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To: DAVE RYDEL <eagleflt@thumb.net>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: (Wash. D.C. a base for traitors) Want to join ? 

I was a UCLA summer intern with the
United World Federalists in Washington,
D.C.  They got really angry at me when
I fingered their one-candidate election
for the office of student representative.
I snuck into the office at night, and stuffed
the mail-out ballot with a second candidacy --
my own!! -- and that got me sentenced to
the dog house for the rest of the summer.
It was worth all the fur which flew, when
the ballots reached their destinations.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>>Subject: (Wash.D.C. a base for traitors) Want to join ? 
>>                    Welcome to the World Federalist Association's
>>                            "Campaign for Global Change"
>>The World Federalist Association (WFA) is working for a democratic world
>>federation capable of achieving positive global goals that nations cannot
>>accomplish alone. These include: assuring common security, building
>>sustainable economies, protecting human rights, and preserving the
>>The mission of WFA is to develop and present to the United States citizenry
>>and government the importance of incorporating federalist concepts into the
>>United Nations and other institutions of global governance with the aim of
>>creating structures of world law, that protect and apply to individuals, and
>>move these institutions beyond the inadequate current norms and practice of
>>international law. WFA seeks to carry out its mission in full cooperation
>>with our international World Federalist Movement and with like-minded
>>organizations worldwide.
>>                       John B. Anderson, WFA President
>>                                 WFA History
>>In 1945....
>>Fifty years ago only 51 nations signed the United Nations Charter. Today
>>there are 185 members. Fifty years ago the world held 3.2 billion fewer
>>people than it does today. The United Nations, formed in 1945, may have been
>>the best global problem solving organization possible at the time, but...
>>What the World Needs Now Has Changed
>>Environmental destruction, nuclear proliferation, human rights abuses,
>>international drug trafficking, terrorism, ethnic conflicts--the problems we
>>face today--show little or no respect for national boundaries.
>>In global trade, communications, and virtually every other aspect of life,
>>the world has become a smaller and irrevocably interdependent place. Yet
>>world leaders continue to govern as if it were still 1945. What the world
>>needs now has changed.
>>The stubborn refusal of world leaders to adjust to these new realities might
>>be quaint were it not for the consequences:
>>                                  Genocide
>>                  Ravaging of cities by drugs and violence
>>                      Rise of international terrorism
>>                    Destruction of our global ecosystem
>>                          Spread of nuclear weapons
>>Our global problems defy remedy because of our failure to create a system of
>>global governance capable of handling these crises.
>>Mass murderers in Bosnia pursue mass rape and ethnic cleansing confident
>>that world leaders will never forge an effective response.
>>International terrorists and narcotics traffickers who flood our urban areas
>>with drugs are better organized to operate globally than international law
>>enforcement agencies.
>>Rampant pollution and destruction of natural resources are caused by those
>>who use the global marketplace as a cover for evading environmental laws.
>>Poverty and abusive child labor practices are spread across borders by
>>corporate actors in search of quick profit rather than sustainable
>>                       IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY
>>We have a genuine opportunity to change things. You can help to create a
>>U.N. capable of achieving goals that nations cannot achieve alone by joining
>>citizens from around the world in our "Campaign for Global Change."
>>If you're thinking that you are already involved in enough causes, think
>>about this:
>>Until we citizens forge enforceable global solutions, many of the most
>>vexing problems we face today will remain unsolved. Your participation in
>>the World Federalist Association's "Campaign for Global Change" will help to
>>       A strong U.N. preventative diplomacy capability to defuse
>>     ethnic rivalries before they lead to genocidal bloodshed.
>>       A permanent and independent U.N. peacekeeping force to respond
>>     quickly to ruptures of the peace.
>>       A permanent International Criminal Court designed to ensure
>>     that terrorists, mass murderers, international drug traffickers, and
>>     other global outlaws are brought to justice.
>>       An international organization for protection of the environment
>>     to safeguard our global ecosystem.
>>       A more democratic and representative United Nations that is
>>     accountable to the world's citizens.
>>Although these important proposals are now under consideration at the United
>>Nations, they will only become a reality with strong citizen support.
>>                            Please Join Us Today!
>> For more information on how you can get involved with the World Federalist
>>  Association's "Campaign for Global Change", please send an e-mail message
>>            with your "regular" mail address to: wfa@igc.apc.org
>>          Feel free to call us at 1-800-WFA-0123 or (202) 546-3950.
>>                                  Or write:
>>                        World Federalist Association
>>                            418 7th Street, S.E.
>>                        Washington, D.C. 20003-2796
>>                                  [Image]
>>         What people are saying about the Campaign for Global Change
>>                         Join the World Federalists!
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