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You are very welcome.  Lots of people
forget about the Articles of Confederation,
but they were the motivation to write the
U.S. Constitution in the first place, 
because they were not working.  That 
Congress enacted the Northwest Ordinance,
which is considered by many legal scholars
to be a model work of legislation.  In that
Ordinance, one had to be a "citizen of ONE OF
the United States" to serve in their local
legislature.  This is doubtless the meaning
of the term "Citizen of the United States"
as found in the Qualifications Clauses, because
the two phrases were penned within the exact
same time period.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>> The states, under the Articles of Confederation,
>>  "signed" the U.S. Constitution, and they had
>>  standing to do so
>   Thanks for sending this, I just read the others discussion on it and was
>getting ready to delve into their reasoning.  This clears up much of their

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