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Subject: SLS: Passports for American Citizens

See "The Roosevelt Coup D'Etat" and
"The Two United States and the Law",
the latter of which is in the Supreme
Law Library at URL:


The former is being sold by Vern Holland,
Freeman Education Association, in Tulsa,
Oklahoma state.  FDR secretly bankrupted
the nation, 20 years after the Federal 
Reserve System was enacted in 1913.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 12:46 PM 8/12/97 -0400, you wrote:
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><<Federal citizenship was first established
>by the 1866 Civil Rights Act -- a statute.
>It is a municipal statute, which created
>a municipal franchise, subject to the
>municipal jurisdiction of Congress.
>See Roa v. Collector.>>
>I noticed when reading about things going on in Washing back in the last
>century that there were starting to be "police forces" in Wash DC.   First
>they were there and then AFTEr the civil war, we started having municipal
>corproations and police forces in the "cities".   But are police forces
>martial law armies? Military?  Also when reading the statutes in CA starting
>in 1903 or thereafbouts for a vehicle code.....all those statutes talked
>about people engaging in commercial activity as needed an operator's
>license....... every year it kept saying it app;lied to people doing business
>with their vehicles and attached court cases showed normal people fighting
>year after year against police trying to force them to get operator licenses
>or chaufer (sp?) licenses and the courts kep ruling they didn't need to ahve
>operator or chauffeur licenses or "driver" licenses when they were just doing
>natural traveling.......then around 1933 or 1935 all that changed and the
>courts started ruling differencly.
>Waht say yuou?
>Michael Smith

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