>against any policy or activity of governmental authority, with which there 
>was disagreement.  Interestingly however, the term "seditionist" is never 
>used by our government on true radical leftist, communist-style 
>individuals or groups that are secret political bedfellows, sponsored by 
>those who control our government from behind the scenes.  Believe it 
>not?  Just remember the statement of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Felix
>Frankfurter to the effect that, "The real rulers in Washington are invisible 
>and exercise power from behind the scenes."  F.D. Roosevelt, Winston 
>Churchill, Barry Goldwater, and others have said basically the same 
>    (See our police/military manual, OPERATION VAMPIRE KILLER 2000.)
>Notice, if you will, that the American Marxist war-resister seditionists - 
>those demonstrating against our soldiers in Vietnam, or the American 
>Marxists opposing any U.S. assistance to nationalistic, anti-communist 
>causes around the world, such as that of the anti-Communist Cubans or 
>the Contra freedom fighters of Central America - were never labeled 
>such.  Notice, too, how today's U.S., tax-funded, anti-American and
>pro-Marxist U.S. seditionist movements such as El Plan De Aztlan, La-Raza, 
>our government school MEChA groups or others of the 300-plus similarly 
>active Communist or Communist front/sympathizer groups, receive 
>NO HEAT at all from our government.  On the contrary, they receive 
>government moral support and our tax dollars, as they work the 
>globalist plan to bring our Republic to its knees.
>In a nutshell, what is certain and a matter of record, looking back over 
>the past 50 years, is that ANY GROUP which has stood against our
>CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC or for the destruction of our FREE 
>ENTERPRISE system, or for the removal of our property rights and the
>enslavement of our people, is never called "seditionist" by our 
>government.  This term is reserved solely for pro-God, pro-sovereignty, 
>and pro-America individuals or groups.  Simple, isn't it?  To find "our 
>target," we just look for those who love the God of the Bible, who love 
>America and who stand in defense of America first - these are the targets 
>that we sworn officers will soon be ordered to destroy.
>For those police and military colleagues who doubt what is said here, 
>think about the things that are happening in our professional lives today:  
>Can we not see that every day now our military organizations, federal, 
>state and local police agencies, the media propagandist (affectionately 
>called "prostitutes" by one of their own peers, New York Times Chief of 
>Staff, John Swinton in 1953), and our socialist government's in-service 
>training specialists (socialist private sector provocateurs and propagan-
>dists) are defining FOR us our targets?  Yes, the target has been 
>identified for us ENFORCERS as being any minority group of independent 
>Americans (of any and all races and religions) possessing these "wild" 
>thoughts and ideas about freedom, property ownership, God & Country, 
>America First, etc.  These, we police and soldiers are taught to look upon 
>as "despicable anti-government seditionists."  Various other identifying 
>terminology is taught to us as well, in the course of the ongoing in-service 
>"training" provided for us by government-sponsored, private-sector, 
>leftist, hate-promoting, propagandists.  Some of the descriptive terms 
>used, and given a negative connotation, are:  "right wing,"
>"anti-government," "extremists," "anti-Semitic," "racist," "white
>separatists," "white supremists," "freemen," "constitutionalists," "radical,"
>"violence-prone," "militia-types," "anarchists," "homophobic,"
>"Fundamentalist Christians," "tax protestors," etc.  And notice how all these
>buzz words 
>are picked up by the government-controlled media and schools, and 
>used to turn all uniformed citizens against these "seditious" individuals 
>and groups that are supposedly trying to disrupt our "utopian," 
>"progressive" (i.e., socialist) new world order.
>To better recognize and understand our targets of today, let's take a 
>look at some statements from a few "seditionists" of our nation's past:
>"If there be a principle that ought not to be questioned within the United
>States, it is that every man has a right to abolish an old government and
>establish a new one.  This principle is not only recorded in every public
>archive, written in every American heart, and sealed with the blood of a 
>host of American martyrs, but is the only lawful tenure by which the 
>united States hold their existence as a nation."  
>     "A government that does not trust its law-abiding citizens to keep 
>     and bear arms is itself untrustworthy of trust."  
>                                         -- "Seditionist" James Madison,
>     "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the 
>     blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is its natural manure."  
>      -- "Seditionist" Thomas Jefferson to William Smith, 11/13/1787
>     "Find out just what the people will submit to and you have found 
>     out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed 
>     upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with 
>     either words or blows, or with both.  The limits of tyrants are 
>     prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."  
