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And the registrant declares, under penalty of perjury,
that s/he is a "citizen of the United States", thus
opting into a jurisdiction which is not protected
by the Guarantee Clause, and thus associating with a 
political class which is not protected by the other
guarantees of the U.S. Constitution, as a matter of
fundamental Right, but only as Congress chooses to
make those guarantees applicable, via statutes, which
can be repealed or amended.  This is a franchise,
not much different from a McDonald's franchise,
right here in River City!

Come and get it!  Federal citizenship, for the taking!!
We will then get to take more than half of your 
gross pay, and forward those proceeds to foreign banks.

Now, won't that be fun!!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 08:25 PM 8/19/97 -0700, you wrote:
>College students and teenagers who are old enough to vote will be able to
>register online as part of a pilot effort of Rock the Vote and MCI.
>Thanks largely to the efforts of Rock the Vote, a streamlined and
>standard voter registration form will enable any qualified individual to
>fill out a registration form online. The form is then mailed to the voter
>for signing and forwarding to the appropriate voter registration office.
>Although it doesn't eliminate paper transactions, online registration via
>                   netvote96.mci.com
>                              or
>                   www.rockthevote.org
>is being applauded by members of the Senate Internet Caucus as a big step
>toward making voter registration easier for younger voters.

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