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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: What is your country?

Social Security numbers create the presumption
that you are a federal "employee", receiving
pay from the Department of the Treasury.
This "SS fund" is a total deception, because
there is no "special fund", as such;  CONtributions
are deposited into the general fund, and then
loaned out to other government departments, 
which leave IOU's in place of the money.
The government auditors refer to these IOU's
as "assets", when nothing could be further
from the truth.  They are "liabilities," 
because the borrowed money should be repaid;
but, of course, it cannot be repaid, because
the government departments who spent it, do not
collect enough money in fees.  So, Social Security 
was always based on a false and fraudulent premise, 
from the start, and now it is caving in, as it should.

You would do best to wean yourself of this false
program, as soon as possible.  It is the "babylon"
of which The Revelation speaks.  The Lord Most High
would never have ordered us out of this babylon,
without also giving to us the wherewithal to do so.

If you get fearful contemplating a life lived 
independently of the District of Criminals, your
best resort for a productive solution is prayer --
and the answer will be provided to you.

The Most High has said, "Ask, and you shall receive."

He did not say, "Put your request in the form of a
Spiritual Information Request Application;  do not
leave any lines blank;  identify on Schedule A-45
which of 45 different choices you can make on this
form;  do not request more than 3 miracles at once,
or your SIRA will be returned, unanswered;  pay your
fee on a standard check to be drawn on any bank
insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation;
and we may get around to granting your request, 
some time in the next century;  or, then again, 
we might not, particularly if you are an illegal
tax protester;  we just hate those illegal taxes
as much as you do, but somebody's got to keep the
international bank racket going, and it may as well
be you and your children;  we will keep your money,
even if we don't answer your request."

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 12:36 PM 8/12/97 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 8/12/97 3:51:53 PM, you wrote:
><<So, to summarize, the state zone is
>guaranteed a Republican Form of Government,
>but the federal zone is not required to be
>Republican in Form.  For this reason, Congress
>has exploited this construction of the Guarantee
>Clause to create a democracy for the people
>and land over which Congress has exclusive
>legislative jurisdiction.  See Downes v.
>Bidwell, Harlan dissenting, 1901.  His prescient
>words are quoted in "The Lawless Rehnquist" in
>the Supreme Law Library at the URL just below
>my name here:
>/s/ Paul Mitchell
>Where does the social security # come in, in all of this and how does having
>that # void my rights......citizenship?
>Whereever you go to work, use banks, get prizes in contests, order things,
>they want your social security #.
>Where is marital law in the social security legislation?

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