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Subject: SLS: FREEDOM vs. COERCION (fwd)

I hereby submit two lasting solutions, 
for everyone's careful consideration:

#1:  repeal the 14th amendment and replace it
     with the following:

        "The status of State Citizenship shall not
         be denied or abridged by the United States,
         or by any State, on account of race.
         The fourteenth article of amendment 
         to the Constitution of the United States
         is hereby repealed."

#2:  amend the Guarantee Clause to read:

        "The United States shall guarantee equally to 
         the federal zone, and also to every State 
         in this Union, a Republican form of Government,
         and shall protect both zones against Invasion;
         and on Application of the Legislature, or of the
         Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened)
         against domestic Violence."

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>>The Constutition, the "american way of life", the Government of the people,
>>for the people and by the people, was built of and based on sound moral
>>ethics with it's roots strongly footed in a belief in God, Christ, the Ten
>>Comandments, the Golden rule, the family -- Get my drift?? -  Need I go
>>on?!!?   We do not need to change our type of government - We need to put
>>type of people back in power that understand how to use the system the
way it
>>was intended !!  I am not a "Bible thumper" by any means, those that know me
>>will attest to that - no problem!  What I am is awake and pissed!!!!!!!!!!
>> Don't you dare F--K with my country's form of government!!!!  You can
pie in
>>the sky about a new form of Government until time stops but you will never
>>come close to what we have now!  Just use the instruction manual we were
>>given as it was written - it does not need to be "interpeted" folks!  Do you
>>interpet the instruction manual for your microwave?  I think not!!
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>As I stated before, "If the Constitution was so great, then why are we in
>the mess we are in?"
>So there are those who wish to "restore" the Constitution.  One way would
>be to shoot all the bastards that anyone feels has tampered with the
>Constitution or, any public official that has dishonored it.  Fine.  They
>are all shot.  O.K.
>What next?
>Well, we elect new officials that will follow the Constitution to the
>letter.  [If they follow the Bill of Rights to the letter (for which I have
>great respect), then we will be making progress.  Much of the rest of the
>Constitution is a "Pandora's box" waiting to open.
>O.K.  We have new officials that will follow the Constitution to the
>letter.  Fine.  Now our children are secure.
>But what about their children?  Grandchildren?
>Is our country going to be in the same mess 50 or 100 years from now when
>later public officials once again learn how to corrupt the Constitution for
>their own purposes?
>So, here we go again.  In 50 or 100 years we must do it all again --- and
>meanwhile suffer the effects of such corruption in the intervening years.
>Is this the BEST we can do?  For ALL TIME?
>One may say, but I don't care about 50 or 100 years --- I won't be around.
>It is precisely this attitude, in part, that has led us to where we are
>I DO CARE about 50 or 100 years from now -- whether I'm around or not.
>I also care about 500 years from now.....1,000 years from now.
>It's coming, by the way.  Just because you or I may not be there to see it
>does not render it any less important.....that is just an egotistical
>perspective. (i.e., the "world revolves around me -- after I die, all hell
>can break loose.")
>I have known people who have expressed this very opinion.
>This is one reason why we have "hell on Earth" in many respects.
>I'm interested in lasting solutions.  I'm interested in the possibility of
>constructing a civilization that does not fall --- not next year, not in 50
>years, not in 100 years, not in 1,000 years, not in 100,000 years, NOT
>I'm interested in a civilization that can last indefinitely --- that can
>evolve in a time scale equal to the duration of the universe -- however
>long that is.
>And such a civilization will require high physical, biological, volitional,
>and sub-volitional technologies.
>But just because it won't be easy doesn't mean it can't be done.
>To paraphrase Thomas Paine, "'Tis dearness only that gives everything its
>Evan Soule'
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