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Subject: SLF: Paul Mitchell's letter to Randy Parsons [sic]
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Either Leroy was totally negligent,
or he is working the other side.
If he knew as much as he claimed
about the feds, then he must have
known what would happen to these
"commercial warrants" he was teaching
people to tender into the banking 
system.  When I went into detail
for Randy about Elizabeth Broderick's
"operation," he could not have appeared
less interested.  Here I was, busting
the entire "sting" for him, and he is
just inches away from yawning.  Then,
he would "disappear" for 2 to 3 hours
every afternoon.  Where he was going,
he would never say.  

It has been my experience over many years
that people who are perpetrating a fraud
have no alternative when they are fingered,
but to fall silent;  anything else will
just make the whole mess that much worse
for them.  I have seen this pattern over
and over and over, so much so, that I can
see it coming from a mile away now.

If you put them in a corner, you might get
lied to.  Kamala was being a good friend
to everyone, and then I came along and
she could just not reconcile what I was
doing in People v. United States with
what was happening at the "Freedom Center"
in Billings.  A good one to contact would
be Red Beckman, although I hear that he has
effectively dropped out.

If they are aiding and abetting a property
conversion racket, or if LeRoy was just 
plain negligent, either way, Dana's life
is certainly not worth wasting for the 
sake of LeRoy's ego.  You have to understand
that I have been writing pleadings for many
years, and the stuff I saw up there was 
absolutely atrocious:  wrong parties, wrong
courts, wrong procedural moves, wrong everything.

Then, Charlie & Company showed up and wanted
me to be their secretaries.  I wish I had
saved their penciled scribblings.  I hit the
roof when the succeeded in wasting 4 full
days of my time.  Then, I got stiffed for
18.5 days, when I only billed them for 
one-half of the time I worked there.  

These people are not interested in the Constitution,
or they would have honored the professional
contract we had.  It doesn't matter that there
was very little in writing;  I have saved the
original email correspondence.  A jury is not
going to be too kind to them, particularly
when that jury hears how a dozen and a half
pieces of legal mail were delayed and/or
opened, when all of that mail was addressed
to me.  Each piece of mail delayed and/or
opened without authorization is a separate
felony;  but, of course, these people are
"experts" in federal law.  Sure!  They are
experts at the age-old double standard.

They are reaping the whirlwind now, and if
Dana should die for lack of essential 
medical attention, they will all have her
death on their hands, with no way to wash
off the blood.  

Did LeRoy ever once tell people what could
or likely would happen to people who tendered
these warrants?  Did LeRoy ever hear of
Miranda v. Arizona?  Miranda warnings?
You have the Right to remain silent?   
This Right is un-lien-able.  This is basic.
LeRoy has had his head up in the clouds.
If he is working the inside, it is no wonder
why they would be so nervous about having
that insider secret exposed.  Where will that
leave them?  In pretty bad shape, that's where!

In closing, just watch the "newcomers" who 
worm out of the woodwork now.  They will need
to try some new scheme to deflect attention
away from Montana.  Ask yourself this:  which
border is better patrolled -- Mexico, or Canada?
The Canadian border must be riddled with 
black market traffic, probably in high-powered
twin-engine turbo-props, like the Beechcraft
King Air A-90:  $1,000,000 per airplane, bought
with cash, no questions asked.  This plane can
land and take off on very short strips.  Payload:
1,000 pounds of heroin or cocaine, uncut.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 12:52 AM 8/2/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote:
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>> TO:       Randy Parsons
>> FROM:     Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
>>           Counselor at Law
>> DATE:     October 15, 1996
>> SUBJECT:  Plans
>> I hope  you will  not mind  if I  am very direct with you in this
>> memo.   I wish to discuss some matters which require an executive
>> decision by you, and I don't want to waste words or time.
>This all sounds more and more like a nightmare, Paul.
>Having talked with Kamala a good bit since this episode
>began, she too seems to be struggling to keep things
>in some kind of organisation. It seems frustrating to
>you to say the least, I'm sure. I really haven't the
>words to say about this matter. I sincerely hope all
>is worked out properly so that you get your just
>compensation. I intend to look into this further.
>Burk Elder

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