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Subject: SLS: A Brief History of Janet Reno (fwd)

>Janet Reno first came to national prominance during her 1984 campaign
>to be re-elected Prosecutor of Dade County, Florida. This was at the
>height of the "Satanic Ritual Abuse" craze that swept the nation,
>tons of daytime TV talk show guests, lots of book sales and speaking
>tours, but according to the FBI's special SRA task force, not a single
>allegation that didn't turn out to be a hoax by some attention seeking
>Despite the dismal reality of the Satanic Ritual Abuse issue, a popular
>cause is a popular cause and Janet used it well.
>Following the McMartin case in Los Angeles, a Miami daycare center
>operated by Frank and Ileana Fuster came under suspicion.  That there
>no actual evidence of any wrongdoing did not prove a major impediment to
>Janet Reno.  Ileana, a young Honduren woman, was seperated from her
>What followed is probably best described as outright brainwashing.
>the two psychiatrists hired by Janet Reno operated under the trade name,
>"Behavior Changers", and eventually sat with her in the court, coaching
>her statements in front of the judge, while Janet Reno held her hand!
>Among the other claims that Ileana made under such prodding was that her
>husband had put snakes inside her genitals while the children watched.
>Real snakes.
>Frank was convicted and sent to jail. Janet, riding high on the
>of the trial won her re-election. Ileana returned to Honduras and from
>issued a 61 page statement describing her year of solitary confinement
>coercion by "Behavior Changers".
>In 1989, Ren again used psychological manipulations to extort a
>from a 14 year old boy. Bobby Fijnje was accused of sadistically
>other children by the same group of people who had accused Frank and
>Fuster. Bobby was a diabetic, and Reno had him held in jail without
>food, which
>put him into insulin shock. When Bobby finally confessed, he was fed.
>he came out of the insulin shock, he recanted. He was then starved again
>triggering another insulin shock episode.  While this was going on,
>Reno refused to allow Bobby's parents to see him, claiming that they
>Satanist Pornographers, and likely to try to prevent the boy from
>his crime. Bobby spent an entire year in prison, isolated from his
>then was acquitted.
>It is a shocking indictment that in the haste to confirm the first woman
>Attorney General, neither of these two events were ever brought up
>her confirmation hearings.
>It is shocking because no sooner had Janet Reno taken over the control
>of the Department of Justice than she resorted to her old behavior 
>Seizing on unfounded rumors that the children in the Waco compound were
>being abused, Reno ordered in the tanks and the gassing of those same
>children with CS gas, a gas that's illegal to use on enemy troops. The
>autopsy on the remains of the bodies showed no sign of smoke inhalation
>in their lungs, proof that the intense concentrations of gas had been 
>cause of death.
>During the hearings into the largest Federal armed entry ever conducted
>against as American home, Janet Reno again fell back on her old tactics,
>producing a single witness named Kiri Jewell who poured forth with
>unsubstantiated claims of Koresch as sexual deviate. Less than two weeks
>following the hearings, it became publicly known that Jewell had not
>been at
>the Waco compound during the time she claimed the molestations took
>place, but
>had been with her father in California, the result of a successful ploy
>by the father to use allegations of sexual abuse to gain custofy of Kiri
>her Branch Davidian mother.
>Despite the discrediting of Kiri's testimony, her statements became the
>mandatory screenplay for several movies about Waco, all designed to
>Koresch and his followers and to justify the gassing of the compound.
>As David Kopel of the Denver Independence Institute noted, "Not since
>Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890 had so many Americans been killed as a 
>result of a conflict with the Federal Government. And the initial
>government response
>indicated almost equivilent lack of remorse."
>In yet another example, Janet Reno is still pursuing the "LA 8" case,
>the forced deportiation of 7 Palistinian men and 1 Palistinian woman,
>even though former FBI Director William Seesions told the Congress that
>the eight had "not been found to engage themselves in terrorist
>But as the case of Bobby Fijnje showed, innocence is simply not a factor
>in Ms. Reno's decisions. Ms. Reno still persists in trying to deport the
>8 Palistinians, despite a stern rebuff from the 9th Circut Court.
>Janet Reno and Bill Clinton share a lot in common. Janet backed Bill
>Clinton in the Comprehensive Anti-Terrorist Act and in refusing to
>alter the penelty imbalance between crack cocaine and powder cocaine,
>a disparity that tends to imprison blacks far longer than whites for the
>same amount of the drug.
>Perhaps the most telling sign of Janet Reno's value system can be found
>in the words on a plaque in her office at the Department Of Justice.
>"All furniture in this office was built by Federal Prison inmates."

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