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Subject: SLS: An Unsound Lawyer's "Unsound Constitution" Article
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This all sounds very cogent, but it is
only one legal theory, albeit it a dominant
one among apologists for unlawful dominion.

The courts have ruled that the South never
left the Union, although they certainly did
try.  Without their vote in favor of the
second 13th Amendment, immediately after the
Civil War, that Amendment would not have made
it into the U.S. Constitution.  The ONLY way their
votes could have counted, was to accept the
votes of their legislatures as members of
the Union, in good standing.  The ugly historical
details recited by the Utah Supreme Court in 
the 1968 case of Dyett v. Turner, should leave
no doubt in anybody's mind that the Reconstruction
Acts were manifestations of brute force, aggression,
and unlawful dominion by the federal government --
nothing more, and nothing less.  However ...

... we do not make law in this country by force or fraud,
nor was the U.S. Constitution otherwise amended 
by the North's victory in that vicious and bloody
conflict.  Article V does not empower the United States
to introduce new provisions under force of arms.

The Ninth and Tenth Amendments call for no other 
construction.  Only the several states can amend
the U.S. Constitution;  Congress can only PROPOSE
changes, not enact them into Law, no matter what the
apologists for treason might tempt you into believing.
Their theory is groundless.  

The U.S. Constitution remains the supreme Law of Our
Land, even if that land has been awash with the
blood of Our youth, defending their families against
the War of Northern Aggression.

Therefore, the assumption of permanent military control
over the North and South is a rebuttable presumption,
at best, and further evidence of treason, at worst,
because warring on the several states is specifically
defined as such in the supreme Law of the Land;
it is one of the few crimes which enjoys such a 
lofty status.  Most other federal crimes have been
enacted via statutes, but the re-definition of treason
would require legislative action by the several states,
and three-fourths of them, of which there are now 50
including, of course, all of those presently below the
Mason-Dixon Line.

The Union is perpetual.  Texas v. White.  I agree.

It may be a fiction to certain theoretical apologists,
but to me, it is a collection of flesh, blood, and soil.
Together, we form a Union of the best and the brightest
minds this planet has ever known, and we are destined
to bring peace and justice to reign here, the Promised
Land, forever.  This is Our Mission, and this is Our
Destiny.  We have that on the Word of the Most High,
whose omnipotent Mind is far above the theoreticians,
if not far beyond their feeble reach.  We invoke the
dominion of the Most High, and We prepare a way for 
the promised return of the King of all Kings -- the promise
of THIS Land is the rule of infinite justice, of infinite
mercy, and of eternal love, within the reach of everyone,
big and small -- equal protection for all, with prejudice
to none.  This is Our vision, and this is Our goal.


/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 01:22 PM 8/19/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I unfortunately think he is correct. The original constitution was
>destroyed in the war between the states. The South was put under permanent
>war powers of federal occupation with a law that moved the adjunct general
>civil powers out from the occupation army of the war department into a
>newly created department. The Justice department with a new head the
>Attorney General who to this day oversees the occupation war powers over
>the civil authority of the states. At this time many think we lost our
>states rights and became a Federal Municipality. It is also believed that
>Washington DC was incorporated at about the same time. We in effect became
>a Socialist Democracy and this was furthered with the loss of States
>rights taking away their ability to appoint in the Senators from the state
>legislature instead loosing it to popular vote. When FDR surpassed even
>these broad limits and the Supreme court struck down the law that
>created his WPA department he responded by threatening to increase the size
>of the court and packing it with his hand chosen Socialist. The court
>capitulated and the Federal Government has run amuck. 
>Paul Watson, Dallas
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