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To: mlindste@clandjop.com (Martin Lindstedt)
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: So you want to form a militia, do you?

Start with your state constitution,
and work outwards from there.

Militia legality is grounded in
the Tenth Amendment, the Supremacy
Clause, and the Guarantee Clause.

A state cannot join the Union unless
its state constitution is Republican
in Form.  However, Congress has been
remiss for failing to review state
constitutional amendments.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 05:28 PM 8/13/97 -0500, you wrote:
>From: JohnSmith@aol.com
>To: mlindste@clandjop.com
>Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 
>Subject: Starting militia
>Dear Patriot,
>I am starting inner-city militia for media consumption.
>I need help arranging by-laws so as to be legal.
>John Smith
>Dear Mr. Smith:
>  I agree with with your policy of disinformation and tossing 
>the witless media a bone of contention.  By all means, form an
>inner-city militia and run the FiBbIes ragged and empty the 
>jails by them recruiting so many informants and agents provacateur 
>that you can't swing a dead cat by the tail at a 'militia meeting'
>without hitting one.
>   Of course, you want to be legal.  And I don't know if I can 
>help other than by recommendation because I believe in forming modern 
>effective Resistance organizations.  Such Resistance organizations 
>are comprized of from 1-5 closely knit individuals with tentacles 
>of communication arranged in a network to open propaganda sections, 
>which always are perfectly legal, i.e. no machineguns or bomb-making 
>materials or biological warfare agents lying around the house. 
>As one of those propaganda and political warfare sections, I 
>really cannot tell you how to go about forming a "legal" 
>inner-city militia.  Resistance cells, being so small and tightly 
>knit, govern themselves by consensus.
>   However the Missouri 51st Militia of Kansas City, Missouri, an 
>open public militia, has succeeded in forming an inner-city militia 
>battallion by dint of hard work and planning.  I think they would be 
>happy to share their experiences with you as well as show you their 
>organizational structure and rules.  You will not hear anything even 
>remotely illegal from them.  They are the best organized of the open 
>public militias in Missouri, possibly the U.S.
>   While I think the days of the open public militia are over, still 
>such structures have some value today.  They initially attract 
>patriotic individuals who are looking for comrades in arms. 
>Resistance talent can be recruited and brought back underground 
>from such organizations. They tie up gubbnmint resources spent 
>infiltrating and disrupting them. They churn out propaganda based 
>upon inner-city or suburban middle-class values.  They can be 
>used to feed ludicrous disinformation to the media, which snaps 
>it up and republishes it, further undermining these gubbnmint-
>control lackeys' credibility.  Whichever such militiamen survive the 
>coming struggle and social collapse will help the Resistance form 
>the basis for the next civilization.  Open public militias are 
>useful, albeit limited allies for the Resistance.
>   So by all means, please carry through with your plans to form 
>an inner-city open public militia.  But while you are forming 
>such a militia consider keeping the most effective of your prospects 
>undercover and out of sight in Resistance cells.  Like an iceberg, 
>keep 9/10s of your Resistence organization below the waterline.
>--Martin Lindstedt
>Director of Communications and Political Warfare
>7th Missouri Militia 
>P.S.  I will strip your name and e-mail address off and repost 
>it for the benefit of the numerous people who ask me how to 
>join a militia.  I tell them to just form their own militia 
>cell with trusted friends and then I never hear of them again. 
>This is good.

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