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Yes.  The FOIA is an appropriate mechanism to
require disclosure of the two (2) authorizations
required by IRC 7401.  While you are at it,
submit a FOIA request for Janet Reno's credentials.
When she fails to produce them, you KNOW there
can be no DOJ authorization as required by 7401,
because Reno cannot delegate authority which she
does not have.  The authority comes from the office,
not from the person occupying it.  If she fails to
produce certified evidence of her credentials, then
the Office of Attorney General is empty, as far as
your case is concerned.  Gilbertson made this key
move early on, proving that 7401 had not been 

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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At 11:06 AM 8/3/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote:
>> Read IRC 7401 and 7402 very carefully.
>> You will discover therein that the USDC
>> and the DCUS are BOTH mentioned!
>> USDC has original jurisdiction ONLY
>> over quiet title proceedings.
>> How about them apples?
>> /s/ Paul Mitchell
>> http://www.supremelaw.com
>Section 7401 appears to be a gem. Do you know of anyone whom the Justice
>Department has sued who has requested a copy of the Secretary's
>"Authorization" pursuant to  7401? Would a person make a FOIA request
>to the Secretary or Department of Justice to obtain a copy? 
>/s/ Timothy I. McCrory
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