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Subject: SLS: Netline to Congress

>Netline To Congress is an ambitious pro-active program carefully planned
and designed to meaningfully and effectively communicate the Will of the
American People to their Senators and Congressmen, the purpose of which is
to motivate such officials, without reservation, to ardently and fully
restore, preserve, honor, and protect, in spirit as well as in fact, the
Bill of Rights and a Constitutional government in the United States of
>Every day, Monday - Friday, on or after 12 midnight (EST), a question
concerning a major issue or important subject with respect to the United
States of America is posted on the Netline To Congress main page of its web
site. <http://www.america-collins.com/netline>  Visitors to the site are
invited to vote their YES or NO opinion in regard to the Daily Question.
The voted opinion of every American participant is then sent daily, via an
e-mail message, to every U.S. Senator and Congressman with a known e-mail
address (most of the 535 Senators & Congressmen have an e-mail address).
Special security measures have been devised to safeguard and ensure the
integrity and accuracy of the voting process.  Each day the web site also
reports the opinion results from the previous day's question.
>Additionally, once a week the previous five (5) Daily Questions and
responses are tabulated in a computer database, and the statistical results
are printed in a report.  A copy of the printed report is then delivered to
the Washington D.C. office of every Senator and Congressman, and is also
delivered to the offices of the Clerk of the Senate and House of
Representatives.  In the event that the e-mail is ignored the hard copy
printed report serves as public notice of the opinion votes.
>Every important and significant piece of proposed legislation is
scrutinized before any vote for its passage occurs in Congress.  If the
First American Constitutional Committee deems it appropriate, a Daily
Question designed to elicit the will of the people, with respect to the
proposed legislation, will be posted in the Netline To Congress web site.
Thus, the very pulse of the Will of the American People will be known by
all members of Congress before any such legislation is passed.  Popular
present day opinion polls do not do this. Netline To Congress has been
designed to effectively communicate the Will of the American People to
Congress every day.  No longer will Senators and Congressmen be able to
introduce and/or vote for the passage of laws, which violate the Bill of
Rights or any other provision of the Constitution, or which are
inconsistent with the Will of the American People, without such
constitutional violation and Will being clearly known beforehand by each
and every Senator and Congressman.
>The voting record of each Senator and Congressman with respect to every
significant legislative act passed is entered into a computer database, and
is then cross-matched with the voting opinion of the American public as
derived from the Daily Questions.  The information is then statistically
analyzed and portrayed in very informative and persuasive graphical
PowerPoint presentations.  The information can clearly and quickly show any
average American, as a graphical percentage, the Senator's or Congressman's
Voting Record v. the Will of the People, with respect to most laws passed
by Congress.  This information will then be exported to the web site and
made available for download.  The information will also be widely and
massively distributed throughout the country to the news media, and to
interested organizations, groups and individuals via the Internet.  Many
organizations, groups, and individuals have volunteered to help with such
>In the past, Senators and Congressmen have grossly ignored the Will of the
People on many issues, resulting in a serious and negative impact upon the
sovereignty, constitutional rights, freedoms and liberty of American
citizens.  The damage done has been so great that many Americans believe
that the very existence of the Republic is threatened.  However, Netline To
Congress is going to change this situation.  How?  By helping to impose
practical term limits upon Senators and Congressmen.  Armed with the
persuasive information that Netline To Congress will make available,
political challengers will be able to launch very creative, potent, and
effective campaigns against incumbents.  So, in the future Senators and
Congressmen may choose to ignore the Will of the People, but they will do
so at great risk of losing re-election.  Put another way, one might say
that they may be making a career decision by continuing to ignore the
People's Will.
>The power underlying the approach being taken by Netline To Congress rests
in today's computer technology and the Internet.  For those intrigued by
numbers, consider the mathematical events resulting from 50,000 individuals
responding to just one Daily
>Question.  50,000 x 535 e-mail messages = 26,750,000.  Over 26 million
e-mail messages!  500,000 x 535 e-mail messages = 267,500,000.  Over 267
million e-mail messages!  Of course, such amount of e-mail would be trashed
without first being read.  Even today, most e-mail messages to members of
Congress simply cause to be generated an automated impersonal response.
The point, however, to grasp is that such documented and enormously focused
effort occurring every day will lead to other impactful consequences and
outcomes, as indicated above, which include Senators and Congressmen losing
>One way or the other, the Will of the People will prevail! 
>Individuals are invited to submit on-line questions to Netline To Congress
for consideration to be posted as the Daily Question.  An individual who
has his or her question picked to be the Daily Question will receive a
Certificate of Outstanding Citizenship from the First American
Constitutional Committee.
>Sponsored by:
>America-Collins and
>Charles E. Collins (1996 Independent Presidential Candidate)
>5736 Highway 42 North, Forsyth, GA  31029
>Office: 912-994-4064  Fax: 912-994-4066  Voice Mail: 800-286-0558
>E-mail: netline-america@wwnet.net
>Charles E. Collins
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