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And now, DOJ will be free to exploit this
very sophisticated software (and all expensive
modifications they have made to it since
stealing it from Inslaw Inc.), to spy on 
the financial affairs of DOJ's favorite
targets:  opponents of the New World Order.

My hypothesis about DOJ's property conversion 
racket just got a whole lot stronger, didn't it?
Elizabeth Broderick and LeRoy Schweitzer, are
you listening to this?

The federal judge who made this ruling is a 
taxpayer, so the decision is null and void
anyway, until her W-4 is rescinded.  See
Evans v. Gore for authority.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Judge rejects claims that Justice officials stole software
>9.10 p.m. EDT (110 GMT) August 4, 1997
>WASHINGTON (AP)  A federal judge has rejected claims that the Justice 
>Department stole a computer program from a local software contractor, 
>government officials announced Monday. 
>The decision, made last week in federal claims court, ends a 10-year 
>legal battle over a program that helps prosecutors keep track of cases 
>and share information. The ruling was issued after a three-week trial. 
>In her opinion, Judge Christine Miller said she found merit to theft 
>claims made by Inslaw Inc. But she added that Inslaw failed to show it 
>had any ownership rights to the software or that the Justice Department 
>acted improperly in its use of it. 
>The case stems from a $10 million contract Inslaw received in 1982 to 
>develop case management systems for U.S. attorneys' offices. 
>The Justice Department revoked the contract over a dispute, prompting 
>Inslaw to sue. The company accused department officials, including 
>then-Attorney General Edwin Meese III, of stealing the software. 
>In 1985, Inslaw filed for bankruptcy. Two years later, a federal 
>bankruptcy judge ruled in favor of the company, saying the Justice 
>Department "took, converted, stole'' the software through "fraud, 
>trickery and deceit.'' 
>The ruling and a $7 million award were overturned on appeal. 
>Assistant Attorney General Frank Hunger, who oversees Justice's civil 
>division, said the decision lifts "the cloud that has hung over it for a 
>Inslaw officials could not be reached for comment Monday night. 
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