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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: Criminal Complaint in Grand Jury case
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I am pushing this strategy on several different
fronts, all with one unified theme:  fix the
grand juries, fix the trial juries.  By demanding
to testify before state and federal grand juries,
I can FORCE this question.  If they refuse me
that opportunity, it is clearly obstruction of
justice, as was the case in the grand jury subpoena
which I opposed last year.  

As Red Beckman put it to me, quite forcefully one day
on the telephone:  juries enforce the law in America.

JURIES!!! Not Justice!!

But, you must also understand something about me:
I don't yield to extortion, ever, even if the extortion 
comes in an attractive disguise.  When I tell people
I am a federal witness, I really MEAN that, because
I AM A FEDERAL WITNESS, and I have a whole lot to say
to a competent and qualified federal grand jury.

I am a witness, I am a teacher, and I create
certain experiences, so that others can watch
the outcomes.

Procter Hug stuck his foot in the tar pit, and now
he will never be able to extract his foot from that
same tar pit, no matter what he does.  If he ALSO
obstructs my access to a competent and qualified
grand jury, then he better well know, more than 
anyone else, that he becomes an accessory after the
fact, if not also a co-conspirator.  THAT is the real
meaning of what I did today, and as of this moment,
it is served and in the mail, on its way to numerous
people in Arizona and around the nation.

So, Procter now has only one choice:  give Paul Mitchell 
his chance to testify to a grand jury.  But, here's the
rub:  if they subpoena me, I will move to quash it,
on grounds which we have already published for attacking
the JSSA.  In other words, their grand juries will
never be legal bodies, until and unless they clean
up the class discrimination which is obvious in that

Now do you see how the overall strategy is beginning
to gel?  The only way I can actively move with this
strategy forward, with confidence, is to walk
my own talk, and teach by example.  This is a very
powerful method, and students of the Supreme Law School
are now beginning to catch on!

These lessons are absolutely unforgettable!

By the way, I presume you already know that Procter Hug
is the Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals,
don't you?  :)

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 01:01 PM 8/21/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Paul,
>AS a friend and in answer to your request for back-up to attacks aimed
>at you, I am putting my thoughts down.  Please receive them in the
>spirit they are offered, I am only offering my opinion.   I cannot or do
>not pretend to understand what this is all about.
>Having said that I shall proceed with my thoughts.
>You are intensely involved with trying to preserve your freedom to serve
>your clients and carry on your work.   We are finding out very rapidly,
>now, We all WRITE our own destiny based upon our thoughts, speech and
>WE then have to survive our decisions.   Also we have to learn to pick
>our battles carefully and save our energy for the ones that will benefit
>the most people, I believe.
>Not getting bogged down in the minutia as you say.
>In my humble opinion, no matter how RIGHT you ARE, the LAW is in the JAW
>of the Judge.   I humbly suggest you ask Father, ask your Self who is
>Father, is this particular battle really necessary?  Will it change the
>course of history?  Do you really want to start a pissing match with the
>Federal Judiciary who out gun us, out money us and the ones WE NEED to
>WIN in other areanas?
>They are a Brotherhood who would never find one of their own guilty of
>saying SHIT even IF He had a MOUTHFULL.
>These bastards have been behaving like this since before Christ in fact
>they are the same ones who hung Him.  Attacking the very ILLUMINATI we
>want to make favorable decisions, seems antithetical.
>We have a MAJOR battle on OUR hands right now in MY case.  WE can get to
>the heart of the Beast and they know it and HE the OMNIPOTENT ONE knows
>it too.
>We can WIN my case Paul.  Even IF if go to the slammer,  we can really
>open the door of TRUTH for humanity, exposing GENOCIDE Paul, isn't that
>enough for one season?
>I would hate losing you as my counselor becasue of some Judges arrogance
>and attack in retribution on YOU!  We are in better shape than what
>appears on the surface, we shouldn't blow it all away by getting
>distracted by FEAR and Loathing they are intentionally causing to
>erupt.  They know and can predict our actions.  So they are playing with
>us, trying to draw us out, destroy by dividing.
>Slow it down, meditate on it.  Don't act in haste it's not your style.
>Other than the satisfaction of nailing some idiot wears a robe, what
>will it gain you?
>End of opinions for the moment.

Paul Andrew Mitchell                 : Counselor at Law, federal witness
B.A., Political Science, UCLA;  M.S., Public Administration, U.C. Irvine

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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
not leave, until our mission is accomplished and justice reigns eternal.
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