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>The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List receives major awards, announces
>Indianapolis -- The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List
>(http://www.prolife.org/ultimate), the Internet's most comprehensive
>listing of right to life resources on the Internet, received several
>awards during the month of July. 
>On July 29, _USA Today_ selected Ultimate as a hot site saying, "the art
>of political activism on the Web doesn't get more sophisticated than at
>the Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List." _USA Today_ editors noted Ultimate
>is a "site that's packed with information but whose clean layout doesn't
>overwhelm a reader."
>During the month of July, Ultimate was as selected to receive other
>Net-based awards.It was given the Christian Family Site Award, featured in
>the WebScout Internet Guide, and selected as the Cool Site of the Hour.
>"We're excited to receive these awards - especially from a nationally
>known publication like USA Today," producer Sally Winn commented. "But the
>sucess of Ultimate continues to be because of the hundreds of pro-life
>people that stop by each week for the latest in pro-life information."
>Producer Steven Ertelt pointed out numerous new additions at Ultimate.
>"We've added a number of new links to pro-life organziations during the
>month of July. During August we'll have many new educational resources and
>other links added as well."
>Some of the new resources on Ultimate include:
>* Wichita Falls (TX) RTL 
>* Our Kids adoption site 
>* Minnesota Republicans for Life 
>* Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life 
>* Life Institute (Intl. Pro-Life Info) 
>* California Right to Life Committee 
>* Connecticut Pro-Life Council 
>* Texas Right to Life 
>* Saskatchewon Pro-Life Assn. 
>* Ontario Students for Life 
>Ertelt concluded, "It won't be long before we will be celebrating visitor
>number 50,000. If you haven't stopped by recently come and browse Ultimate
>today. Soon we will have a page with gifs to use to link to the site to
>make linking a little easier. We're doing this in an effort to show how
>much we appreciate those who have linked to us and who have helped us
>provide the best pro-life resources possible."
>The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List can be accessed at

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