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Subject: SLS: FREEDOM vs. COERCION (fwd)

Please read the Guarantee Clause.

Evidently, the United States (federal
government), is not required to guarantee
a Republican Form of Government to itself --
only to the several states.  Loophole or not,
this has permitted Congress to legislate
into existence a democracy, of which all 
federal citizens are members, as proven by
their verified declarations of status on
all voter registration forms, signed under
penalty of perjury.

Are you a registered voter?  Do you really
KNOW what you signed?  Maybe you had better
check into this, before they call you up
for a biochip implant, on the strength of
that voter registration form.

There are two classes of citizenship:
one class is associated with the several
states and protected by all the guarantees
in the U.S. Constitution;  the other class
is associated with the federal zone, where
the guarantees of the Constitution exist
only as Congress has made those guarantees
applicable -- by statutes!

For background, read "The Two United States
and the Law" in the Supreme Law Library at
the URL just below my name here:

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 07:26 PM 8/4/97 -0400, you wrote:
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>The Constutition, the "american way of life", the Government of the people,
>for the people and by the people, was built of and based on sound moral
>ethics with it's roots strongly footed in a belief in God, Christ, the Ten
>Comandments, the Golden rule, the family -- Get my drift?? -  Need I go
>on?!!?   We do not need to change our type of government - We need to put the
>type of people back in power that understand how to use the system the way it
>was intended !!  I am not a "Bible thumper" by any means, those that know me
>will attest to that - no problem!  What I am is awake and pissed!!!!!!!!!!
> Don't you dare F--K with my country's form of government!!!!  You can pie in
>the sky about a new form of Government until time stops but you will never
>come close to what we have now!  Just use the instruction manual we were
>given as it was written - it does not need to be "interpeted" folks!  Do you
>interpet the instruction manual for your microwave?  I think not!!
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