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The solution to the problem described here
is a little memory training.  Here is an
exercise you can do:

Think about a common item which belongs to you.
It may be your hammer, or your bicycle pump,
or your chain saw -- anything that is unique,
and now located where you put it last.

Now, very quickly, visualize where you put it.
Go to that place, and see if it is there.

If it is there, you get a brownie point.

But, if it is not there, what do you do now?

You go looking for it, correct?

Now, instead of looking for it, do this:

Tell yourself that, when you find it, you will
return it to the place where you first thought
it would be.  This is its "address" in your
associative brain, and that "address" is harder
to change, than it is to move it BACK to that place,
after you have moved it elsewhere.

Try this exercise.  Then, after you master the
principle, begin to create "nicknames" 
which issue from your associative memory
(a very powerful, and very unique, human ability).

Your problem will then disappear.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 10:03 PM 8/4/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Okay, I know this has been discussed before, but I just have to re-hash
>it...I just emailed a message to Adam that got me thinking about it..
>In a nutshell, I don't always remember what address book entry I use...I
>usually use first name, but not always.  For example, when I was writing to
>Adam, I had to look to see if I used "Adam" or "Adam Kippes" or
>"Adam.Kippes" in the address book.  (The biggest origin of bugs in the
>computer is between the keyboard and the chair, you know.)  I guess this
>could be easily resolved by keeping the address book open all the time, but
>I rarely use it!
>Pine did something REALLY great that showed me immediately when I used the
>wrong nickname:  it would (as soon as you hit tab to go to the next line)
>"expand" the nickname into the actual email address.  (This had its own
>problems, of course, such as if you typed the wrong name you had that much
>more to delete!)  There wouldn't happen to be a way to set up Eudora to do
>this, would there?  Or should I make a note to Eudora-Suggest?  (Or did I
>call it EudoraSuggest...or ESuggest...or Eudora-Win-Suggest...you get the
>Thanks!  RJ  <G>  :)
>RJ Marquette  mailto:rjm1@ptdprolog.net ICQ#520009  http://home.ptd.net/~rjm1
>University of Georgia, Masters in Statistics candidate
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