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>We Can Save Our Nation!
>By John F. McManus, Publisher
>The New American Magazine, July 1997
>When Robert Welch founded the John Birch Society on December 9, 1958, he
>summed up to a small group of friends and associates just what needed to be
>done: "All we must find and build and use, to win, is sufficient
>understanding. Let's create that understanding and build that resistance,
>with everything mortal men can put into the effort --- while there still is
>Mr. Welch realized that no conspiracy can withstand exposure, and he
>continued to his dying day to encourage good Americans to diligently light
>the way for their friends, neighbors, and loved ones with the truth - and,
>above all, not to give up.
>It is certainly not difficult to find Americans who have given up. Their
>conclusion is that the enemy is too powerful, too strategically placed, too
>well-heeled, or too close to its ultimate objective of world domination. They
>have lost hope and allowed discouragement to take control. Often that lost
>hope is a consequence of bad information - such as the myth that the country
>is already occupied by countless thousands of UN/Soviet troops, our freedoms
>have already been lost, etc.
>What these discouraged patriots overlook, of course, is that we still possess
>freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press - including
>the freedom to publish a magazine [for patriots]. We are still able to sound
>the alarm with our voices, our pens, our resources, and our influence. We can
>still effect change in government through the simple process of informing our
>fellow citizens. 
>In short, we can still use our freedoms to save our freedoms. If it were too
>late, such freedoms would no longer be permitted and the conspirators for
>global control would no longer have to pretend.
>As we continue to reach out to fellow Americans to create needed
>understanding and build effective resistance to conspiratorial designs, we
>must realize that there are many reasons for hope that our efforts will bear
>good fruit. Here are five:
>(1) History is made by the dedicated few.
>Small groups of activists will always succeed against disorganized and
>apathetic majorities. No one knows this better than the conspirators
>themselves. It won't take millions to stop them, but it will take more than
>are involved today. If everyone who is aware helps another to understand; if
>the newly informed also awaken others; and if many of them come together in
>an effective action program to expose the Conspiracy, the tide of battle will
>be turned.
>(2) There are more than enough good people in our nation to accomplish this
>The struggle which consumes our attention is, at its core, a contest between
>good and evil, light and darkness, truth and falsehood. Robert Welch, who
>always chose his words very carefully, often referred to our adversary as a
>"satanic and diabolic conspiracy." We agree. Locating enough good people and
>energizing them with this fundamental assessment will lead to victory.
>(3) No one wants to be a slave. 
>It is fairly easy to demonstrate that a continuation of present U.S. policies
>will, in the not-too-distant future, lead all but the conspirators themselves
>into political and economic slavery. We are promoting freedom and
>responsibility; they are promoting abject slavery. Clearly, we have a
>distinct edge in the battle for the minds of men - if we use it.
>(4) We have truth on our side! 
>Conspirators must always work in the shadows and hide their goals in a
>blizzard of lies, deceit, and confusion. But it only takes a pound of truth
>to overcome a ton of falsehood. Our mission of bringing truth to light is
>much easier than constantly spreading the lies needed to deceive men into
>choosing their own slavery.
>(5) Hope for victory exists because the enemy is a  [clandestine] conspiracy.
>We are NOT being victimized by the unfolding of  unchangeable historical
>forces. That's Marxist determinism.  If some can make history for evil
>purposes, others can make history for good and decent ends. Instead of
>wringing our hands and lamenting that nothing can be done, we can shape
>history -- our way -- by demanding that principles guide this nation's
>actions and by exposing and routing the most foul and determined conspiracy
>mankind has ever experienced.
>If we hope to succeed and to receive God's blessing for our efforts,
>everything we do must be based on morality. As Robert Welch noted in 1964: 
>"We must oppose secrecy with openhandedness. We must publish to the world our
>beliefs, our purposes, and our methods as fully as the collectivists conceal
>and disguise their own. We must oppose conspiracy, not with counter
>conspiracy, but with exposure, justice, and education. We  must oppose
>falsehoods with truth; blasphemy with reverence; foul means with good means;
>immorality and amorality with more spiritual faith and dedication;
>rootlessness and chaos with tradition and stability; relativity with
>absolutes; pragmatism with deeper purposes; hedonism with a more responsible
>pursuit of happiness; cruelty with compassion; and hatred with love."

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