>                                                 -- "Seditionist" Frederick
>Douglas, 1857
>     "No man shall be de-barred the use of arms.  The strongest reason 
>     for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a 
>     last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government."  
>                                                           -- "Seditionist"
>Thomas Jefferson
>     "If the representatives of the People betray their constituents, there 
>     is then no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of 
>     self-defense."                            - "Seditionist" Alexander
>And here is "an evil seditionist" from our time, discussing a well known
>"utopian peace enforcement system" being erected today in America, 
>one very similar to that described in the writer's book, GULAG ARCHIPELAGO:
>     "How we burned in the prison camps later thinking:  What would 
>     things have been like if every (soviet) police operative, when he 
>     went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether 
>     he would return alive?  "…if during periods of mass arrests people 
>     had not simply sat there in their lairs (apartments), paling with 
>     terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the 
>     staircase, but had understood they had nothing to lose and had 
>     boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen 
>     people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? 
>      …the organs (police) would very quickly have suffered a shortage 
>     of officers…and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed 
>     (Communist government) machine would have ground to a halt."  
>          "Seditionist" Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize winner, who 
>           spent 11 years in communist concentration camps.
>As "peace enforcers" of today we military and police officers cry, 
>"HOW OUTRAGEOUS!  Surely this man and all before him should have 
>been put to death for even thinking, much less writing, such seditious, 
>anti-government thoughts."  But might we not suppose that the Jews 
>probably had similar, "seditious" thoughts as they stood and awaited 
>their fate in those "lawful," expedient and "politically correct" lines??
>"New age" cops and soldiers today ask:  "Is not anyone who would have such
>"horrendously anti-government thoughts" - and surely anyone who might one day
>ACT UPON such thoughts - our government's enemy, and therefore our avowed
>target for destruction?  After all, are we not 
>blessed to be the ones our "omnipotent (government) deities" depend on 
>to protect them from such protagonists so that they can complete their
>program for the "SAVING OF THE WORLD"?
>No question about it:  If Madison, Jefferson, or any others of our
>"anti-government" founding fathers were alive in America today, we brother 
>and sister officers and soldiers would be assigned to see to it that they 
>were surveilled, persecuted, maligned, arrested, imprisoned and maybe killed
>by those presently in power.  The Disciples of Christ Jesus were 
>some of the most flagrant "seditionists" of their day.  They and others 
>like them, such as that impossible, hard-headed Moses before them 
>started all this "anti-government" stuff in the first place.  (Or did they?)
> Anyway, 'serves them right that they were arrested, tortured and killed 
>for speaking against the legal authorities of the time, making "seditious,"
>"anti-government" remarks like, 
>          "We should obey God rather than men."  (Acts 5:29)
>Whereas the Christian ministers of revolutionary times actually LED the
>war against Britain (the then "lawful" government), today America's 
>"Christian" ministers preach that it is not biblical to stand against the 
>lawful government; that we should obey even evil governments 
>because, they say, "All government is of God."  This attitude is of great 
>assistance to us New Age "peace" enforcement troops.  For example 
>then, a Christian of today should know that it's "against the 'law'" to hide 
>a family of Jews in his attic.  So, if you and I as the legal government 
>representatives were to come to the door and inquire of such, this 
>"good Christian" would tell us "peace enforcers" the truth and turn the 
>fugitives in, right?!  Therefore, with the Christian ministers assisting 
>government control of the masses, it will be even easier and better 
>accepted for us ENFORCERS to crush all "anti-government seditionists" 
>when given the command.  Think about it:  Would our government 
>leaders tell us to do anything wrong?
>Perhaps we should be thankful that these kinds of intolerant, lawless
>"rabble," such as Jesus' disciples and the Founding Fathers, are not 
>around today; yet we'd better not relax, for we Enforcers are being 
>instructed that there are signs - signs that some men and women are 
>rising up today as in the past, against "lawful" governments all around 
>the world, aspiring to please the Author of Liberty Himself, rather than 
>the "thoughtful and kind" government leaders you and I serve and 
>protect.  Yes, there is a worrisome, dangerous, rag-tag movement 
>growing, made up of allegedly God-loving, law-abiding, non-violent 
>and patriotic Americans of all races and creeds, which is truly upsetting 
>the plans of our government leaders who have succeeded to a great 
>extent in socializing and communizing America.  But, who are they?
>Aid & Abet Police Newsletter
>Published for members of Law Enforcement, Military, National and Coast Guard.
>Public is welcome.  
>Publisher:  Police Officer Jack McLamb, Ret.
>Editor:  Police Officer A. Rick Dalton
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